Brothers Osborne: Self-Titled Album Review

Brothers Osborne’s brand new self-titled album is out now, September 15th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new music below.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2015 with “Stay A Little Longer,” Brothers Osborne, made up of real life brothers John and TJ, have been one of country music’s most mysterious and enigmatic acts. Now, the mega-talented duo is pulling back the curtain with the release of their self-titled album, Brothers Osborne, their fourth full length on EMI Records Nashville.

For the Maryland natives, the release represents a seismic shift. They chose to move on from producer Jay Joyce, who helped craft the sound of their first three albums, to Mike Elizondo, in order to create what John describes as a “sounds first” album.

“We made a conscious decision very early on to make a hard turn into territories where we’ve never been before,” John continues. “Mike Elizondo is an avid instrument collector, specifically of guitar pedals and synthesizers, and we wanted to incorporate that. The song that bridges the gap between this album and our last is ‘Younger Me,’ which was very synth heavy. That’s the tie that binds Skeletons and the new album.”

While they dabble with new sounds on the LP, they never stray too far from their signatures: TJ’s distinct vocals and John’s incredible guitar prowess. “We’ve always had a lot of mystery intentionally around the things we have done, but with this album, we decided to be all in,” shares TJ. “And doing that reminded me of what it was like when I first started playing music, when it was an outlet for my angst or just a way to have fun.”

Of the album’s eleven new tracks, all were co-written by the brothers, who also enlisted the likes of Elizondo, Casey Beathard, Corey Crowder, Miranda Lambert, and Jessie Jo Dillon. Lambert also lends her vocals to “We Ain’t Good at Breaking Up,” a steamy track about a couple who just can’t seem to quit each other. “We wanted this album to be just John and I — which is why we’re self-titling it — but Miranda’s voice is like an instrument,” TJ reveals of the decision to include her on the song. “You don’t hear a lot of female vocals on our songs, and it helped create a tone and a texture.” 

A female background vocalist also adds a special layer to “Goodbye’s Kickin’ In,” a dark and almost 70’s-rock infused immediate album highlight. With it’s groovy baseline and bluesy rock sonic profile, the track about moving on after a breakup is something special. Likewise, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” and “Love You Too” finds them experimenting with similarly new sounds. On “Ain’t,” there’s another hint of 70’s influence as they lyrically seize the day.

“Ain’t no time for blowing that smoke // No time for messing around // No small town talking out of both sides of your mouth // Don’t want a song that don’t turn me on…Half empty whiskey glass // Ain’t nobody got time for that”

Lyrically, much of the album centers on gratitude, optimism, and inclusion, fitting for the brothers who have experienced huge life changes as of late, with TJ coming out as gay in 2021 while John and his wife, Lucie Silvas, welcomed twins earlier this year. One such track is “Who Says You Can’t Have Everything,” a stirring and breezy mid-tempo that has a great singalong element. “If this ain’t rich then someone’s lying, If this takes money, I ain’t buying, I’m alive and kicking, laid back and living the dream,” TJ croons, his voice laced with emotion. “Who says you can’t have everything?”

“Nobody’s Nobody” is a powerful ode to inclusion, recognizing the importance of differences. “Sun goes up, sun goes down // It takes all kinds of kinds to make this world go ‘round,” they harmonize. “One thing I’ve learned out on the road is // Nobody’s nobody.”

There are also moments of levity on the album, with tracks like the alluring “New Bad Habit,” the funky “Might As Well Be Me” and the airy “Sun Ain’t Even Gone Down Yet.” While “Sun” is a playful take on day-drinking, “Might As Well Be Me” is a driving and radio-ready up-tempo celebration of seizing the day and raising some hell.

“Somebody gotta shake things up // Somebody gotta shut things down // Somebody gotta strike a match // Break the ice and buy the first round // Somebody gotta go all night // Somebody gotta dig down deep // Mean what they say // Say what they mean // Yeah, the way I see // Might as well be me”

“Back Home” is a dreamy mid-tempo which finds the brothers longing for home while they’re out on the road. It’s a stirring and relatable moment for anyone who’s ever longed to escape a small town, but then found themselves longing for that simpler way of life. “I was living just to make it, so I was dying to escape it,” TJ muses. “It turns out there ain’t nothing in the world like being gone, to make you wanna go back home.”

The album’s closing track, “Rollercoaster (Forever and a Day)” may be one of the duo’s most sonically unique: a full-blown piano ballad with a string section. While it’s a poignant look at love and the fact that it’s not always perfect, it shows that John and TJ aren’t afraid to evolve and explore new sounds.  “It’s the most un-Brothers Osborne thing to do,” John teases. “And then we threw strings on it! We said, ‘F**k it. Whatever happens, happens.’”   

For Brothers Osborne, this LP is truly a special offering, allowing the duo to go back to their roots, while also spreading their musical wings. “This is a defining record at this point in our career, where we needed to put it all on our shoulders,” TJ says. “And we did. Like it was when we were growing up, it’s just John and me.”

Brothers Osborne Track List:

  1. Who Says You Can’t Have Everything (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Casey Beathard)
  2. Nobody’s Nobody (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Mike Elizondo, Kendell Marvel)
  3. Might As Well Be Me (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Corey Crowder, Julian Bunetta)
  4. Sun Ain’t Even Gone Down Yet (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Corey Crowder)
  5. Goodbye’s Kickin’ In (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Lee Miller, Mike Elizondo)
  6. Love You Too (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Jessie Jo Dillon, Jesse Frasure)
  7. New Bad Habit (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Lee Miller)
  8. We Ain’t Good At Breaking Up (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Jesse Frasure, Miranda Lambert)
  9. Back Home (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Lee Miller)
  10. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Jaren Johnston, Lee Miller)
  11. Rollercoaster (Forever And A Day) (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Jamie Hartman)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. Might As Well Be Me
  2. Who Says You Can’t Have Everything 
  3. Goodbye’s Kickin’ In
  4. Rollercoaster (Forever and a Day)

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Brothers Osborne will be hitting the stage at New York City’s Pier 17 on October 5.

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Brothers Osborne available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Brothers Osborne-country-radio

5 Brothers Osborne Songs We Wish We Heard on Country Radio

With a killer catalog of songs to choose from, we are sharing our favorite Brothers Osborne songs that we wish we heard on country radio. Check it out below.

  1. “Loving Me Back” feat. Lee Ann Womack – Pawn Shop

This fantastic, old-school song falls right in the middle of the duo’s debut album, an album that spawned hit after hit. 90s country queen Lee Ann Womack’s voice sounds like honey in harmony with lead vocalist TJ Osborne, and it is the kind of ballad that would have shone during fall into winter on country radio.


  1. “Weed, Whiskey, and Willie” – Port Saint Joe

This slow groove is enough to make listeners want to shake their heads and simply vibe. John’s baritone voice sparkles on this track, and the lyrics are great, but the song would not be nearly as great without TJ’s infectious guitar playing. Perhaps a song that mentions weed was thought to not do well on country radio, but a song celebrating heartbreak country music always does well and is always needed.


  1. “While You Still Can” – Port Saint Joe

“While You Still Can” is just so gorgeous it would stop many music fans in their tracks. Brothers, John and TJ complement each other so well, and it is heard very clearly in this recording. Lyrically, everyone can relate to this song, and country radio always needs that.

Nostalgia and trying not to take things for granted are two themes that never go out of style. The way “While You Still Can” builds sonically is also stunning – the bridge has an unbelievable melodic modulation reminiscent of James Taylor’s 1972 slept-on “Nobody But You” and the final chorus has the most evocative guitar solo. What a way to close a record.


  1. “Hatin’ Somebody” – Skeletons

This funky b-side off Skeletons is the perfect mesh of an early Sheryl Crow song mixed with a rowdy Van Morrison. It has the makings of a country radio hit with lyrics about getting along with your neighbors and is just overall the perfect song to listen to while sipping a drink on the beach.


  1. “Younger Me” – Skeletons (Deluxe)

This letter-to-self-turned song is a standout in Brothers Osborne’s discography. While released as a promotional single, loved by critics, and even won a GRAMMY, this is a song that should have exploded on the country music scene. This is TJ’s story to tell, and he did it in a way that was elegant, artistic, and yet so articulate. He was able to translate such an important message while balancing the country genre’s nostalgia lyricism. TJ’s guitar is great as usual, and he even produced the dreamy, 80s-sounding song. This is definitely a track that when people look back on the Brothers’ discography, they always talk about this one.


How does our list match up to yours? Let us know and comment your favorites on social media!

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‘Stoned Cold Country’ Rolling Stones 60th Anniversary Tribute Album

In honor of the 60th anniversary of The Rolling Stones, country artists banded together to create a tribute album called Stoned Cold Country, out now. Listen below.

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of The Rolling Stones, country music is celebrating with a tribute album called Stoned Cold Country. Country artists celebrate the legacy of The Rolling Stones through fourteen distinct covers of some of their greatest hits. The exciting new project is officially out now.

“Four years ago, I had this idea of a Country tribute record to The Rolling Stones – the greatest rock band of all time,” shared producer, Robert Deaton. “I could not be more proud of the artists and musicians that participated on this album. As the song says… ‘It’s Only Rock and Roll But I Like It’ – I hope everyone will join us in celebrating 60 years of The Rolling Stones.”

Stoned Cold Country will appeal to both country and rock fans. Some of country music’s greatest artists like Brothers Osborne, Brooks & Dunn, Little Big Town, and Lainey Wilson lent their voices to iconic Rolling Stones songs. Bright spots on the record include the opener, McBryde’s rendition of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and Eric Church’s countrified version of “Gimme Shelter,” as well as, newcomer, Elvie Shane’s cover of “Sympathy for the Devil.”

Stoned Cold Country is a true love letter from the country music genre to The Rolling Stones in celebration of their incredible career. It is also a reminder to naysayers of country music that country artists can truly do anything!

Stoned Cold Country Track List:

1.     “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” – Ashley McBryde
2.     “Honky Tonk Women” – Brooks & Dunn
3.     “Dead Flowers” – Maren Morris
4.     “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It)” – Brothers Osborne & The War And Treaty
5.     “Miss You” – Jimmie Allen
6.     “Tumbling Dice” – Elle King
7.     “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” – Marcus King
8.     “Wild Horses” – Little Big Town
9.     “Paint It Black” – Zac Brown Band
10.  “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – Lainey Wilson
11.  “Sympathy for the Devil” – Elvie Shane
12.  “Angie” – Steve Earle
13.  “Gimme Shelter” – Eric Church
14.  “Shine A Light” – Koe Wetzel

‘Stoned Cold Country’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

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Stoned Cold Country is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Brothers Osborne, The War and Treaty Team Up for Rolling Stones Classic

Brothers Osborne joined forces with The War And Treaty on a cover of The Rolling Stones classic hit, “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It).” Listen to the brand-new track below and watch the iconic performance live from the CMA Awards in the video below.

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of The Rolling Stones, country music is celebrating with a tribute album called Stoned Cold Country. Country artists celebrate the legacy of The Rolling Stones through fourteen distinct covers of some of their greatest hits. Amongst the track list is one of the stand-out tracks by Brothers Osborne and The War and Treaty, “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It).”

The soulful rendition is the first taste of the incredible album, slated for release in 2023. The pairing of Brothers Osborne and The War and Treaty combines each of their own flavors and talents to the iconic tune. The singers took the stage together on Wednesday, November 9th at The 56th Annual CMA Awards to perform the incredible tribute track.

“We couldn’t be more honored to take part in such a unique tribute to, not only one of music’s most influential trailblazers, but one of our favorite bands of all time,” John and TJ Osborne shared in a recent press release. “And to top it off, we get to enjoy the spoils with two of our favorite people and fellow Marylanders, The War And Treaty. We adore them both.”

Watch the full CMA Awards performance here.


Brothers Osborne covers “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It)” with The War and Treaty.

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“It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It)” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Chris Stapleton Wins Big at 2022 GRAMMYs + Full List of Winners

The 2022 GRAMMY Awards featured big wins for country music. Check out our full recap and all the winners here.

Artists across all genres gathered Sunday night to celebrate life and music at the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Hosted by Trevor Noah, the event aired live on CBS and took place in Las Vegas for the first time ever. Find out which artists received music’s most prestigious honors in the article below.

Chris Stapleton was country music’s big winner, walking away with three awards including Best Country Solo Performance for “You Should Probably Leave,” Best Country Song with “Cold,” and the only televised country award, Best Country Album for his latest project, Starting Over. Shortly after accepting the award, which was presented by Kelsea Ballerini, Stapleton performed “Cold”, which was met with a standing ovation.

Other Nashville-based artists received time in the spotlight towards the end of the show; Keith Urban announced the award for Record of the Year, which was given to Silk Sonic for “Leave The Door Open;” Carrie Underwood sang her new single “Ghost Story” for the first time live; and Brothers Osborne closed out the show with an electric performance of “Dead Man’s Curve” that had many in the audience dancing and clapping along including Olivia Rodrigo, BTS, and Lady Gaga. Brandi Carlile and Billy Strings performed as well.

Brothers Osborne and Underwood also received awards before the show. Brothers Osborne won Best Country Duo/Group Performance for “Younger Me” and Underwood’s My Savior won Best Roots Gospel Album.

Other big winners outside of the genre included Rodrigo, who won Best New Artist, Best Pop Solo Performance with “driver’s license,” and Best Pop Vocal Album with her debut project, Sour; CeCe Winans won Best Gospel Album, Best Gospel Performance/Song, and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song; The Foo Fighters won Best Rock Song, Performance, and Album; and John Batiste took home five awards including Album of the Year for We Are. Batiste led all artists with eleven nominations. 

Check out the full list of winners from the special night below.

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Record of the Year

  • “Leave the Door Open” – Silk Sonic — Winner
  • “I Still Have Faith In You” – ABBA
  • “Freedom” – Jon Batiste
  • “I Get a Kick Out of You” – Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga
  • “Peaches – Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar and Giveon
  • “Right On Time” – Brandi Carlile
  • “Kiss Me More” – Doja Cat featuring SZA
  • “Happier Than Ever” – Billie Eilish
  • “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” – Lil Nas X
  • “drivers license” – Olivia Rodrigo

Album of the Year

  • “We Are” – Jon Batiste — Winner
  • “Love For Sale” -Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga
  • “Justice” – Justin Bieber
  • “Planet Her”- Doja Cat
  • “Happier Than Ever” – Billie Eilish
  • “Montero” – Lil Nas X
  • “Back of my Mind” – H.E.R.
  • “sour” – Olivia Rodrigo
  • “Evermore” – Taylor Swift
  • “Donda” – Kanye

Song of the Year

  • “Leave The Door Open” – Silk Sonic — Winner
  • “Bad Habits” – Ed Sheeran
  • “A Beautiful Noise” – Alicia Keys & Brandi Carlile
  • “drivers license” – Olivia Rodrigo
  • “Fight For You” – H.E.R.
  • “Happier Than Ever” – Billie Eilish
  • “Kiss Me More” – Doja Cat featuring SZA
  • “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” – Lil Nas X
  • “Peaches” – Justin Bieber featuring Daniel Caesar and Giveon
  • “Right On Time” – Brandi Carlile

Best New Artist

  • Olivia Rodrigo – Winner
  • Arooj Aftab
  • Jimmie Allen
  • Baby Keem
  • Glass Animals
  • Japanese Breakfast
  • The Kid LAROI
  • Arlo Parks
  • Saweetie

Best Pop Solo Performance

  • “drivers license” – Olivia Rodrigo — Winner
  • “Anyone” – Justin Bieber
  • “Right On Time” – Brandi Carlile
  • “Happier Than Ever” – Billie Eilish
  • “Positions” – Ariana Grande

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

  •  “Kiss Me More” – Doja Cat featuring SZA — Winner
  • “I Get A Kick Out Of You” – Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga
  •  “Lonely” – Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco
  •  “Butter” – BTS
  •  “Higher Power” – Coldplay

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

  • “Love For Sale” – Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga — Winner
  •  “Til We Meet Again (Live)” – Norah Jones
  •  “A Tori Kelly Christmas” – Tori Kelly
  •  “Ledisi Sings Nina” – Ledisi
  •  “That’s Life” – Willie Nelson
  •  “A Holly Dolly Christmas” -Dolly Parton

Best Pop Vocal Album

  • “Sour” – Olivia Rodrigo — Winner
  • “Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)” – Justin Bieber
  • “Planet Her (Deluxe)” – Doja Cat
  • “Happier Than Ever” – Billie Eilish
  • “Positions” – Ariana Grande

Best Dance/Electronic Recording

  • “Alive” – Rüfüs Du Sol, Jason Evigan & Rüfüs Du Sol, producers; Cassian Stewart-Kasimba, mixer — Winner
  • “Hero” – Afrojack & David Guetta, Kuk Harrell & Stargate, producers; Elio Debets, mixer
  •  “Loom” – Ólafur Arnalds Featuring Bonobo, Simon Green, producers; Ólafur Arnalds, mixer
  • “Before” – James Blake, Dom Maker, producers; James Blake, mixer
  • “Heartbreak” – Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Simon Green & Orlando Higginbottom, producers; Simon Green & Orlando Higginbottom, mixers
  • “You Can Do It” – Caribou Dan Snaith, producer; David Wrench, mixer
  • “The Business” – Tiësto, Hightower, Julia Karlsson & Tiësto, producers; Tiësto, mixer

Best Dance/Electronic Music Album

  • “Subconsciously” – Black Coffee — Winner
  • “Fallen Embers” – ILLENIUM
  • “Music Is The Weapon (Reloaded)” – Major Lazer
  • “Shockwave” – Marshmello
  • “Free Love” – Sylvan Esso
  • “Judgement” – Ten City

Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

  • “Tree Falls” – Taylor Eigsti — Winner
  • “Double Dealin'” – Randy Brecker & Eric Marienthal
  • “The Garden” – Rachel Eckroth
  • “At Blue Note Tokyo” – Steve Gadd Band
  • “Deep: The Baritone Sessions, Vol. 2” – Mark Lettieri

Best Rock Performance

  • “Making A Fire” – Foo Fighters — Winner
  • “Shot In The Dark” – AC/DC
  • “Know You Better (Live From Capitol Studio A)” – Black Pumas
  • “Nothing Compares 2 U” – Chris Cornell
  • “Ohms” – Deftones

Best Rock Song

  • “Waiting On A War” Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Rami Jaffee, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett & Pat Smear, songwriters (Foo Fighters) — Winner
  • “All My Favorite Songs” – Rivers Cuomo, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson & Ilsey Juber, songwriters (Weezer)
  • “The Bandit” – Caleb Followill, Jared Followill, Matthew Followill & Nathan Followill, songwriters (Kings Of Leon)
  • “Distance” – Wolfgang Van Halen, songwriter (Mammoth WVH)
  • “Find My Way” – Paul McCartney

Best Metal Performance

  • “The Alien” – Dream Theater — Winner
  • “Genesis” – Deftones
  • “Amazonia” – Gojira
  • “Pushing The Tides” – Mastodon
  • “The Triumph Of King Freak (A Crypt Of Preservation And Superstition)” – Rob Zombie

Best Rock Album

  • “Medicine At Midnight” – Foo Fighters — Winner
  • “Power Up” – AC/DC
  • “Capitol Cuts – Live From Studio A” – Black Pumas
  • “No One Sings Like You Anymore Vol. 1” – Chris Cornell
  • “McCartney III” – Paul McCartney

Best Alternative Music Album

  • “Daddy’s Home” – St. Vincent — Winner
  • “Shore” – Fleet Foxes
  • “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” – Halsey
  • “Jubilee” – Japanese Breakfast
  • “Collapsed In Sunbeams” – Arlo Parks

Best R&B Performance

  • “Pick Up Your Feelings” – Jazmine Sullivan — Winner (tie)
  • “Leave The Door Open” – Silk Sonic — Winner (tie)
  • “Lost You” – Snoh Aalegra
  • “Peaches” – Justin Bieber Featuring Daniel Caesar & Giveon
  • “Damage” – H.E.R.

Best R&B Song

  • “Leave The Door Open”  – Brandon Anderson, Christopher Brody Brown, Dernst Emile II and Bruno Mars, songwriters (Silk Sonic) — Winner
  • “Damage” – Anthony Clemons Jr., Jeff Gitelman, H.E.R., Carl McCormick and Tiara Thomas
  • “Good Days” – Jacob Collier, Carter Lang, Carlos Munoz, Solána Rowe & Christopher Ruelas, songwriters (SZA)
  • “Heartbreak Anniversary” – Giveon Evans, Maneesh, Sevn Thomas and Varren Wade
  • “Pick Up Your Feelings” – Denisia “Blu June” Andrews, Audra Mae Butts, Kyle Coleman, Brittany “Chi” Coney, Michael Holmes and Jazmine Sullivan

Best R&B Album

  • “Heaux Tales” – Jazmine Sullivan — Winner
  • “Temporary Highs In The Violet Skies” – Snoh Aalegra
  • “We Are” – Jon Batiste
  • “Gold-Diggers Sound” – Leon Bridges
  • “Back Of My Mind” – H.E.R.

Best Rap Performance

  • “Family Ties” – Baby Keem Featuring Kendrick Lamar — Winner
  • “Up” – Cardi B
  • “M Y . L I F E” – J. Cole Featuring 21 Savage & Morray
  • “Way 2 Sexy” – Drake featuring Future & Young Thug
  • “Thot S***” – Megan Thee Stallion

Best Rap Song

  • “Jail” – Dwayne Abernathy, Jr., Shawn Carter, Raul Cubina, Michael Dean, Charles M. Njapa, Sean Solymar, Brian Hugh Warner, Kanye West & Mark Williams, songwriters (Kanye West Featuring Jay-Z) — Winner
  • “Bath Salts” – Shawn Carter, Kasseem Dean, Michael Forno, Nasir Jones & Earl Simmons, songwriters (DMX Featuring Jay-Z & Nas)
  • “Best Friend” – Amala Zandelie Dlamini, Lukasz Gottwald, Randall Avery Hammers, Diamonté Harper, Asia Smith, Theron Thomas & Rocco Valdes, songwriters (Saweetie Featuring Doja Cat)
  • “Family Ties” – Roshwita Larisha Bacha, Hykeem Carter, Tobias Dekker, Colin Franken, Jasper Harris, Kendrick Lamar, Ronald Latour & Dominik Patrzek, songwriters (Baby Keem Featuring Kendrick Lamar)
  • “m y . l i f e” – Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph & Jermaine Cole, songwriters (J. Cole Featuring 21 Savage & Morray)

Best Rap Album

  • “Call Me If You Get Lost” – Tyler, The Creator — Winner
  • “The Off-Season” – J. Cole
  • “Certified Lover Boy” – Drake
  • “King’s Disease II” – Nas
  • “Donda” – Kanye West

Best Melodic Rap Performance

  • “Hurricane” – Kanye West featuring the Weeknd and Lil Baby) – Winner
  • “Pride Is the Devil” – J. Cole featuring Lil Baby
  • “Need to Know” – Doja Cat
  • “Industry Baby” – Lil Nas X featuring Jack Harlow
  • “WusYaName” – Tyler, the Creator featuring Youngboy Never Broke Again and Ty Dolla Sign

Best Country Album

  • “Starting Over” – Chris Stapleton – Winner
  • “Skeletons” – Brothers Osborne
  • “Remember Her Name” – Mickey Guyton
  • “The Marfa Tapes” – Miranda Lambert, Jon Randall and Jack Ingram
  • “The Ballad of Dood and Juanita” – Sturgill Simpson

Best Country Solo Performance

  • “You Should Probably Leave” – Chris Stapleton – Winner
  • “Forever After All” – Luke Combs
  • “Remember Her Name” – Mickey Guyton
  • “All I Do Is Drive” – Jason Isbell
  • “camera roll” – Kacey Musgraves

Best Country Duo/Group Performance

  • “Younger Me” – Brothers Osborne — Winner
  • “If I Didn’t Love You” – Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood
  • “Glad You Exist” – Dan + Shay
  • “Chasing After You” – Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris
  • “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” – Elle King & Miranda Lambert

Best Country Song

  • “Cold” – Dave Cobb, J.T. Cure, Derek Mixon & Chris Stapleton, songwriters (Chris Stapleton) — Winner
  • “Better Than We Found It” – Jessie Jo Dillon, Maren Morris, Jimmy Robbins & Laura Veltz, songwriters (Maren Morris)
  • “camera roll” – Ian Fitchuk, Kacey Musgraves & Daniel Tashian, songwriters (Kacey Musgraves)
  • “Country Again” – Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley & Thomas Rhett, songwriters (Thomas Rhett)
  • “Fancy Like” – Cameron Bartolini, Walker Hayes, Josh Jenkins & Shane Stevens, songwriters (Walker Hayes)
  • “Remember Her Name” – Mickey Guyton, Blake Hubbard, Jarrod Ingram & Parker Welling

Best Progressive R&B Album

  • “Table For Two” – Lucky Daye — Winner
  • “New Light” – Eric Bellinger
  • “Something To Say” – Cory Henry
  • “Mood Valiant” – Hiatus Kaiyote
  • “Dinner Party: Dessert” – Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, 9th Wonder & Kamasi Washington
  • “Studying Abroad: Extended Stay” – Masego

Best Traditional R&B Performance

  • “Fight For You” – H.E.R. – Winner
  • “I Need You” – Jon Batiste
  • “Bring It On Home To Me” – BJ The Chicago Kid, PJ Morton & Kenyon Dixon featuring Charlie Bereal
  • “Born Again” – Leon Bridges Featuring Robert Glasper
  • “How Much Can A Heart Take” – Lucky Daye Featuring Yebba

Best New Age Album

  • “Divine Tides” – Stewart Copeland & Ricky Kej – Winner
  • “Brothers” – Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster & Tom Eaton
  • “Pangaea” – Wouter Kellerman & David Arkenstone
  • “Night + Day” – Opium Moon
  • “Pieces Of Forever” – Laura Sullivan

Best Improvised Jazz Solo

  • “Humpty Dumpty (Set 2)” – Chick Corea – Winner
  • “Sackodougou” – Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
  • “Kick Those Feet” – Kenny Barron
  • “Bigger Than Us” – Jon Batiste
  • “Absence” – Terence Blanchard

Best Jazz Vocal Album

  • “Songwrights Apothecary Lab” – Esperanza Spalding – Winner
  • “Generations” – The Baylor Project
  • “SuperBlue” – Kurt Elling and Charlie Hunter
  • “Time Traveler” – Nnenna Freelon
  • “Flor” – Gretchen Parlato

Best Jazz Instrumental Album

  • “Skyline” – Ron Carter, Jack DeJohnette and Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Winner
  • “Jazz Selections: Music from and Inspired by Soul” – Jon Batiste
  • “Absence” – Terence Blanchard featuring the E Collective and the Turtle Island Quartet
  • “Akoustic Band Live” – Chick Corea, John Patitucci and Dave Weckl
  • “Side-Eye NYC (V1.IV)” – Pat Metheny

Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album

  • “For Jimmy, Wes and Oliver” – Christian McBride Big Band – Winner
  • “Live at Birdland!” – The Count Basie Orchestra directed by Scotty Barnhart
  • “Dear Love” – Jazzmeia Horn and her Noble Force
  • “Swirling” – Sun Ra Arkestra
  • “Jackets XL” – Yellowjackets + WDR Big Band

Best Latin Jazz Album

  • “Mirror Mirror” – Eliane Elias with Chick Corea and Chucho Valdés – Winner
  • “The South Bronx Story” – Carlos Henriquez
  • “Virtual Birdland” – Arturo O’Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra
  • “Transparency” – Dafnis Prieto Sextet
  • “El Arte del Bolero” – Miguel Zenón and Luis Perdomo

Best Gospel Performance/Song

  • “Never Lost” – CeCe Winans – Winner
  • “Voice of God” – Dante Bowe featuring Steffany Gretzinger and Chandler Moore
  • “Joyful” – Dante Bowe
  • “Help” – Anthony Brown & Group Therapy
  • “Wait on You” – Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music

Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song

  • “Believe for It” – CeCe Winans – Winner
  • “We Win” – Kirk Franklin and Lil Baby
  • “Hold Us Together” (Hope Mix) – H.E.R. and Tauren Wells
  • “Man of Your Word” – Chandler Moore and KJ Scriven
  • “Jireh” – Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music featuring Chandler Moore and Naomi Raine

Best Gospel Album

  • “Believe for It” – CeCe Winans – Winner
  • “Changing Your Story” – Jekalyn Carr
  • “Royalty: Live at the Ryman” – Tasha Cobbs Leonard
  • “Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition” – Maverick City Music
  • “Jonny X Mali: Live in LA” – Jonathan McReynolds and Mali Music

Best Contemporary Christian Music Album

  • “Old Church Basement “– Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music – Winner
  • “No Stranger” – Natalie Grant
  • “Feels Like Home Vol. 2” – Israel and New Breed
  • “The Blessing (Live)” – Kari Jobe
  • “Citizen of Heaven (Live)” – Tauren Wells

Best Roots Gospel Album

  • “My Savior” – Carrie Underwood – Winner
  • “Alone with My Faith” – Harry Connick Jr.
  • “That’s Gospel, Brother” – Gaither Vocal Band
  • “Keeping On” – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
  • “Songs for the Times” – The Isaacs

Best Latin Pop Album

  • “Mendó” – Alex Cuba – Winner
  • “Vértigo” – Pablo Alborán
  • “Mis Amores” – Paula Arenas
  • “Hecho a la Antigua” – Ricardo Arjona
  • “Mis Manos” – Camilo
  • “Revelación” – Selena Gomez

Best Música Urbana Album

  • “El Último Tour Del Mundo” – Bad Bunny – Winner
  • “Afrodisíaco” – Rauw Alejandro
  • “Jose” – J Balvin
  • “KG0516” – Karol G
  • “Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios)” – Kali Uchis

Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album

  • “Origen” – Juanes – Winner
  • “Deja” – Bomba Estéreo
  • “Mira Lo Que Me Hiciste Hacer (Deluxe Edition)” – Diamante Eléctrico
  • “Calambre” – Nathy Peluso
  • “El Madrileño” – C. Tangana
  • “Sonidos de Karmática Resonancia” – Zoé

Best Regional Mexican Music Album (Including Tejano)

  • “A Mis 80’s” – Vicente Fernández – Winner
  • “Antología de la Musica Ranchera, Vol. 2” – Aida Cuevas
  • “Seis” – Mon Laferte
  • “Un Canto por México, Vol. 2” – Natalia Lafourcade
  • “Ayayay! (Súper Deluxe)” – Christian Nodal

Best Tropical Latin Album

  • “Salswing!” – Rubén Blades y Roberto Delgado & Orquesta – Winner
  • “En Cuarentena” – El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
  • “Sin Salsa No Hay Paraíso” – Aymée Nuviola
  • “Colegas” – Gilberto Santa Rosa
  • “Live in Peru” – Tony Succar

Best American Roots Performance

  • “Cry” – Jon Batiste – Winner
  • “Love and Regret” – Billy Strings
  • “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free” – The Blind Boys Of Alabama and Béla Fleck
  • “Same Devil” – Brandy Clark featuring Brandi Carlile
  • “Nightflyer” – Allison Russell

Best American Roots Song

  • “Cry” – Jon Batiste and Steve McEwan – Winner
  • “Avalon” – Rhiannon Giddens, Justin Robinson and Francesco Turrisi
  • “Bored” – Linda Chorney
  • “Call Me a Fool” – Valerie June
  • “Diamond Studded Shoes” – Dan Auerbach, Natalie Hemby, Aaron Lee Tasjan and Yola
  • “Nightflyer” – Jeremy Lindsay and Allison Russell

Best Americana Album

  • “Native Sons” – Los Lobos – Winner
  • “Downhill from Everywhere” – Jackson Browne
  • “Leftover Feelings” – John Hiatt with the Jerry Douglas Band
  • “Outside Child” – Allison Russell
  • “Stand for Myself” – Yola

Best Bluegrass Album

  • “My Bluegrass Heart” – Béla Fleck – Winner
  • “Renewal” – Billy Strings
  • “A Tribute to Bill Monroe” – The Infamous Stringdusters
  • “Cuttin’ Grass, Vol. 1: The Butcher Shoppe Sessions” – Sturgill Simpson
  • “Music Is What I See” – Rhonda Vincent

Best Traditional Blues Album

  • “I Be Trying” – Cedric Burnside – Winner
  • “100 Years of Blues” – Elvin Bishop and Charlie Musselwhite
  • “Traveler’s Blues” – Blues Traveler
  • “Be Ready When I Call You” – Guy Davis
  • “Take Me Back” – Kim Wilson

Best Contemporary Blues Album

  • “662” – Christone “Kingfish” Ingram – Winner
  • “Delta Kream” – The Black Keys featuring Eric Deaton and Kenny Brown
  • “Royal Tea” – Joe Bonamassa
  • “Uncivil War” – Shemekia Copeland
  • “Fire It Up” – Steve Cropper

Best Folk Album

  • “They’re Calling Me Home” – Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi – Winner
  • “One Night Lonely (Live)” – Mary Chapin Carpenter
  • “Long Violent History” – Tyler Childers
  • “Wednesday (Extended Edition)” – Madison Cunningham
  • “Blue Heron Suite” – Sarah Jarosz

Best Regional Roots Music Album

  • “Kau Ka Pe’a” – Kalani Pe’a – Winner
  • “Live in New Orleans!” – Sean Ardoin and Kreole Rock and Soul
  • “Bloodstains & Teardrops” – Big Chief Monk Boudreaux
  • “My People” – Cha Wa
  • “Corey Ledet Zydeco” – Corey Ledet Zydeco

Best Reggae Album

  • “Beauty in the Silence” − SOJA − Winner
  • “Pamoja” − Etana
  • “Positive Vibration” − Gramps Morgan
  • “Live N Livin” − Sean Paul
  • “Royal” − Jesse Royal
  • “10” − Spice

Best Global Music Album

  • “Mother Nature” − Angélique Kidjo − Winner
  • “Voice of Bunbon (Vol. 1)” − Rocky Dawuni
  • “East West Players Presents: Daniel Ho & Friends Live in Concert” − Daniel Ho & Friends
  • “Legacy +” − Femi Kuti and Made Kuti
  • “Made in Lagos (Deluxe Edition)” − Wizkid

Best Global Music Performance

  • “Mohabbat” − Arooj Aftab − Winner
  • “Do Yourself” − Angélique Kidjo and Burna Boy
  • “Pà Pá Pà” − Femi Kuti
  • “Blewu” − Yo-Yo Ma and Angélique Kidjo
  • “Essence” − Wizkid featuring Tems

Best Children’s Album

  • “A Colorful World” − Falu − Winner
  • “Actívate” − 123 Andrés
  • “All One Tribe” − 1 Tribe Collective
  • “Black to the Future” − Pierce Freelon
  • “Crayon Kids” − Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

Best Spoken Word Album

  • “Carry On: Reflections for a New Generation from John Lewis” − Don Cheadle − Winner
  • “Aftermath” − LeVar Burton
  • “Catching Dreams: Live at Fort Knox Chicago” − J. Ivy
  • “8:46” − Dave Chappelle and Amir Sulaiman
  • “A Promised Land” − Barack Obama

Best Comedy Album

  • “Sincerely” – Louis C.K. – Winner
  • “The Comedy Vaccine” – Lavell Crawford
  • “Evolution” – Chelsea Handler
  • “Thanks for Risking Your Life” – Lewis Black
  • “The Greatest Average American” – Nate Bargatze
  • “Zero F***s Given” – Kevin Hart

Best Musical Theater Album

  • “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical” – Emily Bear – Winner
  • “Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella” – Carrie Hope Fletcher, Ivano Turco, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt and Helen George
  • “Burt Bacharach and Steven Sater’s Some Lovers” – Burt Bacharach, Michael Croiter, Ben Hartman and Steven Sater
  • “Girl from the North Country” – Simon Hale, Conor McPherson, and Dean Sharenow
  • “Les Misérables: The Staged Concert” – Michael Ball, Alfie Boe, Carrie Hope Fletcher and Matt Lucas
  • “Stephen Schwartz’s Snapshots” – Daniel C. Levine, Michael J. Moritz Jr., Bryan Perri and Stephen Schwartz

Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media

  • “The United States vs. Billie Holiday” – Andra Day – Winner
  • “Cruella” – Various artists
  • “Dear Evan Hansen” – Various artists
  • “In the Heights” – Various artists
  • “One Night in Miami…” – Leslie Odom, Jr. and various artists
  • “Respect” – Jennifer Hudson
  • “Schmigadoon! Episode 1” – Various artists

Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media

  • “Soul” – Jon Batiste, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, composers – Winner (tie)
  • “The Queen’s Gambit” – Carlos Rafael Rivera, composer – Winner (tie)
  • “Bridgerton” – Kris Bowers, composer
  • “Dune” – Hans Zimmer, composer
  • “The Mandalorian: Season 2 – Vol. 2 (Chapters 13–16)” – Ludwig Göransson, composer

Best Song Written for Visual Media

  • “All Eyes on Me” (from Bo Burnham: Inside) – Winner
  • “Agatha All Along” (from WandaVision)
  • “All I Know So Far” (from Pink: All I Know So Far)
  • “Fight For You” (from Judas and the Black Messiah)
  • “Here I Am (Singing My Way Home)” (from Respect)
  • “Speak Now” (from One Night in Miami…)

Best Instrumental Composition

  • “Eberhard” – Lyle Mays – Winner
  • “Beautiful Is Black” – Brandee Younger
  • “Cat and Mouse” – Tom Nazziola
  • “Concerto for Orchestra: Finale” – Vince Mendoza
  • “Dreaming in Lions: Dreaming in Lions” – Arturo O’Farrill

Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella

  • “Meta Knight’s Revenge” – Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman – Winner
  • “Chopsticks” – Bill O’Connell
  • “For the Love of a Princess” – Robin Smith
  • “Infinite Love” – Emile Mosseri
  • “The Struggle Within” – Gabriela Quintero and Rodrigo Sanchez

Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals

  • “To The Edge of Longing (Edit Version)” – Vince Mendoza – Winner
  • “The Bottom Line” – Ólafur Arnalds
  • “A Change is Gonna Come” – Tehillah Alphonso
  • “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)” – Jacob Collier
  • “Eleanor Rigby” – Cody Fry

Best Recording Package

  • “Pakelang” – Winner
  • “American Jackpot / American Girls”
  • “Carnage”
  • “Serpentine Prison”
  • “Zeta”

Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package

  • “All Things Must Pass: 50th Anniversary Edition” – Winner
  • “Color Theory”
  • “The Future Bites (Limited Edition Box Set)”
  • “77-81”
  • “Swimming in Circles”

Best Album Notes

  • “The Complete Louis Armstrong Columbia and RCA Victor Studio Sessions 1946-1966” – Winner
  • “Beethoven: The Last Three Sonatas”
  • “Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology”
  • “Etching The Voice: Emile Berliner and the First Commercial Gramophone Discs, 1889-1895”
  • “The King of Gospel Music: The Life and Music of Reverend James Cleveland”

Best Historical Album

  • “Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 1: The Early Years (1963-1967)” – Joni Mitchell – Winner
  • “Beyond The Music: Her Complete RCA Victor Recordings” – Marian Anderson
  • “Etching The Voice: Emile Berliner and the First Commercial Gramophone Discs, 1889-1895” – Various Artists
  • “Excavated Shellac: An Alternate History of the World’s Music” – Various Artists
  • “Sign O’ The Times (Super Deluxe Edition)” – Prince

Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical

  • Love for Sale – Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – Winner
  • Cinema – The Marías
  • Dawn – Yebba
  • Hey What – Low
  • Notes with Attachments – Pino Palladino and Blake Mills

Producer of the Year, Non-Classical

  • Jack Antonoff – Winner
  • Rogét Chahayed
  • Mike Elizondo
  • Hit-Boy
  • Ricky Reed

Best Remixed Recording

  • “Passenger” (Mike Shinoda remix) – Mike Shinoda, remixer (Deftones) – Winner
  • “Back to Life” (Booker T Kings of Soul satta dub) – Booker T., remixer (Soul II Soul)
  • “Born for Greatness” (Cymek remix) – Spencer Bastin, remixer (Papa Roach)
  • “Constant Craving” (Fashionably Late remix) – Tracy Young, remixer (k.d. lang)
  • “Inside Out” (3scape Drm remix) – 3scape Drm, remixer (Zedd and Griff)
  • “Met Him Last Night” (Dave Audé remix) – Dave Audé, remixer (Demi Lovato featuring Ariana Grande)
  • “Talks” (Mura Masa Remix) – Alexander Crossan, remixer (PVA)

Best Immersive Audio Album

  • “Alicia” – Alicia Keys – Winner
  • “Clique” – Patricia Barber
  • “Fine Line” – Harry Styles
  • “The Future Bites” – Steven Wilson
  • “Stille Grender” – Anne Karin Sundal-Ask & Det Norske Jentekor

Best Engineered Album, Classical

  • “Chanticleer Sings Christmas” – Winner
  • “Archetypes”
  • “Beethoven: Cello Sonatas – Hope Amid Tears”
  • “Beethoven: Symphony No. 9”
  • “Mahler: Symphony No. 8, ‘Symphony of a Thousand'”

Producer of the Year, Classical

  • Judith Sherman – Winner
  • Blanton Alspaugh
  • Steven Epstein
  • David Frost
  • Elaine Martone

Best Orchestral Performance

  • “Price: Symphonies Nos. 1 & 3” – Yannick Nézet-Séguin, conductor (Philadelphia Orchestra) – Winner
  • “Adams: My Father Knew Charles Ives; Harmonielehre” – Giancarlo Guerrero, conductor (Nashville Symphony Orchestra)
  • “Beethoven: Symphony No. 9” – Manfred Honeck, conductor (Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra)
  • “Muhly: Throughline” – Nico Muhly, conductor (San Francisco Symphony)
  • “Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra; Scriabin: The Poem of Ecstasy” – Thomas Dausgaard, conductor (Seattle Symphony Orchestra)

Best Opera Recording

  • “Glass: Akhnaten” – Karen Kamensek – Winner
  • “Bartók: Bluebeard’s Castle” – Susanna Mälkki
  • “Janáček: Cunning Little Vixen” – Simon Rattle
  • “Little: Soldier Songs” – Corrado Rovaris
  • “Poulenc: Dialogues Des Carmélites” – Yannick Nézet-Séguin

Best Choral Performance

  • “Mahler: Symphony No. 8, ‘Symphony Of A Thousand'” – Gustavo Dudamel, conductor – Winner
  • “It’s a Long Way” – Matthew Guard, conductor
  • “Rising w/The Crossing” – Donald Nally, conductor
  • “Schnittke: Choir Concerto; Three Sacred Hymns; Pärt: Seven Magnificat-Antiphons” – Kaspars Putniņš, conductor
  • “Sheehan: Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom” – Benedict Sheehan, conductor
  • “The Singing Guitar” – Craig Hella Johnson, conductor

Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance

  • “Beethoven: Cello Sonatas – Hope Amid Tears” – Yo-Yo Ma and Emanuel Ax – Winner
  • “Adams, John Luther: Lines Made by Walking” – JACK Quartet
  • “Akiho: Seven Pillars” – Sandbox Percussion
  • “Archetypes” – Sérgio Assad, Clarice Assad and Third Coast Percussion
  • “Bruits” – Imani Winds

Best Classical Instrumental Solo

  • “Alone Together” – Jennifer Koh – Winner
  • “An American Mosaic” – Simone Dinnerstein
  • “Bach: Sonatas & Partitas” – Augustin Hadelich
  • “Beethoven & Brahms: Violin Concertos” – Gil Shaham; Eric Jacobsen, conductor (The Knights)
  • “Mak Bach” – Mak Grgić

Best Classical Solo Vocal Album

  • “Mythologies” – Sangeeta Kaur and Hila Plitmann – Winner
  • “Confessions” – Laura Strickling; Joy Schreier, pianist
  • “Dreams Of A New Day – Songs By Black Composers” – Will Liverman; Paul Sánchez, pianist
  • “Schubert: Winterreise” – Joyce DiDonato; Yannick Nézet-Séguin, pianist
  • “Unexpected Shadows” – Jamie Barton; Jake Heggie, pianist (Matt Haimovitz)

Best Classical Compendium

  • “Women Warriors – The Voices Of Change” – Winner
  • “American Originals – A New World, A New Canon”
  • “Berg: Violin Concerto; Seven Early Songs and Three Pieces for Orchestra”
  • “Cerrone: The Arching Path”
  • “Plays”

Best Contemporary Classical Composition

  • “Shaw: Narrow Sea” – Caroline Shaw, composer (Dawn Upshaw, Gilbert Kalish and Sō Percussion) – Winner
  • “Akiho: Seven Pillars” – Andy Akiho, composer (Sandbox Percussion)
  • “Andriessen: The Only One” – Louis Andriessen, composer (Esa-Pekka Salonen, Nora Fischer and Los Angeles Philharmonic)
  • “Assad, Clarice & Sérgio, Connors, Dillon, Martin & Skidmore: Archetypes” – Clarice Assad, Sérgio Assad, Sean Connors, Robert Dillon, Peter Martin and David Skidmore, composers (Sérgio Assad, Clarice Assad and Third Coast Percussion)
  • “Batiste: Movement 11′” – Jon Batiste, composer (Jon Batiste)

Best Music Video

  • “Freedom” – Jon Batiste – Winner
  • “Shot in the Dark” – AC/DC
  • “I Get a Kick Out of You” – Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga
  • “Peaches” – Justin Bieber featuring Daniel Caesar and Giveon
  • “Happier Than Ever” – Billie Eilish
  • “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” – Lil Nas X
  • “Good 4 U” – Olivia Rodrigo

Best Music Film

  • “Summer of Soul” – Various Artists – Winner
  • “Bo Burnham: Inside” – Bo Burnham
  • “David Byrne’s American Utopia” – David Byrne
  • “Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles” – Billie Eilish
  • “Music, Money, Madness… Jimi Hendrix in Maui” – Jimi Hendrix
Brothers Osborne-country-radio

Brothers Osborne: ‘Skeletons Deluxe’ – Album Review

Brothers Osborne’s new album Skeletons Deluxe is out now, January 21st on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new record below.

Originally released in October 2020, the Brothers Osborne third album, Skeletons, featured twelve tracks of the pure southern country-rock sound that fans have come to know of the duo. With TJ’s signature raspy growl paired with John’s incredible guitar skills, their unique sound shines on Skeletons.

Including the likes of “All Night” and “I’m Not for Everyone,” the Jay Joyce-produced Skeletons was a masterpiece in its original form. Today, however, the GRAMMY-nominated duo released a deluxe version of the album, featuring three new tracks, including the highly acclaimed “Younger Me.”

Nominated for the GRAMMY Award for Best Country Duo/Group Performance, “Younger Me” was inspired by TJ’s coming out in February 2021, making him the first major-label country artist to be openly gay. Written as a letter of reassurance to his younger self, the stirring ballad is one of country music’s most heartfelt tracks released in recent years.

“Younger me // Overthinking, losing sleep at night // Contemplating if it’s worth the fight,” TJ sings. “If he only knew he’d be alright // Yeah, younger me”

While “Younger Me” is arguably the most important track that the brilliant brothers have ever released, it should not completely overshadow the other two tracks released on this deluxe edition. There’s “Headstone,” a driving, guitar-driven uptempo track that reflects what the Brothers Osborne have become known for. Meanwhile, “Midnight Riders Prayer” received Willie Nelson’s personal blessing to include snippets from “On the Road Again.”

Featuring an incredible guitar solo at the halfway point, “Headstone” is sure to be a face-melter during live shows, as they extoll their own perfect imperfections, TJ proudly proclaiming “Write that on my headstone.” Meanwhile, “Midnight Riders Prayer” is an ode to the life of a touring musician. Sampling “On the Road Again” in a way that comes off completely organic, they meld Nelson’s classic rift into their own haunting chorus.

“When your night is ending // Ours is just beginning // On the road again,” They sing. “Like a band of gypsies, we roll down the highway… Brothers ‘til the end // Insisting that the world keep turning our way.”

While Skeletons was already an exemplary album, the three new tracks added to the deluxe album just make it all the more perfect.

Skeletons Deluxe Tracklist:

  1. Lighten Up (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk)
  2. All Night (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Andrew DeRoberts)
  3. AAll the Good Ones Are (TJ Osborne, Lee Miller and Craig Wiseman)
  4. I’m Not for Everyone (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby)
  5. Skeletons (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Andrew DeRoberts)
  6. Back On The Bottle (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Hayes Carll)
  7. High Note (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Casey Beathard and Dustin Christensen)
  8. Muskrat Greene (John Osborne)
  9. Dead Man’s Curve (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Lee Miller)
  10. Make It a Good One (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Stephen Wilson Jr.)
  11. Hatin’ Somebody (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Casey Beathard)
  12. Old Man’s Boots (John Osborne)
  13. Younger Me (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Kendell Marvel)
  14. Headstone (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Kendell Marvel)
  15. Midnight Rider’s Prayer (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Paul Moak, Willie Nelson)

Brothers Osborne’s new album ‘Skeletons Deluxe’ is out now, January 21st.

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Skeletons Deluxe is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Get to Know the Opening Acts of Summer 2021’s Hottest Country Music Tours

All of the greats we know and love today were once the opening acts, too. Get to know today’s openers from summer 2021’s hottest country music tours.

Not only did your favorite superstars reunite with the stage this past summer, but your future favorite entertainers had the opportunity to share it with them this country concert season as well. Country music is famous for having incredible ‘superstars-to-be’ open for their major tours, and here at Country Swag, we have your guide to all the of the show openers. Learn more about this year’s opening acts below.

Tenille Arts just earned her first #1 on country radio with the smash “Somebody Like That”, following the release of her second studio album, Love, Heartbreak & Everything In Between. All her hard work is paying off this year, as she gears up for new releases and as summer set in, Arts found herself as the opening act on on Lady A’s ‘What A Song Can Do Tour’. Tenille Arts is without a doubt one of the best vocalists and songwriters of this new class of country artists and if you caught the show, you will probably agree.

Matt Stell, one of our artists to watch and Live Swag Session alums is taking over country music one single at a time. His debut single, “Prayed For You” is one of the most popular love songs in country music, and his new single, “That Ain’t Me No More” has been sent to country radio. This summer, he joined Old Dominion and Miranda Lambert on their respective run of shows.

Lainey Wilson and HARDY were both opening acts for Jason Aldean’s ‘Back In The Saddle Tour’ and if you caught the show, you know they rightfully earned their time in the spotlight. This isn’t the first time the two have toured together either; they opened for Morgan Wallen on his first headline tour over two years ago. HARDY and Wilson both released critically acclaimed albums in the past year (A ROCK and Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, respectively) and as those albums indicated, their fiery songs got fans up and out of their seats each and every night just as fast as they sat down in them!

The full list of country tours and their opening acts are listed below. One of the best feelings is when you go to a show not knowing the opener and leaving a forever fan. If that rings true for the show’s you attended this year, be sure to remember their names, follow them on socials, stream the music and get ready to see those artists when they head back your way. For New York City country fans, head to our calendar to find out when the next shows in the area are.


Blake Shelton
Lindsay Ell
Martina McBride
Trace Adkins
Tracy Byrd

Brad Paisley
Jimmie Allen
Kameron Marlowe

Brett Eldredge
Morgan Evans

Brothers Osborne
Tenille Townes
Travis Denning

Dan + Shay
Band Camino
Ingrid Andress

Dierks Bentley
Parker McCollum
Riley Green

Ingrid Andress
Georgia Webster

Jason Aldean
Lainey Wilson

Kane Brown
Restless Road

Lady A
Carly Pearce
Tenille Arts

Little Big Town
Caitlyn Smith
Hailey Whitters

Luke Bryan
Caylee Hammack
Dylan Scott

Old Dominion
Blanco Brown
Caitlyn Smith
Matt Stell
Randy Houser
Scotty McCreery
Walker County

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Check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Country Music Tours Headed to New York This Summer 2021

Concert season is in full swing! For our New Yorkers, we’ve got you covered with the country music tours, the dates, and where to get your tickets ASAP! If you’re curious about all the county music tours that have been announced so far for 2021-2022 click here.


Jason Aldean- Back In The Saddle Tour

Openers: HARDY & Lainey Wilson

August 7th- Wantagh, NY // Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

Find tickets here


Luke Bryan- Proud To Be Right Here Tour

Openers: Dylan Scott, Runaway June & Caylee Hammack*

August 13th- Wantagh, NY // Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

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Brothers Osborne- The We’re Not For Everyone Tour

Openers: Tenille Townes & Travis Denning

August 21st- Farmingville, NY // Long Island Community Hospital Amphitheater

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Thomas Rhett- The Center Point Road Tour

Openers: Cole Swindell & Gabby Barrett

August 26th- Wantagh, NY // Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

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Zac Brown Band- The Comeback Tour 2021

Special Guests: Teddy Swims, Adam Doleac, Gabby Barrett, Devin Dawson & Ashland Craft

September 2nd- Wantagh, NY // Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

September 3rd- Wantagh, NY // Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

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Brooks & Dunn- The Reboot 2021 Tour

Openers: Travis Tritt & Elvie Shane

September 10th- Wantagh, NY // Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

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Dierks Bentley- Beers On Me Tour

Openers: Riley Green & Parker McCollum

September 24th- Wantagh, NY // Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

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Keep an eye out on our list as we will be sure to add more country music tour dates and concerts as they are announced!

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8 Things We Miss the Most About Country Music Concerts

It has been a year without live music, and we still desperately miss country music concerts. However, we see the light at the end of the tunnel with artists like Eric Church and Kane Brown announcing future tour dates! Until then though, here are the 8 things we miss the most about country music concerts.

  1. The Good Vibes

There is absolutely nothing like listening to live music. The atmosphere, the adrenaline, the artists, the fans, absolutely EVERYTHING feels magical. We cannot wait for that feeling again!


  1. The Sound of Live Music

Albums and records are great, but there is nothing quite like hearing your favorite artist perform live. There are so many artists that we cannot wait to see as soon as we get back to some resemblance of normalcy.


  1. The Tailgate

If you have ever joined us at a show, especially at Jones Beach, then you know how much we love to tailgate! The tailgate sets the tone for the rest of the night and allows fans to connect and bond over the music.


  1. Connecting with Other Fans

One of the things we love most about NYCountry Swag is getting to connect with our followers at live shows by some of our favorite artists all across New York City and Long Island.


  1. Singing Along to Every Song

This one goes without saying. We even miss the raspy voice you get the day after the concert from singing your heart out for three hours straight!


  1. The $15 Beers at the Venue

What we would do to pay that much for a beer right now…


  1. Discovering new music acts to love

Although we pride ourselves on being tastemakers in the industry and always know all the acts performing at concerts, we love watching our friends and other fans experience a new artist for the first time. We’ll never forget when Tenille Townes took the stage as an opener at Dierks Bentley’s concert, and how crazy everyone went for the newcomer.


  1. Hearing Our Favorite Song Live

At this point, we have a whole list of songs that we cannot wait to hear live! We’re sure you do too!


Let us know, what are you missing most about concerts?! and sure to check out the full list of upcoming tours here.

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Country Music Tour Announcements for 2021-22

It looks like it won’t be much longer until we can all enjoy some live music again! Check out which artists have announced tours so far for the upcoming 2021-22 season…

  • Thomas Rhett – The Center Point Road Tour with Cole Swindell & Gabby BarrettMore Info
  • Brothers Osborne – The We’re Not For Everyone Tour with Tenille Townes & Travis DenningMore Info
  • Kane Brown – The Blessed & Free Tour with Jordan Davis, Chase Rice, & Restless RoadMore Info 
  • Eric Church – The Gather Again TourMore Info
  • Luke Bryan – The Proud To Be Right Here Tour – More Info 
  • Chris Stapleton – The All-American Road Show Tour – More Info
  • Luke Bryan’s ‘Crash My Playa’ 4-Night Experience in Riveria Cancun, Mexico Returns January 2022 with Jason Aldean More Info
  • Dierks Bentley – The Beers On Me Tour – More Info
  • Zac Brown Band – The Comeback Tour – More Info
  • Dan and Shay – The (Arena) Tour – More Info
  • Kip Moore – The How High Tour – More Info
  • Little Big Town – The Nightfall Tour Returns – More Info

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