Riley Green: ‘BEHIND THE BAR’ – EP Review

Riley Green’s new EP, BEHIND THE BAR, is out today, July 2nd on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Riley Green has been busy during quarantine and since the release of IF IT WASN’T FOR TRUCKS. Over the last year, the singer-songwriter spent time reconnecting with his Alabama roots. The newfound connection is expressively clear on his new project. Green’s brand new EP BEHIND THE BAR is officially out for fans to enjoy.

The record kicks off with the title track. An upbeat and fun song, “Behind The Bar” is an ode to the good life. Green sings about country living, where everyone is drinking and having fun “under the neon stars.” The rowdy song will be the perfect addition to the singer’s setlist.

As the EP transitions, Green begins to pull back the layers, unveiling the life lessons he has learned to the listeners. “That’s What I’ve Been Told” is a simple, poetic country song. The singer shares all the lessons and experiences he has learned throughout his life from influential people through different stages.

“If you’re just saying prayers, then you ain’t praying // If both men ain’t shook hands, then it ain’t sold // When daddy don’t say nothing, you better listen // ‘Cause he won’t be here for long // and that girl ain’t coming back if you let her go // At least that’s what I’ve been told”

Next up is Green’s previously released single “If It Wasn’t For Trucks.” The nostalgic song is an appreciation for everything a truck symbolizes for a good-ole country boy. Without being generic, the singer finds a way to embody love, loss, grief, and risk, while using the common thread of having his truck through all of those emotions.

Continuing to showcase his undeniable talent, “Put ‘Em On Mine” showcases the more flirty and romantic side of the singer. Green flirts opportunity and a potential love interest on the sultry song. Similarly, sentimental and pure, “That Was Us” showcases the love of a place and a person. Green enlists the help of songstress Jessi Alexander, up-leveling the clever song to a duet. 

“Like a Tennessee river // A little reckless and a little hell bound // We were tailgate talking about forever // Like our boots would never hit the ground // At the end of that trail of tears and a cloud of dust // Baby, that was us”

The story-telling continues to be the center of the EP with the last two songs off the project. A fan-favorite, “I Let A Damn Good Woman Leave,” showcases Green lamenting about past mistakes in love and in life. Finally, the closing track “That’s My Dixie,” tackles the notion that although country music and country living is laced with prejudice and a checkered past. Green declares that that’s not the country-living he knows.

“It’s who I am // Mr. give a damn // For the ones that came before me // That broken part of a southern heart is more than just Old glory // It’s a star of mind that’s deep and wide and strong as the Mississippi // We sing Amazing Grace and curse the heat // Yeah, that’s my Dixie”

Overall the seven-song project cements Green’s staying power in country music. First and foremost, the artist is a storyteller and songwriter, the true essence of country music. Congrats to Green on a solid record!


Riley Green’s new EP ‘Behind The Bar’ is out now, July 2nd

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “That’s What I’ve Been Told”
  2. “That’s My Dixie”
  3. “That Was Us”


  1. Behind The Bar
  2. That’s What I’ve Been Told
  3. If It Wasn’t For Trucks
  4. Put ‘Em On Mine
  5. That Was Us
  6. I Let A Damn Good Woman Leave
  7. That’s My Dixie

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