Who Is Georgia Webster? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Georgia Webster? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…

The Beginning:

This week we got to catch up with a budding new songstress in country music. Georgia Webster just released her debut EP First Goodbye last week, and we instantly fell in love with her vulnerability and talent. Growing up on the east coast in Hampton, Massachusetts, Webster’s whole life has done a 180. From a high school student to Nashville’s newest star, the singer-songwriter is on a path towards greatness.

“I grew up kinda in the middle of the woods, out in the country,” shared Webster, as she recalls her early experiences. She recalled her father playing acoustic guitar and artists like the Grateful Dead throughout her childhood. “I ended up being intrigued with the guitar. So he ended up teaching me my first few chords and got me my first guitar, and the rest is history from there.”

At as young as nine years old, Webster began writing music and teaching herself to play more songs on guitar. “I would kinda take the chords I taught myself and put them together to make my own songs.” She recalls learning to play early Taylor Swift songs and One Direction tunes at a young age. Webster even sang Carrie Underwood’s song “Something In The Water” at her sixth-grade talent show.

If Underwood was her introduction to country music, it was Sam Hunt that solidified her interest in the genre. “Sam Hunt came out a few years later, and I really related to the lyrics of his songs,” adding later, “I really found myself loving country music from him. It’s kinda like a country-pop feel and I thought that was so cool.” Nowadays, Webster loves all types of country music including Lennon Stella, Kacey Musgraves, and Tyler Childers.

The Turning Point:

Webster’s career really began to take off when she started posting clips of her songs on TikTok. Armed with a love for music, the singer never suspected her songs would go viral on the social media app. She credits TikTok for helping her get where she is now.

“TikTok has been crazy for me,” she begins. “Without TikTok I wouldn’t have gotten my record deal. […] They flew me down to Nashville to play a few songs of mine.” SONY Music Nashville signed Webster on the spot after discovering her on the app and later hearing her music in person. “’Box of Memories’ is the song I think got me signed,” she shares. “That was a big moment for me.”

Since signing her record deal, the songstress has gotten to hone her talent even more in Nashville. Her debut project is full of songs that her fans on TikTok have fallen in love with and songs she has loved.


On July 16th, 2021, Webster finally had her debut with First Goodbye. The record features songs that she has written over her high school experience. “I really wanted to make sure that it was just me on the project, just me that had written all of the songs,” adding “I just had to get them or else I’d regret not putting them out.”

It was important to Webster that her songs were reflective of her young self and relatable to younger audiences. The EP features songs like “Box of Memories,” “First Goodbye,” and “Tell Your Mom.” “‘Box of Memories” definitely stands out as like my favorite one. That one and “First Goodbye,” the title track. That one is definitely really close to me,” shares Webster.

The singer also shared the story behind the fan-favorite song “Tell Your Mom.” “It’s based off a true story,” she begins. “It kinda just made me think of all the times in our relationship and got me back to going over his house […] and it just made me think your ex’s or anyone that you are close with, the family plays a big role in your relationship with them too.”

If her debut record is any inclination, Webster will continue to garner more and more fans over the trajectory of her career. The singer just announced her first tour with Ingrid Andress, kicking off this Fall. She will have more songs out before the tour begins. It is safe to say that Webster will continue to be adding to her box of memories, as her career continues to blossom.


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