5 Brothers Osborne Songs We Wish We Heard on Country Radio

With a killer catalog of songs to choose from, we are sharing our favorite Brothers Osborne songs that we wish we heard on country radio. Check it out below.

  1. “Loving Me Back” feat. Lee Ann Womack – Pawn Shop

This fantastic, old-school song falls right in the middle of the duo’s debut album, an album that spawned hit after hit. 90s country queen Lee Ann Womack’s voice sounds like honey in harmony with lead vocalist TJ Osborne, and it is the kind of ballad that would have shone during fall into winter on country radio.


  1. “Weed, Whiskey, and Willie” – Port Saint Joe

This slow groove is enough to make listeners want to shake their heads and simply vibe. John’s baritone voice sparkles on this track, and the lyrics are great, but the song would not be nearly as great without TJ’s infectious guitar playing. Perhaps a song that mentions weed was thought to not do well on country radio, but a song celebrating heartbreak country music always does well and is always needed.


  1. “While You Still Can” – Port Saint Joe

“While You Still Can” is just so gorgeous it would stop many music fans in their tracks. Brothers, John and TJ complement each other so well, and it is heard very clearly in this recording. Lyrically, everyone can relate to this song, and country radio always needs that.

Nostalgia and trying not to take things for granted are two themes that never go out of style. The way “While You Still Can” builds sonically is also stunning – the bridge has an unbelievable melodic modulation reminiscent of James Taylor’s 1972 slept-on “Nobody But You” and the final chorus has the most evocative guitar solo. What a way to close a record.


  1. “Hatin’ Somebody” – Skeletons

This funky b-side off Skeletons is the perfect mesh of an early Sheryl Crow song mixed with a rowdy Van Morrison. It has the makings of a country radio hit with lyrics about getting along with your neighbors and is just overall the perfect song to listen to while sipping a drink on the beach.


  1. “Younger Me” – Skeletons (Deluxe)

This letter-to-self-turned song is a standout in Brothers Osborne’s discography. While released as a promotional single, loved by critics, and even won a GRAMMY, this is a song that should have exploded on the country music scene. This is TJ’s story to tell, and he did it in a way that was elegant, artistic, and yet so articulate. He was able to translate such an important message while balancing the country genre’s nostalgia lyricism. TJ’s guitar is great as usual, and he even produced the dreamy, 80s-sounding song. This is definitely a track that when people look back on the Brothers’ discography, they always talk about this one.


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