NYCS First Impression Tenille Arts ‘Love, Heartbreak & Everything In Between’

Tenille Arts

The last few years have been very promising for newcomer Tenille Arts. She released her debut album, Rebel Child, which included the stunners “Cold Feet” and “Red Flag White”, performed on the television series The Bachelor, signed to a record label, and is now releasing her sophomore album, Love, Heartbreak, & Everything In Between. The Saskatchewan native digs deep on this project, and although it’s her second album, it’s like she’s re-introducing you to who Tenille Arts is. “I’m so excited about this album,” said Arts in a press release. “It’s everything I’ve been through this past year, so I decided to title it ‘Love, Heartbreak & Everything in Between.’ It’s four love songs, four breakup songs, and four songs about everything else in life. I got to collaborate with new songwriters and producers and I’m so proud of the creativity on this album.”

The album opens with current radio single “Somebody Like That”, an infectious country-pop song about what to strive for in a relationship, reminding listeners not to settle for anything less. It’s catchy in an inescapable way and based on how fans are responding to it, it’s a song to watch in 2020.

“Slow It Down” and “Wild Love” are next, and the first is a waltz-like ballad about letting love unfold naturally and linger. It’s melodically very impressive, especially during the chorus. “Wild Love” leans on the more retro side. The introduction immediately is reminiscent of Glen Campbell’s “Coming Home”, and vocally sounds like it could be sung by the Dixie Chicks. It’s a song that shows off her influences. If a weekend drive was a song, “Wild Love” is it.

The real standout on the album is “Nothing To See Here”, a gorgeous stripped-back song that sits in the middle of the record. Her voice aches with part pain, part frustration, and part resentment. There are plenty of songs about small-town loves, but this one feels different. It’s about the town, the parking lot, the old park… it’s about how run-down this drive-by town is. And yet she can’t escape these memories, despite there being nothing to see in her hometown. It’s an evocative message that many can relate to. “Got no reason to be here, cuz there’s nothing to see here,” she tells herself verse after verse, trying to coach herself through her heartbreak. It’s a stop-you-in-your-track type song. “I’ll never get that piece of my heart/myself/my life back that you got” she sings on the three choruses. This song has the potential to be a classic in her catalog for years to come.

There are two solo writes on the album: “Another Life” and “Right Guy Wrong Time”. “Another Life” is a piano ballad. It’s a heart-wrenching song that explores all of the could-have-beens in a relationship gone wrong. It showcases Arts’ vulnerable vocals. The latter, “Right Guy Wrong Time” feels like a companion to Rebel Child cut “Raindrops, Dirt Road”. It’s a reflective song about meeting the right person although the timing is wrong. He’s still hung up on his ex, and not quite ready to move on from the “girl at home”. The bridge of this song is strong, because the rhythm changes slightly, and she really utilizes her head voice in this track.

The story continues “Missing You” a perfect turning point about finally being over someone. The r&b/pop influence on the song works because it’s about going out and being the life of the party after experiencing change. “The only thing missing is me missing you”, she sings on the chorus. Arts’ has always had an ear for lyrics that have a bit of a twist. It feels like this song expands her repertoire a lot, as the production is a lot less traditional leaning. The album closes with the sing-along “Everybody Knows Everybody” which highlights small-town friendliness. The wordplay is excellent, and the chorus is full-circle and satisfying to the listener.

It’s been a long time coming, but it feels like it’s Tenille Arts’ time to shine, and few deserve it more. She’s never sounded more like herself, and that’s why country music fans are responding to it. If you listen to her sing, her voice is strong like a firecracker. Keep an eye out for Arts in the next year, because any day now she’s going to explode.

Love, Heartbreak, & Everything In Between- Tracklist 

1. Somebody Like That * – Tenille Arts, Alex Kline, Allison Margaret Cruz
2. Slow it Down *** – Tenille Arts, Josh Logan, Grant Vogelfanger
3. Wild Love **** – Tenille Arts, Derek George, Palmer Lee
4. Butterfly Effect * – Tenille Arts, Lizzy McAvoy, Adam Wheeler
5. I Hate This ** – Tenille Arts, Adam Wheeler
6. Nothing to See Here ** – Tenille Arts, Whitney Duncan
7. Another Life ** – Tenille Arts
8. Right Guy, Wrong Time ** – Tenille Arts
9. Call You Names * – Tenille Arts, James Slater
10. Missing You * – Tenille Arts, Alex Kline, Allison Margaret Cruz
11. Wouldn’t You Like to Know * – Tenille Arts, Alex Kline, Allison Margaret Cruz
12. Everybody Knows Everybody * – Tenille Arts, Alex Kline, Allison Margaret Cruz

NYCS Staff Picks:
Nothing to See Here
Somebody Like That
Missing You


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