Who is Kameron Marlowe? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

This week we shine our spotlight on a promising new artist in the industry that we believe has what it takes to make it big. Kameron Marlowe is a newcomer on the scene but has so much talent to share with the world. We chatted with him about his upbringing, the release of his debut EP, and everything in between.

Kameron Marlowe

Kameron Marlowe

Growing up in Kannapolis, North Carolina, Marlowe’s focus has been on music since high school, when he played in a band and listened to music all the time. “I really didn’t listen to anything that was current. I guess I just have always been that way,” he explained, “I am one of the biggest Ray Charles fans there can be. But, Brooks and Dunn is probably my favorite country band of all time.” Marlowe also shared a love for artists like George Strait, Merle Haggard, and Chris Stapleton.

Although he clearly loves country music, it was not until he graduated and found himself working a job at General Motors that he realized that music was what he wanted to do for a living. As the singer started playing shows at local venues and bars, he received a life-changing call from someone from NBC’s hit television show The Voice. “I think that’s when music started to really, really make a change in my life,” he began, “Once the show ended, I couldn’t think about life without music again, so I started writing songs and started coming to town, meeting as many people as I could. I just wanted to immerse myself as deep as I could [in music].”

Marlowe made the move to Nashville, armed with a mission to make his dream come true. He continued to network in town, which eventually led him to earn both a publishing deal and a record deal. Despite the success, the singer continues to work on his craft every single day. “I am just trying to find my place and find my spot here in Nashville. I can’t say that I’m doing it better than anyone else, but I want to learn and I’m learning every day,” Marlowe exclaimed, “Music is what I want to do for the rest of my life, I can’t imagine doing anything else but music now.”

The singer-songwriter made his dreams a reality, finally releasing his debut self-titled EP last Friday (11/13). Chock full of songs for the everyday country fan and relatable lyrics, Marlowe reminds us all why we love this genre so much. In our conversation, he shared the difficult process of choosing of the six songs to represent his craft. “With this EP, my goal was really to establish myself,” he expressed, adding that even the songs he didn’t write like “Sober As a Drunk” and “Going There Today” were important to share. “If I feel like people need to hear something or that people would like to hear [a song] and it relates to me, I always want to make sure that this song gets heard because there’s so many great songs and songwriters in Nashville.”

On the other hand, the EP also includes incredible songs that Marlowe did have a hand in writing. His most popular song to date, “Giving You Up,” was a solo-write inspired by his feelings about breaking up with the girl he thought he was going to marry, while, “Burn ‘Em All” came to fruition at a co-write, where all the writers were feeling burnt out. The song ended up being inspired by the blue-collar worker.

As a whole, the record is a good representation of Marlowe’s story so far. “All these songs are just things that kinda have happened in my life since moving to Nashville and things that have affected my life before Nashville,” the singer-songwriter shared, “And I’m really just wanting to convey who I am as an artist in this EP and looking forward to maybe making a full record next.”

Besides making sure to listen to the EP, again and again, fans can look forward to more songs by Marlowe as we head into 2021. The singer hinted at possibly recording songs like “Tequila Talkin’” and “Steady Heart,” as well as, hoping to get a new batch of music out to fans. We are sure whatever is coming down the pipeline next will only elevate Marlowe and his blossoming career!

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