8 Things We Miss the Most About Country Music Concerts

It has been a year without live music, and we still desperately miss country music concerts. However, we see the light at the end of the tunnel with artists like Eric Church and Kane Brown announcing future tour dates! Until then though, here are the 8 things we miss the most about country music concerts.

  1. The Good Vibes

There is absolutely nothing like listening to live music. The atmosphere, the adrenaline, the artists, the fans, absolutely EVERYTHING feels magical. We cannot wait for that feeling again!


  1. The Sound of Live Music

Albums and records are great, but there is nothing quite like hearing your favorite artist perform live. There are so many artists that we cannot wait to see as soon as we get back to some resemblance of normalcy.


  1. The Tailgate

If you have ever joined us at a show, especially at Jones Beach, then you know how much we love to tailgate! The tailgate sets the tone for the rest of the night and allows fans to connect and bond over the music.


  1. Connecting with Other Fans

One of the things we love most about NYCountry Swag is getting to connect with our followers at live shows by some of our favorite artists all across New York City and Long Island.


  1. Singing Along to Every Song

This one goes without saying. We even miss the raspy voice you get the day after the concert from singing your heart out for three hours straight!


  1. The $15 Beers at the Venue

What we would do to pay that much for a beer right now…


  1. Discovering new music acts to love

Although we pride ourselves on being tastemakers in the industry and always know all the acts performing at concerts, we love watching our friends and other fans experience a new artist for the first time. We’ll never forget when Tenille Townes took the stage as an opener at Dierks Bentley’s concert, and how crazy everyone went for the newcomer.


  1. Hearing Our Favorite Song Live

At this point, we have a whole list of songs that we cannot wait to hear live! We’re sure you do too!


Let us know, what are you missing most about concerts?! and sure to check out the full list of upcoming tours here.

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