[Interview] Tenille Townes Is Unshakeable in “Girl Who Didn’t Care” Music Video

Tenille Townes released an empowering new video for her latest song, “Girl Who Didn’t Care”. Check it out below and learn more in our exclusive interview.

Tenille Townes’ new track, “Girl Who Didn’t Care” is a characteristically “Tenille” song: amazing acoustic guitar, lyrics you can instantly relate to, and vocals so distinct you could recognize Townes from anywhere. The video is no exception.

A direct reflection of the song, Townes encourages girls to chase their dreams with the help of astrology student Alyssa Carson, goalie and sports student Sarah Fuller, and firefighter Sharon Wells. The three women have done everything from make football history to being community heroes.

Leading up to the release of the song, Townes posted an Instagram video of herself at age 9 where she shared with the camera that after graduation, she will “be a famous country singer”. When asked what she’d tell that little girl now in our interview, she shared, “I’d say thank you to her for believing in that dream at that point, and seeing that it was entirely possible. I would not get to be here doing the thing I love now without her feisty little courage that has carried and pushed through to this point.”

In the video, there are four young actresses portraying Townes, Carson, Fuller, and Wells, who are chasing their dreams headfirst, curiously and unapologetically. As they grow up, they continue to pursue a version of what they always wanted to be by not caring and marching to the beat of their own drum.

“It’s kind of surreal to think about it. I think when you dream about some things, and you see the outline of it, you see what you think it’s gonna look or feel like, and to see it colored in real life… it’s got so much more dimension and emotion than I’d ever had wrapped my head around. I’d tell [that little girl] it’s even more awesome than she imagines it is,” Townes tells us.

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