Matt Stell ‘Better Than That’ EP Review

Matt Stell’s new 8-track extended play, Better Than That, dropped today and is available now on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dive deeper into the project.

SONY Nashville recording artist, Matt Stell released a new EP titled Better Than That today (October 16th) containing eight songs, four previously released tracks, and four brand new ones. Stell produced the EP with Ash Bowers and has writing credits on five songs.

“Everywhere But On,” originally featured on his EP of the same name, begins the record. It is about a man who has moved all over the country to try and get over this particular girl, but no location can erase his memory of her. This track hit number six on Country Airplay last week and continues to climb to the top of the charts. “Prayed For You,” ironically, reached the top spot the same time last year and has racked up over 75 million streams to date.  In this track, the singer found a girl he never met but knew she was the one he always wanted.

Better Than That EP Matt Stell

Matt Stell – Photo Credit Dustin Haney

Other previously released tracks include “If I Was A Bar” and the title track. The latter of which tells the story of two old flames at the same bar. Despite wanting to say hello, the ex-boyfriend holds back as a new guy steps in to make a move, calling out every wrong gesture the new guy is making. Stell knows she deserves better than that. “If I Was A Bar” is another breakup song. In this one, he describes how if he was a bar, the ‘getting over her’ process would be must faster. In the last song, he is upset at the bar and feeling bad for himself, but in this one, there’s a hint of anger and resentment still left in him. These tracks contain heavy electric guitar and percussion, displaying his rock-n-roll influence.

The first of the new tracks is “I Love You Too,” which sounds like it would be a sweet love song. However, the singer describes a relationship where the woman has settled with a man who does not reciprocate the same amount of love and effort the woman does. Stell is telling this story from the third-person, so we are not sure if he had any relationship to the two in the story, but one can speculate that this song is about the same girl from “Better Than That.”

With young love comes immediate infatuation and a lot of mistakes made, and Stell paints that picture beautifully in the next track. “Sadie” is a somber, folk-influenced song that, although not written by Stell, could be very personal to him. The singer admits his wrong and confesses that he would do anything to get this girl back. It is impressive when such a personal song like this can relate to almost anyone who has been in a relationship at a young age.

“Sadie / If you need to k-k-keep me waiting / Just do what you got to, girl / I-I-I-I-I-I-I’d start a riot for ya /  I-I-I-I-I-I-I’d fall in the fire for ya”

“Chase It Down” is about gaining the courage to leave your hometown to follow your dream. People from the singer’s hometown generally end up staying there forever, but him and his girl are determined to make a name for themselves. The final song, “Look At Me Now” has the potential to become a common first dance-wedding song. A troubled man’s life was turned around when he met the love of his life. He went from a lone “hell-raiser” to tearing up watching his soon-to-be wife walk down the aisle.

“Look at me now, tears in my eyes / Even though I swore that I wouldn’t cry / Lost in the second I saw you in that dress and your daddy was walking you down / Thought I’d never do this but look at me”

Stell sings from the heart, and listeners can hear his honesty and humbleness in these eight, terrific tracks. He has shown country music his versatility as he has something for everyone: heartbreak, love, and vengefulness, all demonstrated in different ways sonically. He is open and honest with his fans which makes us feel a part of his life and leave us wanting to hear more stories. That is an incredible trait of any new artist. Expect to see his name atop the charts for years to come.

NYCS Picks:

  1. Sadie
  2. Look At Me Now


  1. Everywhere But On– Matt Stell, Paul Sikes, and Lance Miller
    2. If I Was a Bar 
    – Dan Isbell, Zack Kale, and Jonathan Singleton
    3. Prayed For You – Matt Stell, Ash Bowers, and Allison Veltz
    4. Better Than That-Matt Stell, Joe Fox, and Phil Barton
    5. I Love You Too – Matt Stell, Seth Alley, and Ryan Peterson
    6. Sadie – Nate Cyphert, Sam Roman, Parrish Warrington, and Diederik van Elsas
    7. Chase it Down – Matt Stell, Jarrod Ingram, Blake Hubbard, and Brian Maher
    8. Look at Me Now – Joe Fox, Seth Ennis, and Thomas Finchum

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