Who Is HunterGirl? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is HunterGirl? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


HunterGirl // Photo Credit: Mike Rodway

Quick Facts:

Full Name – HunterGirl
Birthday – 05/24/1998
Hometown – Winchester, Tennessee
Current City – Nashville, Tennessee
Music Influences – Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Julia Michaels
Label – BBR Music Group
Current project- “Hometown Out Of Me” (*as of date of article: 11/21/22)

The Beginning:

Today’s spotlight is shining on a budding artist that you may already know and love: HunterGirl. She blew people away on American Idol, but the singer-songwriter has been cutting her teeth in the music industry since she was a little girl. Learn about how her story has unfolded in our conversation below.

Growing up in East Tennessee, HunterGirl always loved music. “I grew up 5 minutes from my grandparents growing up, so I would go to their house all the time. I would hear Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash. I grew up loving – I wanted to be exactly like Dolly growing up,” shared the songstress. She recalls singing at church, at county fairs, and at talent shows for as long as she could remember, drawing inspiration from some of her favorite artists.

“Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire were the two women in country music that I was like, “oh my gosh, I love their music and their songwriting, but I really just love who they are as people.” […] I wanted to be an artist like that,” shared HunterGirl, adding later, “I listened to everything growing up. My mom loved P!NK, so I loved the tough, gritty songs, and my dad listened to rock music, so I had a lot of influence growing up from all sorts of genres, and the first band I ever sang in was a blues band.”

When she was barely in high school, HunterGirl joined her first band. “Whenever I turned fourteen, I joined a band and started traveling around everywhere, my parents brought me everywhere.” Then, at eighteen, she immediately moved to Nashville.

The Turning Point:

While attending college, HunterGirl started making a name for herself in Nashville, playing shows on Broadway, seven days a week. “I would have 8AM classes, and I would play 6-2AM, and get ready for my morning classes. I would sleep for a few hours and write songs, and do anything I could to try to get better and make it in music one day,” shared the songstress.

While in Nashville, HunterGirl worked hard to hone her craft as both a singer and as a songwriter. “I always had that dream and my family was super supportive. They were like if you want to do this, you’re going to have to work really, really hard for it.” She added later, “I love the songwriting community here in Nashville […] A songwriter and artist that I really look up to is Julia Michaels. I also love Ashley McBryde [and] Brantley Gilbert.”

By happenstance, after auditioning in her youth, HunterGirl received an email to audition for American Idol. Despite that, it was not until being approached at one of her shows later in the week that she actually decided to take the plunge. “A girl came up to me at the end of the show and was like ‘hey I used to be a producer on Idol, and I really think you should audition this year.’ And I was like Oh my gosh, twice in two days. Okay, God I get your sign, I’m going to go for it and see what happens,” shared the singer.

Of course, American Idol ended up being a great experience for the singer-songwriter. She achieved the runner-up spot in her season.


Flash forward to today, now as a signed artist, HunterGirl is living her dream. She gets to create music that touches fans all over the world, something she has always desired. “Songwriting is the place where I get everything out of my head. It’s my therapy with a guitar, she began. “I want to write songs that help people and get them through those rough singles, like my first single, “Red Bird.” It was a heart song.”

Her most recent single, “Hometown Out Of Me” is also a heart song. “‘Hometown Out Of Me’ was a big thank you to my hometown.” HunterGirl added later, “I always wanted to write a song for my hometown […] My hometown supported me ever since I was a little girl playing in the town square […] And then would have watch parties every Sunday, whenever I was on the show, cheering me on.”

This is only just the beginning for the rising artist. She will continue to play shows and write new music as we head into the new year. “I wake up every day, and I”m like “oh my gosh is this real?!” Because I wanted to do this ever since I was a little girl.” It is not lost on HunterGirl how incredible her journey has been and will continue to be!


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Here is Granger Smith’s New Album ‘Moonrise’

Granger Smith’s new surprise album, Moonrise is out now, November 18th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the full album below.

In anticipation of his debut movie, ‘Moonrise,’ singer-songwriter, Granger Smith is surprising fans with brand new music. Today, the artist released a new album by the same, Moonrise.

“It’s about a country singer (imagine that) who’s really stubborn (sounds familiar), I have a lot to tell y’all about, including an entire album I wrote for the film that comes out…VERY soon,” shared the singer earlier this week across his social Media accounts.

Each of the twelve songs depict the story of the film, which is set to release on December 15th. However, it is also apparent that Smith deeply connects to each of these songs on his on a personal ladder, as soon like “Still Find You” and “In This House” read like a beautiful diary entry. While each of the twelve songs are prolific in their own right, the title track, “Moonrise” certainly takes the cake as one of the most impressive songs on the new album.

Listen to the brand new album below!

Granger Smith – Moonrise Track List:

  1. Never Been
  2. I Wanna
  3. Tailgate Church Pew
  4. Still Find You
  5. Damn Guitar
  6. In This House
  7. Broke In
  8. Something Is Changing
  9. Black Suit
  10. Something To Go On
  11. Forever Forward
  12. Moonrise

Granger Smith’s new album ‘Moonrise’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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Moonrise is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Ashley Cooke Releases Two New Songs “running back” & “dirt on ’em”

Ashley Cooke’s new songs, “running back” and “dirt on ’em” are out now, November 18th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new songs below.

Ashley Cooke is here with not just one but two brand new songs for us. “running back” and “dirt on ‘em” are being added to the incredible catalog that we have heard from Cooke this year alone,  alongside songs like “back in the saddle”, “getting into”, and “Never Til Now”. 

“running back” was written by Cooke and Emily Weisband. It reveals unresolved feelings and ‘what if’s’ about her football-star high school sweetheart and confesses she would still go ‘running back’ to him if he asked. 

“I’ve had a few somebody news // Thought about forever too // But I run away when it gets close to that // ‘Cause no matter how far down the road // The crazy thing is I know // If you called and said you’re missin’ what we had // I’d come running back”

“dirt on ‘em” was written by Cooke, Jessi Alexander, and Alysa Vanderheim. Here Cooke admits she tends to like guys who are rough around the edges and knows enough to expect that that also means they might come with a messy reputation. 

“501s look better with some mud on ‘em // And those hands feel better with work on ‘em // And I ain’t afraid of a little whiskey stain // On your name going round this small town // I don’t mind a little static on the station // A little nitty gritty with a messy reputation // Drives in 35’s // Trouble in their eyes // something ’bout a guy // with some dirt on ‘em”

Both of these songs portray the lyrical and vocal talent that Cooke continues to bring to the country music scene. Coupled with her transparent persona and relatability, it is no wonder why she has experienced the success she has over the past couple of years. 

Cooke is one of the most exciting rising country artists to watch. From viral Tik-Tok fame as an independent artist during the pandemic, to signing with Big Loud earlier this year, this has been Cooke’s biggest year yet and there is still more to come. This past month alone she made her Grand Ole Opry debut and stepped on the Ryman stage for her sold-out two-night debut on Cole Swindell’s Down to The Bar Tour.

In July, she made her national TV debut on The Bachelorette with her re-imagined version of her hit song “Never Til Now” with Brett Young – which continues to climb the charts at country radio. As Cooke puts it herself, “this is only the beginning”, and we could not agree more. We can not wait to see “running back” and “dirt on ‘em” enter the world, and will be anxiously waiting for even more new music before the end of the year. 


Ashley Cooke drops two brand new songs, “running back” and “dirt on ’em,” out now.

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“running back” and “dirt on ’em” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

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Who Is Noah Thompson? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Noah Thompson? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Photo by David McClister

Quick Facts:

Full Name – Noah Thompson
Birthdate – 04/18/2002
Hometown – Blaine, Kentucky
Current City – Louisa, Kentucky (*Nashville, Tennessee in January 2023)
Musical Influences – Chris Stapleton, Neil Young, Kameron Marlowe, Morgan Wallen
Current Single – “Make You Rich” (*as of date of article: 11/14/22)

The Beginning:

Today, we are shining our spotlight on an artist that is as humble as he is talented. Noah Thompson, Season 2020 American Idol’s winner chatted with us about his journey thus far, new music, and everything in between.

“I’m just a small-town kid that basically came from the middle of nowhere,” began Thompson. “I grew up with a dad that was constantly embedding music into my brain from the time I came out of the womb, there was a guitar in my face.” The singer recalls gravitating towards rock and southern rock music growing up. “I loved Neil Young growing up. […] I listened to a lot of older artists, I listened to a mix.”

Despite loving music, Thompson never imagined he would become a recording artist. “It was always a dream for me to do this.” Interestingly though, it was not until after high school that he started really loving country music. “I didn’t really start getting into country music until right around the time I started to work with the boys I worked with straight out of high school,” adding later, “[It was] Keith Whitley, Eric Church […], These are the guys that got me into country.”

One of his co-workers and friends, Arthur Johnson even signed him up for American Idol, the show he went on to win.

The Turning Point:

“[Arthur Johnson] signed me up for a show called American Idol and I just kind of went into it out of the blue just to see what would happen, not knowing that I would end up winning it. […] It completely changed my life forever,” shared Thompson. “In my mind, I just wasn’t good enough and I would tell myself that […] But then along came Arthur and we were just sitting at work and he was like I’m going to sign you up and literally tricked me to coming down to audition for the producers over a phone call.”

Singing Kameron Marlowe’s “Giving You Up” at his judge’s audition, Thompson absolutely blew the judges away. Johnson even got to be there to cheer his buddy on. The experience was surreal for the singer-songwriter. “I freaking got a golden ticket and it went from there. The whole show was really just such a big learning experience for me,” he shared.

Of course, American Idol opened up doors for Thompson that he could only dream about. “I think about it every day. […] I get to play music now, hopefully for the rest of my life, and take care of my family this way. It’s pretty neat if you ask me,” shared the singer, adding, “I didn’t quite know what a record deal was, but I knew I always wanted one […] That was a very cool moment for me.”


Now, as a signed recording artist, Thompson is putting his stamp on the Nashville country music scene. Most recently, the singer released a song called, “Make You Rich,” the perfect song to encompass his journey thus far, despite being an outside cut.

Thompson recalls being pitched tons of songs, while on American Idol. “I was listening to so many songs, and we came across that song, “Make You Rich.” […] I really listened to the meaning of the words because I wanted something real and something I related to.” He found himself stuck between this song and “One Day Tonight.” While he originally went with the latter, post-show, his team encouraged him to record “Make You Rich” too.

The songs perfectly personify appreciating the little things and choosing to be a better person, a sentiment that Thompson spoke even during the interview. “I want to appreciate every little thing. I don’t want to ever feel like I need to change when it comes to that either.”

This is only just the beginning for the rising artist. As he finishes up his tour with fellow American Idol contestant, HunterGirl, Thompson is looking forward to sharing more music and officially moving to Nashville in the new year.


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Tyler Hubbard Earns First Number as a Solo Artist with “5 Foot 9”

Tyler Hubbard earns his first number one song at country radio with his debut single, “5 Foot 9.” Learn all the details here.

While Tyler Hubbard (Florida Georgia Line) is no country music newbie, the frontman took the plunge into becoming a solo artist earlier this year. Back in May, Hubbard emerged with his debut song, “5 Foot 9.” In just a few short months, the track became a hit on country radio. Today the song marks Hubbard’s first solo number-one single at country radio.

The debut single was the perfect re-introduction to the singer-songwriter and his incredible talent. “5 Foot 9” is a love song dedicated to Hubbard’s wife. Written by Hubbard with The Cadillac Three leader Jaren Johnston and Chase McGill, “5 Foot 9” signifies the singer’s staying power in country music, no matter what the role.

“Dry wood makes good fires // Goodyears make good swings // All that’s all good but for me // God makes five foot nine, brown eyes, and a sundress // Loves Tim McGraw and a small town accent // Ain’t no way that me and this truck made her fall in love // Jack makes good whiskey but God makes the good stuff // Oh, God makes the good stuff”

It will be exciting to see how this new chapter in Hubbard’s life continues to evolve. Fans can expect his full-length solo album debut in January 2023. Congratulations to Tyler Hubbard and his team on their first number-one single with “5 Foot 9.”


Tyler Hubbard’s debut single, “5 Foot 9” goes number one at country radio.

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Randy Houser ‘Note to Self’ – Album Review

Randy Houser’s new album, Note to Self is out now, November 11th on all streaming platforms. Take a listen and read our full review below.

For Randy Houser, it was a nearly four-year hiatus for the deep-voiced Mississippi native before Friday’s release of Note To Self. Some projects have one overarching theme that is visible in each song, but this record features a collection of individual stories and emotions. Houser co-wrote all ten tracks on the album, touching on various subjects such as love, heartbreak, maturity, and of course, country living.

In the album’s opener, “Still That Cowboy,” the singer reflects on his relationship with his wife, recognizing his imperfections but hoping she still sees him as the man who stole her heart all those years ago. “Take It To The Bank” is another romantic song in which the singer confesses he doesn’t have a lot of money to his name, but the love they share is enough to take it to the bank—the river bank that is, where the two initially fell in love on that July Friday night. Both songs are on the slow/mid-tempo side, with plenty of steel and fiddle sprinkled into the melody.

“Baby, whatcha think? // We got a half a bottle of sweet red wine // A five-pack of beer and a hook on a line // Nah, we ain’t got a dime but we only need a quarter a tank // To take it to the bank”

The title track also served as the lead single. Houser lists all the lessons he has learned over the years that he wishes he applied earlier in life. “Rub A Little Dirt On It” is sort of his response to the single. He discovered that the best way to recover from hard times and heartbreak is to embrace those feelings head-on, crack open a beer, and move on.

“When the world don’t turn your way // Sometimes all you can say // Is rub a little dirt on it // Shake the dust right outta your mind // Let a cool breeze work on it // Ya feel the healing comin’ on right on time”

Although much of the album is slow and heartfelt, Houser gets some fun, energetic, honkytonk tunes on there, such as “Workin’ Man,” “Country Round Here,” and “Out and Down.” The latter starts off with no instruments—just Houser’s baritone vocals with backing bar noise. The singer states that he should be down and out, struggling to get over a breakup, but instead he’s out and down, having a good time at the bar, drowning out her memory in a positive manner. “Workin’ Man” is an ode to the blue-collar workers who bust their butts providing for their families while getting very little in return. They are the ones making all the cash, but are always getting short-changed. 

Although a low-point for the singer, the sixth track, “Call Me” is a high point on the album. Depressed from loneliness and heartache, the singer pleads his ex gives him a late-night call, even if she has nothing good to say about him.

“Call me a liar, call me a loser // Call me you no can son of a boozer // Call me the devil, call me a clown // Call me right now and cuss me out // But call me”

Houser’s 2019 record, Magnolia  was met with high praise from critics but had underwhelming success in the mainstream, likely due to its traditional sound and personal subject matter. Houser, who found his biggest success with hits in the early/mid-2010s such as “How Country Feels,” “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight,” and “We Went,” were much more radio-friendly. Houser clearly sticks to that traditional sound and writes from the heart on this project, but the lyrics feel a little bit more relatable. Like Houser’s incredible, one-of-a-kind vocal talent, Note To Self may be a record that resonates with listeners for years to come!

Randy Houser – Note To Self Track List:

  1. Still That Cowboy (Randy Houser, Matt Rogers, Josh Hoge)
  2. Workin’ Man (Randy Houser, Randy Montana)
  3. Note To Self (Randy Houser, Casey Beathard, Ross Copperman, Bobby Pinson)
  4. Country ‘Round Here Tonight (Randy Houser, Brice Long, Jeff Hyde)
  5. Take It To The Bank (Randy Houser, Jeff Hyde, Ryan Tindell)
  6. Call Me (Randy Houser, Paul Overstreet, Andrew Albert)
  7. Out And Down (Randy Houser, Matt Rogers, Chris DeStefano)
  8. Rub A Little Dirt On It (Randy Houser, Jeff Hyde, Ryan Tyndell)
  9. American Dreamer (Randy Houser, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
  10. Remember How To Pray (Randy Houser, Kendell Marvel)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. Workin’ Man
  2. Call Me
  3. Out and Down

Randy Houser’s new album ‘Note to Self’ is available now.

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Note to Self is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Craig Morgan ‘God, Family, Country (Deluxe Edition)’ – Album Review

Craig Morgan’s new album, God, Family, Country (Deluxe Edition) is out now, November 11th on all streaming platforms. Take a listen and read our full review below.

Throughout his impressive twenty plus year career, Craig Morgan has become known for releasing country music with heart. Now, over two years since the May 2020 release of his album, God, Family, Country, the Tennessee native is back with a deluxe edition, featuring four new songs, in addition to some of his biggest hits. 

For the Army veteran, the Veteran’s Day release of the album has special meaning and comes in support of Morgan’s new memoir of the same name, as well as a concert at Nashville’s famed Ryman Auditorium

While the album features some of his biggest hits, including “That’s What I Love About Sunday,” “Almost Home,” “My Kind of Woman,” and “Lotta Man (In That Little Boy),” there’s just as much meaning on the newer offerings.

Of the four new songs on the project, it’s the current single “How to Make a Man” that’s an immediate standout. Here, Morgan grapples with the struggles of life that make a man who he is. The song is driving and introspective as the golden-voiced crooner deals with the bumps and bruises life has to offer.

“It’s the good days, bad days, goodbye heartbreaks // Tail lights fading ’cause you didn’t say enough // The loss and the tears and the laughs and the beers // The wars you fight, the ones you walk away from // You run, you crawl, you rise, you fall // You hit your knees ’til you learn to stand // Yeah, that’s how you make a man”

Additionally, Morgan is both introspective and celebratory on the other new tracks, including “Sounds Like Home,” which celebrates all the special sounds that make a home special and unique. From church bells ringing to porch swings creaking, the track features female powerful background vocals that add a special touch and push Morgan to stretch his own vocal chops.

Likewise, “Ask Him” is a touching tribute to asking an older person about their past, allowing him to impart his knowledge and speak of a special someone. “Ask him ‘bout the good book, and he’ll quote John 3:16,” He croons. “Ask him ‘bout a tractor, and he’ll preach some John Deere green, He’ll say, ‘If you drive a Ford, you can’t go wrong,’ But ask him about her, and he’ll go on, and on, and on.”

Lastly, there’s “I May Drink A Little,” a heartfelt ballad that finds Morgan embracing his imperfections in the eyes of God. “I may drink a little,” He muses, “But I still love Jesus.”

The other tracks on the album include his fervent faith in his family, his God, and his country. This weaves its way through the title track, “Sippin’ On the Simple Life,” and “The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost,” the incredibly powerful dedication to his son Jerry, who passed tragically in a boating accident. 

Meanwhile, “Soldier” finds him putting his own spin on a Gavin DeGraw track, while both “Going Out Like This” and “Whiskey” find him dealing with the end of a relationship. On the deluxe edition of God, Family, Country, Craig Morgan continues to show himself as an artist with heart, and a true dedication to his family, his faith, and his flag.

Craig Morgan – God, Family, Country (Deluxe Edition) Track List:

  1. “The Father, My Son, and The Holy Ghost” (Craig Morgan)
  2. “Soldier” (Gavin DeGraw)
  3. “Going Out Like This” (Craig Morgan, Michael Rogers, Korey Hunt, Sam Banks)
  4. “Whiskey” (Anthony Smith, Sarah Beth Terry)
  5. “Sippin’ on The Simple Life” (Craig Morgan, Michael Rogers, Justin Wright, Andrew Yacovone)
  6. “God, Family and Country” (Craig Morgan, Craig Morris, Lance McDaniel)
  7. “That’s What I Love About Sunday” (Adam Dorsey, Mark Narmore)
  8. “My Kind of Woman” (Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell, Jason Sellers)
  9. “Almost Home” (Craig Morgan, Kerry Kurt Phillips)
  10. “Lotta Man (In That Little Boy)” (Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell, Tim Owens)
  11. *“Sounds Like Home” (Craig Morgan, Wade Kirby, Styles Haury, Phil O’Donnell)
  12. *“Ask Him” (Craig Morgan, Sam Banks, Wil Nance, Andy Austin)
  13. *“How You Make A Man” (Megan Conner, Skip Black, Michael Walton)
  14. *“I May Drink A Little” (Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “How You Make a Man”
  2. “The Father, My Son, and The Holy Ghost”
  3. “Sounds Like Home”

Craig Morgan’s deluxe edition of his new album, ‘God, Family, Country’ is out now.

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God, Family, Country (Deluxe Edition) is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


The 56th Annual CMA Awards Recap ft. Luke Combs, Lainey Wilson & More

Here is the 56th Annual CMA Awards recap featuring big wins by country superstars Luke Combs, Lainey Wilson, and more.


The 56th Annual CMA Awards took place last night (November 9th), returning to the iconic Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Hosted by Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning, this show was all about uniting fans and country artists with our favorite music genre and honoring the greats that paved the way. For a full list of all of the nominations and winners, click here.

The show began with a medley of hits, celebrating the late, great Loretta Lynn. Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Reba McEntire took to the stage delivering an incredible performance of Lynn’s classics like, “You’re Looking at Country” and “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” Carly Pearce also honored Lynn with her incredible song, “Dear Miss Loretta,” later in the show.

Shortly after, the CMA’s hosted another incredible female-led performance of Ashley McBryde’s killer album Lindeville. Artists like John Osborne, Brandy Clark, Caylee Hammack, and Pillbox Patti joined her on stage.

With a quick introduction, first-time CMA awards winner for Video of the Year, Cody Johnson graced the stage next, singing an electric rendition of his hit song, “‘Til You Can’t.” Similarly, Cole Swindell took to the stage to sing his latest number-one hit, “She Had Me At Heads Carolina.” Of course, he brought out Jo Dee Messina to sing with him. Lambert also returned to sing her new song, “Geraldene” and Underwood with, “Hate My Heart.”

The star-studded event continued with a killer performance from Luke Combs. The Entertainer of the Year nominee blew fans away, singing his song, “The Kind of Love We Make.” The other Luke, Luke Bryan also performed his current single, “Country On” later on in the show. The night continued with performances by Zac Brown Band, who sang their song “Out In The Middle” and an exciting duet by Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry. The latter duo sang their new song, “Where We Started,” a country-pop medley, begging for radio play.

However, HARDY and Lainey Wilson may have given arguably one of the best performances of the night with their song “wait in the truck.” The eerie ballad came to life, as the two New Artist of the Year nominees sang their hearts out, receiving a huge applause and standing ovation from the audience. Next up, Morgan Wallen, an Entertainer of the Year nominee, also showed up to perform his hit song, “You Proof.”

The CMA Awards continued to showcase collaborations throughout the night. Kelly Clarkson and Carly Pearce joined Kelsea Ballerini on stage to sing “YOU’RE DRUNK, GO HOME.” The threesome brought their sassy energy and huge vocal chops to the country music stage.

Another highlight of the night is when Chris and Morgane Stapleton took the stage with none other than the iconic, Patty Loveless. An incredibly harrowing performance, the collaborators sang Loveless’ “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive,” getting each and every artist on their feet celebrating the performance with them.

Country music artists continued to celebrate the icons that came before them both in and out of the genre. Brothers Osborne took the stage with The War and Treaty to celebrate the forthcoming tribute album, Stoned Cold Country for The Rolling Stones, coming in 2023, while Elle King joined by The Black Keys and celebrated the late hall of fame, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Of course, the night would not be complete without the monumental tribute to Alan Jackson, who was the newest recipient of the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award. Carrie Underwood strutted onto the stage to announce the icon, even singing a little something. Dierks Bentley, Jon Pardi, and Lainey Wilson shared the stage to celebrate Jackson’s career. They sang songs like, “Chattahoochee,” “Drive (For Daddy Gene),” and “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow.” Jackson, himself also sang his song, “Don’t Rock The Jukebox.”

Overall the 56th CMA Awards were a great night for country music. The show came back to its roots, mixing the new country music sounds with more traditional country, proving that we can all love the genre together.

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Brothers Osborne, The War and Treaty Team Up for Rolling Stones Classic

Brothers Osborne joined forces with The War And Treaty on a cover of The Rolling Stones classic hit, “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It).” Listen to the brand-new track below and watch the iconic performance live from the CMA Awards in the video below.

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of The Rolling Stones, country music is celebrating with a tribute album called Stoned Cold Country. Country artists celebrate the legacy of The Rolling Stones through fourteen distinct covers of some of their greatest hits. Amongst the track list is one of the stand-out tracks by Brothers Osborne and The War and Treaty, “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It).”

The soulful rendition is the first taste of the incredible album, slated for release in 2023. The pairing of Brothers Osborne and The War and Treaty combines each of their own flavors and talents to the iconic tune. The singers took the stage together on Wednesday, November 9th at The 56th Annual CMA Awards to perform the incredible tribute track.

“We couldn’t be more honored to take part in such a unique tribute to, not only one of music’s most influential trailblazers, but one of our favorite bands of all time,” John and TJ Osborne shared in a recent press release. “And to top it off, we get to enjoy the spoils with two of our favorite people and fellow Marylanders, The War And Treaty. We adore them both.”

Watch the full CMA Awards performance here.


Brothers Osborne covers “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It)” with The War and Treaty.

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“It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It)” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.