The Best Deep Cuts from Blake Shelton

Follow along as we dive into Blake Shelton’s career catalog and pin our favorite deep cuts from each of his collection of songs. Here are some of our favorite deep cuts from his incredible catalog…

“Small Town Big Time”Based on a True Story

“Somebody’s having a small town big time night // Somebody’s rocking the Main Street with red tail lights // Somebody’s cranking it up or falling in love”

Shelton’s 2013 record featured five top five hits, but “Small Town Big Time” is a song that could have made it on radio. The song is fun, gritty, and shows off the singer’s one of a kind, spectacular personality.


“You Can’t Make This Up”If I’m Honest

“You rolled your eyes but you laughed and your song came on // I begged you for a dance and we danced”

Another song that has hit songwriter Ashley Gorley all over it – “You Can’t Make This Up” is story-telling at its finest! The song was also co-penned by incredible songwriters Zach Crowell and Rodney Clawson. Shelton swoons listeners with this love song, and we just can not get enough of it!


“Corn”body language

“Yeah, it ain’t no wonder why you love it // You got your first kiss in a barn full of it // Drank your first beer, learned to play guitar”

Shelton’s newest record body language is full of songs that fans will love! “Corn” is one of the standouts on the record. The nostalgic tune is a look back into all our childhoods, no matter where we grew up.


“That’s What I Call Home”Blake Shelton

“There’s a house that’s a little run down // This city ain’t never found // It’s miles and miles from a paved road // That’s where we grew up”

The singer’s debut self-titled record is officially twenty years old, but we still like to listen to it today. Although “Austin” is the clear fan-favorite, “That’s What I Call Home” is a deep cut worth mentioning. Right out of the gate, Shelton showed fans who he is and where he comes from with this song.


“Ready to Roll”Red River Blue

“We got some laid back country tunes on the radio // We gonna burn all afternoon like it’s something to smoke // We gotta whole lot of nothing to do and nowhere to go // So baby I don’t know about you but I’m ready to roll”

This 2011 jam is a hidden gem! “Ready to Roll” is all about loving on your person and preferring to be with them, over anywhere else. It’s fun, sexy, and such a bop – all in one! Shelton nails it with this track.


“Just South of Heaven”Bringing Back the Sunshine

“Yeah, she was taking me under // I might have lost my innocence // But she was saving my soul that summer // I don’t know much about eternity // Or where somebody like me’s gonna wind up going”

We wrap up our list with this pensive, existential song. “Just South of Heaven” showcases Shelton’s vocal chops, as well as, his ability to deliver a heartfelt message in his music.


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