The Best Deep Cuts from Morgan Wallen

We have said it before, but we will say it again, Morgan Wallen is the next superstar in the making in country music. He has honed his talent over the last couple of years and grown an absolute diehard fanbase. As we anticipate his sophomore record, we thought it would be fun to reflect on some of our favorite deep cuts from the singer-songwriter. Check out the list below.



“Talkin’ Tennessee”

“You say those street lights only ever let you see the skyline / It’s been a long time / Since the Milky Way, Jupiter and Venus took your breath away / Yeah like you’re taking mine”

This song will make you swoon. The love song is magical and mesmerizing, and it feels exactly like a Morgan Wallen song should feel. It is one of our favorites off his debut record If I Know Me.


“If I Know Me”

“If I know me, I’ll have you hopping up in my passenger seat / Then I take you home you ain’t gonna wanna leave”

The title track is one of the best on the whole record, which happens to be full of incredible songs. “If I Know Me” is one of those songs that should have been a single.


“Cover Me Up” (cover)

“So cover me up and know you’re enough / To use me for good”

A few months ago, Wallen covered Jason Isbell’s song “Cover Me Up,” and fans went crazy. His cover is beautiful and authentic. Of course, the music video, which is actually a mini-movie in a way, is also incredible.


“Had Me by Halftime”

“Watchin’ you girl like it’s gonna be a good fall / You would’ve though that post-game kiss would’ve made me wanna make you mine / But you had me by halftime”

It is football season, and you should have this song on your playlist! The picturesque love song is the perfect anthemic song for a fall romance.


“Redneck Love Song”

“I’m a man of few words but baby here it goes / My neck is red, my collar’s blue / And I love you”

The title says it all. Although a love song, the lyrics are pure genius. “Redneck Love Song” can only be a country song, and we love that about this track.


“American Nights”

“American nights, wanted alive / Cuttin’ down Main street in the dark / Muscle shoals, muscle cars / Earnin’ our stripes underneath these stars”

This might be one of our most surprising picks. This song is off one of Wallen’s projects prior to his record deal. The song, although not as fine-tuned, is a perfect example of what the singer is great at. It’s also catchy as can be.


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