The Best Deep Cuts from Brett Young

It is hard to believe that it has only been three years since Brett Young released his debut self-titled record. In his blossoming career, the singer-songwriter has rocketed to stardom and created a loyal following of fans. We have believed in him from the start, even naming him one of our 2017 Artists to Watch. For fun, we decided to look back at his music and highlight some of our favorite deep cuts. Check out the full list below and give the playlist a listen.

“Chapters” – Ticket To L.A.

“Every page you turn is a lesson learned / Ain’t we all, ain’t we all just tryna get it right?”

If there is any song that shares Young’s story the best, it’s “Chapters.” The song is literally his life-story in 3 minutes. Fans have fallen in love with the track, which also features Young’s musical icon Gavin DeGraw, and it’s hard to believe that it has yet to become a single!


“Olivia Mae” – Brett Young

“Olivia Mae, I’ve fallen for you / The past year with you has been the best year of my life”

One of my personal favorites from his debut record, “Olivia Mae” is one of the most heartfelt songs out there. The album cut is a song-writing masterpiece and truly shows Young at his best.


“Back On The Wagon” – Brett Young

“All messed up, no matter what / You know I gotta have it / Even though it winds up tragic / Tonight, whatever happens, happens / And tomorrow, we’ll get back on the wagon”

This song is one of the most relatable in Young’s catalog. All about having a hard time shaking an ex, “Back On The Wagon” is a push-pull song that tells its own story but still manages to tell everyone else’s at the same time.


“The Ship and the Bottle” – Ticket To L.A.

“I was made for a dive bar / Usually good for the night / I can sure hold my whiskey / I can hold my wine”

Off of Young’s sophomore record, Ticket to L.A., “The Ship and the Bottle” is so piercing and clever. The heartbreaking track, written by Nicolle Gaylon, Chase McGill, and Jon Nite shares the message of not wanting to hold someone back in a relationship.


“Left Side Of Leavin’” – Brett Young

“The thing about a breakup / Sometimes you just gotta break down / Coming off a great love / There’s plenty of pain to pass around”

Another song that really checks all the boxes with story-telling and songwriting, this Young track is a special one. “Left Side of Leavin’” is catchy, innovative, and emotive – all adjectives that make up a great country song!


“Ticket to L.A.” – Ticket To L.A.

“Doesn’t even know that I missed my plane / Not a single thing I wouldn’t trade / For a ticket to L.A.”

Young’s sophomore record’s title track is one of our favorites! The flirty and romantic song is a much-needed bright spot in Young’s catalog of music. Also, it happens to one of the most fun songs to hear live!


How does our list match up to yours? Let us know and be sure to follow our ‘Deep Cuts’ playlist on Spotify. Check out more deep cuts from some of our favorite artists like Morgan Wallen, Carrie Underwood, and Luke Combs here.

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