The Best Deep Cuts from Kelsea Ballerini

Already a bonafide superstar, Kelsea Ballerini has given us an amazing catalog of songs with her records. Here are some of our favorite deep cuts from her collection…


“High School”- Unapologetically

“But this ain’t high school // Where all you care about is if the pretty cheerleader thinks you’re cool”

Off her sophomore record, Unapologetically, “High School” has always been one of my personal favorites. Reminiscent of old-school Taylor Swift, Ballerini learned early how to tap into her vulnerability and knack as a storyteller.


“First Time”- The First Time

“Like nothing’s changed except the time that’s passed // And that’s why goodbye should mean goodbye // The first time”

The (almost) title track of Ballerini’s debut record is one of the standout tracks in her impressive catalog of songs. The song is a simple tune about love and heartbreak at its core, and honestly, it never gets old. The expressiveness and the emotions that soar through the track are why it makes our list!


“love me like a girl”- Kelsea

“I wish you could get inside my head // Baby, maybe then you’d understand // Why I wish you could love me like a girl”

A reflective song about knowing your worth and setting boundaries, “love me like a girl” has always been a standout on Ballerini’s third studio album, properly named Kelsea. Her vocals soar, as she shows her storytelling side on this mesmerizing song.


“Music”- Unapologetically

“When I wake up, and lay down an stay up and make out // When I say nothing // But it’s feeling something like music”

We cannot help but resonate with a song that compares love to music. This track is swoon-worthy, romantic, and fun to listen to. Ballerini may have grown as a singer and a songwriter on her newest albums, but we will always look back to this song as a representation of simpler times for the artist.


“la”- Kelsea

“It’s hard to grow and time to go // But some days I wanna stay // I got a love and hate relationship with L.A.”

A solo-write by Ballerini, “la” is a poem set to music. The personal anecdote is all about Ballerini’s love and hate relationship with the city of Los Angeles. Despite how deeply personal the song is, it is a universally relatable story about struggle.


“a country song”- Ballerini

“Whether it’s right or wrong // I stay up all night // Done it my whole life // Sometimes you gotta write // A country song”

Although this song made its premiere on the ‘A’ side of Ballerini’s record, it’s the ‘B’ side version that really made us stop and listen. The stripped-down version of “a country song” written by the songstress with two of our favorite songwriters Nicolle Galyon and Jimmy Robbins is one that speaks to our soul.


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