5 Things to Expect from Lily Rose’s EP ‘Stronger Than I Am’

We chatted with country singer-songwriter Lily Rose about her new EP, Stronger Than I Am, out this Friday, October 1st. Here are five things to expect from the project.

  1. Lily Rose’s journey to release this new EP has been quite the whirlwind.

“To put in to perspective, 365 days ago I did not have TikTok,” shares the singer-songwriter, adding “It’s insane what’s happened in the last 9.5 months, let alone, the last 11 months.”


  1. The seven songs were carefully chosen, so that Rose could fill a setlist to be able to perform for fans.

“It’s really special that all these songs I’ve been playing live and if you’ve been to a show, people have heard these already. So what I’m excited about is to see the growth of the songs and see people sing them back.”


  1. Rose’s hit “Villain” started the trajectory of songs and themes of relatability in her story-telling EP.

“All of them have a really cool way of saying ‘I’m heartbroken’ or ‘I need to get over you’ or ‘I haven’t gotten over you,’ just so many ways in country music that this topic is done over and over again, and we found titles and hooks or we wrote titles and hooks in ways that have never been done before in country music.”


  1. Although Rose loves every song on the project, the title track “Stronger Than I Am” is a standout to her.

“I feel like the “Villain” chapter of the last ten months is turning into the “Stronger Than I Am” chapter. There’s a reason that, that song is the title track. That song stands above the others. I think it’s really one of the best written country songs that I’ve heard in a long time.”


  1. Finally, Rose shared with us how proud she is to finally release this type of music to the world, laced with all of her vast influences across genres.

“This is the music I’ve been trying to make over the last eight years.”


Lily Rose’s new EP, ‘Stronger Than I Am’ comes out this Friday, October 1st.

Check back this Friday for our full EP review of Lily Rose’s record Stronger Than I Am.

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