The Best Deep Cuts from Maren Morris

With just two records, Maren Morris has provided us with music that sets our soul on fire. Already a bonafide superstar cross-genres, Morris has music for every phase of life. Check out our favorite deep cuts from her two records Hero and GIRL below.

“Second Wind”- Hero

“You can hate me, underestimate me / Do what you do cause what you do don’t phase me / Just when you think I’m at the end / Any second Ima catch my second wind”

 An anthem on its own, “Second Wind” is one of our favorites off Morris’ debut album. The song is a reminder to take it on the chin, and remember who you are.


“Make Out with Me”- GIRL

“I got a heart that don’t beat without ya / Get so jealous when you ain’t by my side / I know it’s selfish, but I need you tonight”

This song is romantic, sensual, and so damn catchy! Morris finds a way to portray female sexuality in this song, while keeping things classy and fun at the same time. Plus, her vocals soar on this one!


“Drunk Girls Don’t Cry”- Hero

“That’s like saying / Drunk girls don’t cry / Girl, you must be outta your damn mind”

 Another great one on her debut record, “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry” had so much radio potential! The track is easily relatable to everyone. The clever wordplay, catchy beat, and great lyrics make it a perfect Maren Morris song!


“A Song For Everything”- GIRL

“Mixtaped your heartbreak and made you feel holy / For the hits and the misses / For the fire and rain / Close your eyes and listen / ‘Cause there’s a song for everything, yeah”

 Arguably my favorite Maren Morris song ever, this track is an ode to music and all it does for us. This particular song is a stand-out on her sophomore record.


“All My Favorite People”- GIRL

“I don’t know about them, but I know about us / It is what it is and we love who we love / Not everybody gets what we’re going though / But all my favorite people do”

 A collaboration with Brothers Osborne, this song is one of our favorites to hear live. Morris kills it both vocally and lyrically, while the duo adds a much-needed layer to the amazing track.


“Gold Love”- GIRL

“But we talked a while ‘bout our dreams / Our lives, our saints / How you like to hear me sing”

 Rounding out our list with “Gold Love,” the song is all about a ‘just for now’ relationship. Despite the nature of the song, the track is one of those songs we always go back to her on her newest record.


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