The Best Deep Cuts from Kane Brown

Kane Brown is a bonafide superstar! He has accomplished the unprecedented, including being one of the first country artists to sell out the Staples Center in less than two hours, as well as, continues to break down genre barriers, proving his talent does not fit into a box. With two records and some collaborations under his belt, we decided to look back at some of our favorite deep cuts by the multi-platinum entertainer.

“Don’t Go City on Me” – Closer EP

“Don’t go city on me / Please girl keep it country / Life so different since you cross those tracks / Bring that pretty little accent back”

Back in 2015, this was one of the first songs we had heard by the promising young talent. Before his platinum-hits and his incredible fanbase, “Don’t Go City on Me” was a killer song by a new artist. The track showcases Brown’s vocals, country drawl, and songwriting skills all in just a few short minutes.


“It Ain’t You It’s Me” – Experiment

“But it ain’t you that’s been going through hell / It ain’t you with a heart for sale”

The heart-wrenching song off Brown’s sophomore record, Experiment, is a hidden jam. The song explores feelings associated with dealing with a break-up, truly focusing on the singer’s ability to emote and express vulnerability. The latter is something that we have come to love and appreciate from the innovative artist.


“Granddaddy’s Chair” – Kane Brown

“I may not be there now / But I hope one day I’ll be man enough to be sitting in my granddad’s chair”

“Granddaddy’s Chair” is one of Brown’s most personal songs to date. Talking about how he aspires to be the man his grandfather once was, just shows how important family and honest story-telling is to him. This song is one that any Brown fan know all the words to!


“My Where I Come From” – Experiment

“There’s a few more churches than there are bars / A hell of lot more trucks than there are cars”

Brown does not shy away from expressing his truth and his journey in his music. “My Where I Come From” is another example of that gift he chooses to share with the world. The singer is clearly indebted to his experiences and his Georgia-raising.


“Better Place” – Kane Brown

“Six feet below, you know / I’m gonna make your world a better place / Till we’re both in a better place”

A heartfelt love-song, Brown reminds us that his love for his wife is boundless. “Better Place” is another gem on his debut project. Interestingly enough, a lot of the things he promised in the song, still ring true today!


“For My Daughter” – Experiment (Extended)

“And not just say I love you, but show you what it means / Yeah, I grew up without a dad / I’m gonna be the best one I can be”

Our list would not be complete without this incredible cut, “For My Daughter.” An honest song that Brown wrote for his daughter Kingsley, the track embodies everything Kane is as an artist and as a person, honest, loyal, and fiercely himself.


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