The Best Deep Cuts from Old Dominion

As Old Dominion continues to entertain with new music, we’re looking back at their incredible catalog and highlighting some of our favorite deep cuts. Check out the full list below and give the playlist a listen.

Photo Credit: Mike Szpot for NYCountry Swag

Photo Credit: Mike Szpot for NYCountry Swag

There is a reason Old Dominion continues to sell out show after show. The group is one of the most beloved country music groups in the industry right now. With three full-length projects already released, their catalog of songs is nothing short of extraordinary. Check out our favorite deep cuts below…


“New York at Night”- Happy Endings

“That electric energy / Something tells me you’re gonna keep me going til the morning light / Girl you’re like / New York at night”

Off their sophomore record Happy Endings, “New York at Night” is a hidden gem. We still remember seeing them perform this song at during their dive bar tour at a small venue in Manhattan, and it makes it even more special.


“Nowhere Fast”- Meat and Candy

“Breakin’ new ground in my back seat / We had our foot on the gas / Goin nowhere fast”

This is one of those songs that never made it to radio, but had all the appeal. Catchy, fun to listen to, and a certified car-jam, “Nowhere Fast” is one of the best songs off their debut record.


“Hear You Now”- Old Dominion

“In the middle of the night, I can / Hear you now, clear and loud, hear you now / Like a wheel in my mind”

Off their newest, self-titled record, “Hear Your Now” is one of my personal favorites. The track speaks about missing the signs and not listening well in the beginning, but then ultimately finally hearing your partner, although it may be too late. The track is personal, yet relatable, a perfect slow-jam.


“Wrong Turns”- Meat and Candy

“Watching miles go by / Like she just don’t care / Looking at me with / One thing on my mind / Woah / I guess I’m making all the right wrong turns tonight”

Another song off their debut record, “Wrong turns” is a clever slow-burn that feels so authentic to Old Dominion’s signature sound and style.


“I’ll Roll”- Old Dominion

“I’ll roll, I can be a navigator / I’ll roll, I’ll be on my best behavior / I’ll roll, east, west, north to south / I’ll roll, baby, break the good stuff out and I’ll roll”

“I’ll Roll” is a hidden gem off their self-titled record. The song is unlike any other song in country music. It’s smooth, creative, and bouncy, while telling an interesting story. Personally, the chorus is my favorite part.


“Still Writing Songs About You”- Happy Endings

“A man like me should find inspiration in anything / But here I am in this hotel room / Still writing songs about / You and sun Santa Monica freeway”

Rounding out our list, “Still Writing Songs About You” may be one of our favorite Old Dominion songs. The ballad is tender, honest, and features lyrics that we just cannot get enough of. Of course, the vocals are just as captivating.


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