Tim McGraw Goes Number One at Country Radio with “Standing Room Only”

Tim McGraw earns his 47th number one song at country radio with his single, “Standing Room Only.” Learn more below.

Country music superstar, Tim McGraw truly transcends generations. Last year, the singer-songwriter hit a major milestone, earning his 46th number one single at country radio. Today, McGraw adds to his collection of number ones with his single, “Standing Room Only.”

Written by Craig Wiseman, Tommy Cecil, and Patrick Murphy, “Standing Room Only” depicts the true meaning of life. The song expresses the importance of living a meaningful life that is worth remembering. It is no wonder that the song resonates with both fans and country radio alike. McGraw believes that this song speaks directly to the soul, and we tend to agree.

“Lookin’ up shakin’ my fist as the thunder rolls // Now and then on nights like this I catch a thunderbolt // I wanna live a life, live a life // Like a dollar and the clock on the wall don’t own me // Shine a light, shine a light // Like mama’s front porch when I’m lost and lonely // Start forgivin’ and start forgettin’ // Be somebody that’s worth rememberin’ // Live a life so when I die // There’s standing room only, standing room only // Standing room only, standing room only”

Congrats to McGraw and his team on their 47th number one single at country radio!

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