Who is Dasha? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Dasha? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…

Quick Facts:

Full Name – Dasha
Birthdate – 2/27/2000
Hometown – San Luis Obispo, CA
Current City – Nashville, Tennessee
Musical Influences – Kacey Musgraves, SZA, Medium Build, Noah Kahan, Tyler Childers
Label – Version iii
Current Single – “Austin” (as of date of article: 11/20/23)


Dasha // Photo credit: Adam Budd

The Beginning:

Today’s spotlight shines on a promising entertainer has been an artist and a performer her whole life. California native, Dasha has always had a knack for songwriting and a love for music. While, she started her career creating pop music, the songstress decided to head back to her roots to create country music. We chatted with her all about the switch and her story.

“I grew up in San Luis Obispo, California. It’s a small town on the coast, and I was super influenced by my community, because they are so big on live music and songwriting. There were always writer’s rounds happening, and a very big songwriting presence in my small town,” began Dasha. While her town was not known for anything musical, the songwriting community was something that spoke to the songstress at an early age.

“I first got into the whole world of entertainment when I got into musical theater around age five. I became obsessed with performing and storytelling on stage, basically just putting on a show,” she shared. Adding, “By age eight, I picked up piano and guitar. I had always been really into poetry as a kid, too. I was a really dramatic child, so the idea of writing all of these poems about the boys I liked in class, I loved it, and it was really exciting for me. I was already songwriting without knowing what songwriting was.”

At just ten years old, Dasha found herself performing at coffee shoppes with a local songwriter, who took her under her wing. “I just kept writing and writing. I released my first song at thirteen. It was my birthday present to get a song professionally recorded.” Dasha recalls finding inspiration in powerful female artists like Dolly Parton, Kacey Musgraves, and Avril Lavigne. She knew she wanted to be an artist.

Through high school, the singer-songwriter worked with her brother, who was into the production side of music. She spent time at her family’s studio writing as much music as she possibly could. Eventually, she headed off to Belmont University in Nashville to progress her knowledge and artistry.

The Turning Point:

With eyes only for Belmont, Dasha was on her way to chase her dream. “I got in early acceptance, and got into the songwriting program. I went out there fall of 2018 and absolutely loved it. I learned so much in my two years there. I already had a good grasp on what makes a good song, but it’s really interesting learning the names for the tools or the names for the techniques that these huge songwriters use. […] I got my songs torn apart in the best way.”

While in college, Dasha primarily wrote and recorded pop music. Eventually, during the pandemic, the singer trusted her gut, and decided to quit school in favor of moving to Los Angeles to further her budding pop career. “COVID hit in 2020, and we all got sent home. Around that time is when I decided I was going to dropout, and move to L.A. because during 2020, I had started posting my songs to TikTok and I had a few viral videos, which was awesome. It got me my management. It just felt right at the time,” she shared. She even dropped her debut album, Dirty Blonde, which consists of seventeen songs.

However, despite still loving music, she was no longer feeling drawn to pop music. “I had this epiphany and was like ‘I have to go back to my roots and start making country music again’, so in the last nine months to a year, I’ve really dove into that […] I have never had such an amazing time making music before. Music has never come so effortlessly to me before as it has with this music. It’s the beginning of this new country era.”


Flash forward to today, Dasha has spent the last nine plus months falling back in love with country music, the music she would write and create as a little girl. After two years in L.A., the songstress made the move back to Nashville yet again. “I really try to incorporate the love of rhyming and poetry and storytelling into my songs because that’s what I love about it,” she shared.

Earlier this year, Dasha shared her first country single, “Even Cowboys Cry,” which showcases her incredible talent and knack for honest storytelling. She recently followed up that single with an anthemic and haunting song called, “Austin.”

“‘Austin’ is one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written. The story behind writing the song is really cool,” she began. “We were all writing this song called “Play Dumb.” It was like this cheating song about knowing someone’s cheating on you, but playing dumb, so you can hold on a little bit longer, and I didn’t relate to the song, so I was having trouble writing it.”

Dasha went on to add, “We were trying to get the chorus, and I was like we need to country-fy this, and Adam started playing the chords for “Austin” exactly how you hear them, and I was like that’s good, even though it wasn’t in the same key or the same chords. I started freestyling over it, and I started the chorus for “Austin”… exactly how you hear it.”

Dasha and her fellow collaborators went on to ditch the song that they were originally working on in favor of creating “Austin.” The song was done in a matter of an hour. “We started creating this whole story about this guy who kind of screws you over and you leave him at this bar, and I love how angry it is. […] It crawls under your skin, because it’s not that you’re mad – mad, it’s like you’re hurt – mad, and I feel like that emotion really comes through in that song. We wrote it in an hour, which is crazy fast for a song.”

“Even Cowboys Cry” and “Austin” are the first of four singles for Dasha, as she expands into the country must genre. With a promise of a full-length album in the works for early 2024, fans can expect a lot more of the singer coming soon. Keep her on your radar!


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