Parker McCollum Goes Number One with “Burn It Down”

Parker McCollum’s song, “Burn It Down” goes number one at country radio this week, marking his fourth number one single. Learn all the details here.

Parker McCollum is emerging as an absolute superstar in the country music industry. Last year, he transformed into a mainstay in country music, and today, he is on the path to superstardom. The singer-songwriter adds to his streak of number one hits at country radio, earning his fourth number one with his single, “Burn It Down.”

While much of McCollum’s songs focus on the lyrics, “Burn It Down” is both lyrically-inviting and has a killer groove to it. The song is about a person who is going through a break-up and trying to remove everything that reminds you of the other person out of your life. McCollum finds a way to convey that all too relatable emotion of heartbreak in a way that feels comforting and raw. It is no wonder why “Burn It Down” hit the number one spot on the country charts.

“I’ll leave my memories inside // In that bed we loved in all night // Every word, every fight, every feeling // Stone cold, not a sound // Burn it down ’til it’s ashes and smoke // Burn it down to the smolderin’ coals // Burn it down ’til I don’t want you no more // Baby, burn it down”

Congratulations to Parker McCollum and his team on this accomplishment!

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