Lainey Wilson Scores First Number One with “Things A Man Oughta Know”

Lainey Wilson scores her first number one single with “Things A Man Oughta Know.” The song is her lead single of her major-label record Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin.

Fiery newcomer, Lainey Wilson is one of our favorite new artists in country music. During her live shows, she mesmerizes fans and truly takes over the stage. Although her record Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin only came out in February, the project already houses a hit song. Wilson’s debut single “Things A Man Oughta Know” is officially the number one song on country charts.

The lead single captivated fans and industry almost instantly. We have watched it steadily climb up the charts over the last several months. With each milestone hit, it has been so exciting watching the single rise. Wilson helps to break the mold for all of the incredibly talented female artists out there who are just not getting enough radio play.

“How to know when it’s love // How to stay when it’s tough // How to know you’re messin’ up a good thing // And how to fix it ‘fore it’s too late // And yeah, I know a boy // Who gave up and got it wrong // If you really love a woman, you don’t let her go // Yeah, I know a few things a man oughta know”

The song itself is all about a woman teaching a few lessons to a man. It breaks gender stereotypes in a way that is both enticing and important. Wilson is a true star in the making. We cannot wait to see her star continue to rise, as more and more fans flock to her shows! Congrats to Wilson and her team on the number one!

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