Riley Green + Luke Combs Go Number One with “Different ‘Round Here”

Riley Green and Luke Combs go number one this week at country radio with “Different ‘Round Here.” Get all the details here!

Back in May, Riley Green surprised fans and industry-alike by revamping his fan-favorite song, “Different ‘Round Here.” The patriotic and unapologetic song was never officially a radio single, but all that changes when Green added Luke Combs to the mix. The rendition of “Different ‘Round Here” with Combs officially found its way to the top of the country radio charts this week!

While Combs has collected many number ones at country radio, Green is still finding his groove despite his undeniable talent and loyal fanbase. Green’s last number one came as a joint-collaboration with Thomas Rhett on their song “Half Of Me.” This collaboration with Combs continues to show the talent that Green has, especially when it comes to speaking his truth and expressing authenticity. “Different ‘Round Here” is a song that should be remembered for decades to come.

“We stand for the flag, and if you don’t like it, we don’t care // ‘Cause we do things a little different round here // Brave is eighteen wearing army green // Truth is in the words, in red we read // Proud is what you say about where you’re from // Heroes are daddies and mamas are love // Where right is right, and wrong is wrong, yeah we’re // Doing things a little different ’round here”

Congrats to Green and Combs and their teams on another impressive number one! Both artist consistently show their staying power in the country music genre.

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