Old Dominion & Megan Moroney Collaborate on New Song “Can’t Break Up Now”

Old Dominion and Megan Moroney share new song, “Can’t Break Up Now,” out now, August 18th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new track below.

There is nothing like a country music collaboration! Today platinum-selling group, Old Dominion collaborate with rising superstar, Megan Moroney on a brand new song. Their new song, “Can’t Break Up Now” is officially out now.

According to Old Dominion frontman, Matthew Ramsey, this song came to fruition because love is a hard and complicated emotion to embody. He shared in a recent press release,In a world that is increasingly dominated by social media our attention spans are growing ever shorter. In the glow of our phones, it can be easy to miss the millions of little moments and memories that stack up to build a real love. That is, until you’re on the brink of losing it. That’s the picture we are painting with ‘Can’t Break Up Now.'”

Both Moroney and Old Dominion do an incredible job conveying the push-pull of having so much history with someone. Ramsey adds later, “[Megan’s] performance really reinforces waking up, realizing what you’ve got — and know it’s worth fighting for.” The song is a true reminder that we have to fight for the things and the people we love, even during hard times.

“Can’t Break Up Now” is one of the best collaborations of the year so far. Old Dominion and Moroney showcase both of their talents perfectly, and the track is one that is sure to imprint on all of our hearts.


Old Dominion and Megan Moroney collaborate on a new song, “Can’t Break Up Now.”

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