Old Dominion Lyrics to Use As Instagram Captions

Old Dominion

If you didn’t know, Old Dominion is comprised of five talented and successful songwriters who have written hits for some of your favorite artists. No surprise though, they saved the best and craftiest lyrics for themselves. If you are lucky enough to catch them on tour, we have the perfect lyrics for your Instagram posts.

1. “We had our foot on the gas goin’ nowhere fast” – Nowhere Fast

2. “You gotta love like there’s no such thing as a broken heart” – No Such Thing as a Broken Heart

3. “Life is short, make it sweet” – Make it Sweet

4. “Brown-Eyed Girl, Sweet Caroline, Free Fallin’, Small Town Saturday Night” – Song for Another Time

5. “Naw I ain’t drunk. Okay, maybe I do have a little buzz.” – Break Up with Him

6. “Tequila was cheap but the flow we were feeling was real” – Hotel Key

7. “Breakin hearts like only you can in your snapback” – Snapback

8. “Are we written in the stars, baby, or are we written in the sand” – Written in the Sand

9. “Said, whatever girl, you know I’m down, I was thinkin’ we could crush this town” – Beer Can in a Truck Bed

10.“Baby you’re like, New York at night” – New York at Night

11. “I don’t wanna be a one-man band, I don’t wanna be a rolling stone alone.” – One Man Band

12. “Most people don’t change, but some people do” – Some People Do

13. “I’m looking for smooth sailing, feeling the breeze on my back.” – Smooth Sailing

14. “I’ll never be sorry, I’ll never be sorry, I’ll never be sorry for loving you” – Never Be Sorry

15. “How ’bout a midnight, midnight mess around, I know which road, which road to take you down.” – Midnight Mess Around

16. “Let’s make a little lemonade, if lemons is all we got.” – Make It Sweet




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