5 Unreleased Cuts From Instagram That We Are Loving

Maybe it’s just us, but it seems that it is now trendy for country artists to give fans a taste of what’s to come via Instagram. We are noticing that so many singer-songwriters are previewing unreleased materials and even demos to fans via their social media, just to keep fans excited.

Whatever the reason, we are absolutely loving it! We shared some of our favorites last year, here and here, and now we’re sharing some of our new faves from the past few weeks.

1. “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old”- Luke Combs

One of our saving graces during this past year, Luke Combs continues to be a man that is all about the fans! Recently, he posted a video of himself singing a new unreleased tune that could easily fit into his latest project. “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old” is a must record!

2. “Mama Prayed For”- Meghan Patrick

One of the most unique picks on our list, Meghan Patrick’s unreleased song “Mama Prayed For” is a masterpiece in the making. The Canadian country star is on the brink of success here in the states. It is only a matter of time! This particular song features her insane vocal range, her unique songwriting, and her ability to relate through her music.

3. “No Hard Feelings”- Old Dominion

Honestly, Old Dominion can do no wrong in our eyes. “No Hard Feelings” has already got fans asking when it is going to be released. Clearly, in the songwriting mode, the men of Old Dominion are cranking out demo after demo this year, and we are here for it! This unreleased jam will be a perfect addition to their setlist.

4. “Perfect Imperfections”- Tucker Beathard

Tucker Beathard has been quietly doing his thing on social media all quarantine long. He is not one to fight for attention, continuously proving that he is an artist above all else. Although there were a few unreleased tracks to choose from, “Perfect Imperfections” captured our hearts. The mellow and emotional tune is all about love and recognizing all the details about your partner. Swoon-worthy for sure!

5. Untitled- Madison Kozak

Madison Kozak is one of our favorite singer-songwriters on the scene right now. Her voice is strong, yet ethereal, but it is her ability to craft a lyric that gets us every time. She has been having a lot of fun sharing her writes and demos on social media, but this untitled song is tugging at our heartstrings the most.

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