Tucker Beathard Plays An Intimate Show at Mercury Lounge in NYC

Tucker Beathard

Tucker Beathard returned to New York last night to play at the intimate Mercury Lounge. Opener Everest Cale – a band named “Brooklyn’s Least Brooklyn Band” by Interview Magazine. Frontman Brett Treacy got the crowd pumped up but also played a few slower more emotional songs, like “Goodbye” off their EP titled Beast. They covered Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” and had the crowd swaying and singing along.

Tucker Beathard and his band took the stage, dressed in all black singing “Faithful”. The crowd was fired up and sang along with almost every song as Beathard poured his heart out from one song to the next – songs full of emotions and truth. The track “Brother” was full of memories and words of support. He briefly touched on the history with his former label and how grateful he is to now have a label (Warner Music Nashville) behind him who will let him write and create the music he wants. “Leave Me Alone” was filled with raw emotion and feeling, belting out “Just leave me alone/Just let me let go/I won’t be your backup/Better than nothin’/Or your anything”. It seemed everyone in the room could have identified with that song at that moment.

Tucker Beathard

The singer-songwriter then asked the crowd “Y’all ready to crank it up a little bit”. He introduced the band and they rocked out for the song “Whiskey In A Wine Glass” and for a moment you were no longer at a country show. You were watching a musician play what he wants to play and put every bit of energy into those songs and the show without having to conform to a specific genre of music. Beathard asked for requests from the audience during an acoustic portion of the show and sat on the stage with a guitar, throwing it back to “20-10 Tennesee”

He said, “I am really blessed to call this my job and I appreciate y’all paying money to come out tonight”. He said he was going to dedicate his next song to the military and expressed his thanks for anyone that serves and performed “Fight Like Hell”. Throughout the course of the night, the crowd had yelled and shouted for the band to play his hit “Rock On” and for the last song of his 90-minute set, he gave the crowd what they asked for saying “I want everyone singing this” – and he got just that. Everyone in the room cheered once the beat started and sang along to every last word. Tucker Beathard is a true talent and phenomenal musician and should be on everyone’s radar as one to watch!

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