NYCS First Impression: Tucker Beathard ‘Nobody’s Everything’

Tucker Beathard, "Nobody's Everything" / Photo courtesy of The Greenroom PR

Tucker Beathard, “Nobody’s Everything” / Photo courtesy of The Greenroom PR

“Sometimes following your heart means not knowing where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, who’s going with you, when it’ll pay off or when it’ll make sense as to why you followed it in the first place.” This is the sentiment expressed by country singer-songwriter Tucker Beathard today via his Twitter, about his journey to album release day. After a less than easy journey to “make it” in country music, his debut album, Nobody’s Everything is finally available. The record is truly one of a kind and an inside look into Beathard’s feelings and growth as not only an artist and musician, but as a human being.

The first half of a two part album was released today which features nine tracks, including “Leave Me Alone”, which the singer dropped a music video for earlier in this week. The second part of the LP is slated to drop early 2019, with nine more songs to look forward to. Beathard depicts the independent album as authentic to who he is, which one can attribute to the project’s refreshing sound, story-telling lyrics, and overall vibe.

The record is the entertainer’s unapologetic take on the events he has experienced in his life, beginning with the first track entitled “Ride On”. The song encourages listeners to keep the past in the past and continue to “Ride On” to one’s soul’s journey. Co-written by Beathard, it is easy to see how his experiencing becoming an independent artist inspired the lyrics: “I always act like I don’t care / When the black tops go nowhere / Keep my head down, tough it out, don’t think about how life ain’t fair / And Ride On”.

With a similar lyrical vibe of “Leave Me Alone,” a therapeutic and emotive track about wanting closure, “Hate It” is another heartbreaking song, where the singer tries to work through feelings of still wanting a broken relationship. The song is another example of a track, where Beathard pours his heart out, singing some of the most honest lyrics that can be written. “I just don’t want to see you with anyone, but me / Now I can barely breathe, drowning in my jealousy/ I know, I never been the kind to leave my heart out on the line / it’s too damn hard to fake it and keep saying that I’m fine / I hate it / I still love you and I hate it”

Keeping with the theme of honesty, “This Life” follows “Hate It,” as the second to last song on the record. Beathard premiered a music video for the vulnerable track with Billboard today. Check out the video above. Although the song can be about a lot of different circumstances, for the singer, his inspiration stemmed from being a teenager in the music industry, who was susceptible to “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll”. This song is real, raw, and emotional, exactly what country music is all about.

Finally, Beathard closes the record out with the heartfelt, “How Gone Will I Go”. The beautiful notion about this track is that it can be applied to some many facets of life and, depending what a person’s going through, it can evoke a different type of message and emotion for each person. “I’ll be back, sure goes with denial / It’s so easy to say, to tell me why I ain’t so / How gone will I go? (3x) / Tell me I ain’t that gone”

Overall, Nobody’s Everything may be one the most honest and raw albums that have been released this year. Beathard’s musical ability and songwriting talent, far surpasses that of any former released songs by the artist. He has entered a different realm of artistry, that we can only hope will continue, during ‘Part 2’ of the record. Follow Beathard’s journey on social media and head to for future tour information.

Nobody’s Everything is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.




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