Mo Pitney’s New Unreleased Song “A Music Man” Might Be His Best Yet

Mo Pitney

“Somewhere along the way, our desires get hijacked by selfish things—whether it’s money, pride or fame, and you lose the reason why we started doing what we’re doing. For me, it was playing guitar and singing.”

That’s Mo Pitney’s honest introduction to the story behind his unreleased song, “A Music Man.” Set to be the opening track on his upcoming sophomore record, this epitomizes what country music is fondly described as: “three chords and the truth.”

As Pitney described in the video below, it took him a long, winding road to find true joy and purpose of being an artist as he questioned his purpose, because of the sheer realization that “pride and thankfulness can’t go together.”

“A Music Man” is an invitation to reflect on our journeys, whether you’re in the music industry as a creative or on the business side, or even outside of it. We all have a purpose, and while we live that out as we try to search for the greater purpose of it all, Pitney reminds us not to get caught up in the fame and glory—to not lose sight of the genesis of that love and passion.

Back in 2017, Pitney was part of NYCountry Swag’s Country Night in NYC, where he performed his debut single, “Country,” and other album cuts like the faith-leaning “Everywhere”, poignant “I Met Merle Haggard Today” and title track, “Behind This Guitar.” Fast-forward to almost 2 years later and 3 years after his debut record, the 26-year-old Curb recording artist is gearing up for his next highly-anticipated release, and we’re more than ready for it.

We don’t generally do this, but we thought it would be fitting to include the full lyrics of this song. Take a read of it, line by line, and let the weight and heart behind each lyric sink in.

“I didn’t come here to be famous, or to see my name in lights / I didn’t come here for the money, awards don’t even cross my mind / But as long as I can remember, I’ve had a guitar in my hand /  It’s like God looked at me from heaven, and said I think I’ll make a music man /  And it’s deep down in my bones, woven in my heart and soul / just a kid there on my bed, trying to get out what hurt his head

Now I live out on the stage, there’s people here to hear us play / So I’m just giving you a song you might remember when I’m gone / You might ask what keeps me going through the airports and the rain? / I just love to see your faces though I may never know your names / Truth is, I think I’ve found my purpose down here in the grand design / That’s just to sing the words God gives me, to know He’s with me all the time / And it’s deep down in my bones, woven in my heart and soul / still a kid out on the road, don’t ever have to be alone

Now I’m on another stage, you’re all here to hear us play / So I’m just giving you a song for you to remember when I’m gone / Let me leave you with this song—you might remember when I’m gone”

The heaviness in your heart right there? Don’t brush it aside. That, ladies and gentleman, is the power of music and impeccable songwriting from the heart, courtesy of Mo Pitney and Bobby Tomberlin.

The sophomore slump may be a legitimate fear and situation for some artists. But if “A Music Man” is any indication of what is going to be offered in the upcoming record, we firmly believe that it will put propel Pitney to greater heights and fortify his position as a permanent staple in the genre we all love– country music.

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