Country Superstar Garth Brooks Takes On Late Night Television

Garth Brooks on Late Night with Stephen Colbert

Garth Brooks on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Photo Credit: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Garth Brooks appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night (Nov. 29) to talk about everything from his javelin-throwing college days, taking a break from country music, and his mutual love for Lady Gaga.

Being in the music business, Brooks knows what life on the road is like. Touching on how perfectly Bradley Cooper had cast and directed the hit movie “A Star Is Born” and Lady Gaga’s amazing performance, Brooks also acknowledges that the movie as real life in country music. Everything from being on the road to people backstage, he claims was depicted perfectly. If someone wanted to go see what entertainment is like, Brooks says “that movie is one of them where I would say go see it and you will get a good dose of it.”

The television host, Stephen Colbert asked what it takes to build a country megastar and Brooks laughed and said music was not the plan in college. Instead, he admitted he had a track and field career at Oklahoma State University and explained how being a professional athlete was always the dream. He threw the javelin and was generally happy being at the same school as his brother, someone he calls his hero.

After walking at graduation, Brooks came to find out he was an hour short of being able to actually get his degree. With the track scholarship gone, he set out to a bar in town to try and play a show to earn money to pay for the rest of college. One night turned into two, two into Monday-Friday, and the rest is history for the country megastar.

In 1998, Brooks took a break from his country music career to help raise his family, a time in his life where he said he learned more than ever. After coming back from a 16-year break, Brooks acknowledged that the biggest change in the music industry that he saw was how people consumed music. From 8 track tapes to streaming the music landscape had changed drastically. That was not going to stop him from putting out the music he loves and the way he wanted to. Brooks believes that album cuts are the most important thing and can save someone’s life, as did his.

Of course, the show could not end without mentioning the history Brooks just made: becoming the first person to ever play a concert inside of Notre Dame Stadium. The entire show was recorded so that fans around the world can enjoy the show. ‘Garth: Live at Notre Dame’ is set to air on CBS Sunday (Dec. 2) at 8:00 p.m. ET and country fans will not want to miss it. Brooks continued to tell Colbert and the audience that he is very excited for his special to come out and claims viewers will laugh and cry, but what is going to steal your heart is the crowd. It was below freezing temperature the night of the concert, but every person was still up on their feet and singing every word to every song.

Each week since the big concert, Brooks has released more and more stadium tour dates around the country for 2019. The shows will continue for the next three years. Check out the full episode of Garth Brooks on Late Night with Stephen Colbert here. For more Garth Brooks news, check out our recap of his special Q+A with iHeartRadio in NYC including an intimate moment our NYCountry Swag Managing Editor shared with the superstar.

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