10 Country Songs You Need to Listen to That Will Boost Your Mood

One of the best things about country songs is the way they make us feel. Here are 10 songs you need to listen to that will boost your mood!

“Whiskey Glasses” – Morgan Wallen

This melancholy jam starts any party. As do many of Wallen’s song, this just happens to one of the classics!


“I Was On a Boat That Day” – Old Dominion

Old Dominion songs are perfect for the summer, but this single, “I Was On a Boat That Day” is one of our current favorites. Blast this all summer long!


“Little Red Wagon”- Miranda Lambert

This playlist is not complete without Lambert’s killer song “Little Red Wagon.” You can not tell us you don’t feel sassy as hell when you sing this song.


“Before He Cheats” – Carrie Underwood

Echoing the statements from the Miranda Lambert song, this Carrie Underwood classic is another tune that is full of sass. Everyone loves singing it!


“Song About You” – Sam Grow

This Sam Grow song was recommended by one of our readers on Facebook. We agree that the song will for sure boost your mood.


“Chicken Fried” – Zac Brown Band

Every music lover is obsessed with this song, even if they do not admit it. “Chicken Fried” is fun bottled up in a feel-good song.


“Good Time” – Niko Moon

The title of this song does not disappoint! Niko Moon’s number one single is a bop and a jam all at the same time.


“AA” – Walker Hayes

Lately, Walker Hayes has been cranking out hit after hit. “AA” is another one of his catchy tunes that you cannot help but jam to.


“Does to Me” – Luke Combs ft. Eric Church

When two superstars combine, you know that it is going to be an incredible song. Luke Combs and Eric Church’s “Does to Me” definitely fits the bill.


“GIRL” – Maren Morris

We had to end this list with the confidence-boosting-anthem, “GIRL.” This one might be for the girls, but we know the guys love it too!

For more mood-booster songs, listen below.

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Maren Morris: ‘Humble Quest’ – Album Review

Maren Morris’ highly anticipated third studio album, Humble Quest is out now, March 25th on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the new album below.

For Maren Morris, Humble Quest is more of a journey than a statement. She explores topics of love, motherhood, loss, friendship, and so much more. On the singer-songwriter’s third solo album, she takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of her last two years as a new mom, a grieving friend, a devoted wife, a woman in country music, and so much more.

Produced by Greg Kurstin and featuring co-writes with Julia Michaels, Jimmy Robbins, Natalie Hemby, Laura Veltz, and more, the new collection finds Morris on a journey to define humility in her own ways. For the Texan chanteuse, the tracks on Humble Quest touch on the different things that ground her. Whether it’s motherhood on “Hummingbird,” friendship on “Good Friends,” love on “Background Music,” or loss on “What Would the World Do?”, there’s no subject off-limits here.

Husband and frequent collaborator, Ryan Hurd, appears throughout the album as a background vocalist, a co-writer, and a muse. “He was my closest and best writing partner during lockdown,” Morris reveals to People. “Writing songs with each other is fun, but it’s not the only thing that ties us together. It’s a bonus.”

Hurd’s influence is heard on songs like “I Can’t Love You Anymore,” “Tall Guys,” and “Background Music.” While the latter is a slow burn of a romantic ballad written with Hurd in mind, Morris shows her clever and sarcastic side on both “Tall Guys” and “I Can’t Love You Anymore.”

“Tall Guys” celebrates men of a certain stature that “keep her looking up// when I’m feeling down.” With her tongue firmly placed in her cheek, she sings that she’s “a lover of all types, but there’s something about tall guys.” Meanwhile, “I Can’t Love You” is a folksy, yet piano-hinted track crafted perfectly by Morris and co. In a clever lyrical twist, the singer-songwriter admits “I can’t love you anymore// Than I do now.” She amusingly laments that she doesn’t know what she did to deserve Hurd, a man so good-looking that it makes her sick. For Morris, Hurd is the “angel to her devil, the pot to her kettle.”

The album’s title track has Morris in search of humility, admitting that she’s “biting my tongue behind a smile // falling on swords that I can’t see // Poison my well on the daily.” She’s on her humble quest, but admits on the ethereal track that she “still hasn’t found it yet” as she toes the line between “fulfilled and full of herself.”

“Hummingbird” is one of the album’s most stunning moments, penned by Morris on the day she found out she was pregnant with her now two-year-old son, Hayes. She admits that the song almost felt meant to be, as she learned of her pregnancy on her way to a co-write with the Love Junkies: Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, and Liz Rose. 

“The way the world works sometimes blows my mind because I was on my way to write with these three women that I respect so highly, and they’re all working mothers, and they were the first people aside from Ryan that I told that I was pregnant. We ended up writing “Hummingbird” that day,” she shares. “I shed a light on what becoming a mother meant to me before I even met Hayes with that song.” 

Morris offers a moment of girl power on “Good Friends,” a tribute to those who keep us grounded and humble in life. “Some folks are fairweather // Some just drift in and out // At my worst or my better // You always stick around,” She sings of those who are always by her side. “We got history // No conditions // You don’t ever have to worry // that I’ll keep you sturdy // ‘Cause we’re good friends.”

Humble Quest ends with the beautifully poignant “What Would This World Do?,” written by Morris, Hurd, and Jon Greene, before the passing of their friend and collaborator, Michael Busbee. The sparse piano ballad is beautifully haunting, a bittersweet song of hope as Morris wonders “What would this world do without you?”

In speaking with the New York Times, Morris admitted that the song was written from a place of hope before his passing, but still felt like an appropriate ending to the album. “I knew that I wanted to end the record with that song, because I hope it’s a respectful way to honor him and what he did for me,” She says. “ I wanted to keep the production super simple. It didn’t need much more than just a piano and vocal. It was our way to honor him and his life and his talent. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to sing that one live, but I’m glad that we put it on the album, because it deserves the end of this chapter.”

While Morris may end the album with “What Would This World Do?” to honor busbee, it’s the type of song that everyone can relate to, as are the collection’s ten other tracks. The singer-songwriter is at her most personal here, and with such depth on the songs, Morris proves why she’s one of the genre’s most acclaimed young artists. Maren Morris may still be on a Humble Quest, but we’re so thankful she’s taking us along her journey.

Humble Quest Tracklist:

  1. Circles Around This Town
  2. The Furthest Thing
  3. I Can’t Love You Anymore
  4. Humble Quest
  5. Background Music
  6. Nervous
  7. Tall Guys
  8. Detour
  9. Hummingbird
  10. Good Friends
  11. What Would This World Do?

Maren Morris’ new album ‘Humble Quest’ is out now on all streaming platforms!

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Humble Quest is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Maren Morris Releases New Song “Nervous” Ahead of Album

Maren Morris shares another new song, “Nervous” off upcoming album, Humble Quest. Listen to the brand new track below.

Maren Morris is proving that her music has no boundaries with each pre-release off her upcoming record Humble Quest. Last week, the singer-songwriter dropped “Background Music.” Today, the songstress is sharing her new song “Nervous.”

Written by Morris with collaborators Natalie Hemby and Jimmy Robbins, the singer leaves herself exposed on the track. A sexy, yet vulnerable song, “Nervous” is a pop-country anthem. The song dives into the sexuality in womanhood in a way we have never heard before. With each and every release, Morris is proving that she is every ounce of the superstar and woman she has grown to become.

“You make me // Out of control // Out of our clothes // Motion in slow, yeah // You take me // You take me // In my feelings // Through the ceiling // Leaving my inhibitions exposed // You make me nervous”

Humble Quest is looking to be one of Morris’ most innovative projects to date. If her previous releases are any inclination, the singer-songwriter will break down barriers and show extreme growth through her vocals and songwriting on her forthcoming third studio album


Maren Morris’ new song, ‘Nervous’ is out now

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“Nervous” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Maren Morris Drops New Song “Background Music”

Maren Morris drops new song, “Background Music,” out now, February 11th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new track below.

“Background Music” is the second single from Maren Morris off her forthcoming album Humble Quest. The release follows “Circles Around This Town”. Humble Quest is Morris’ third studio album and is set to be released on March 25th.

“Background Music” is a beautiful ballad that reminds us just how incredibly talented Morris is as not only a vocalist but as a songwriter. The song is written as a two-sided love letter to both her husband, fellow singer-songwriter and “Chasing After You” duet partner – Ryan Hurd, and to her work – which she is admittedly so fortunate to be able to do.

“Hard not to see we’re the lucky ones // Not everybody gets to leave a souvenir”

The song expresses a realization that both their time here on Earth together, as well as their time being able to do what they love in their careers, are not things that will last forever. So as they grow together and as they grow as artists, they should just be enjoying the moment as much as they can, because they simply don’t know how long they will be able to do so. However, one thing that they can be certain about, is that they will love each other until whenever that end is. 

“We got time but we’re only human // We call it forever but we know that there’s an end to it // You and I can dance our way through it // And I’ll love you ‘til all that we are is background music”


Maren Morris’ gives fans another taste of her next album with new song “Background Music.”

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“Background Music” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Maren Morris Announces New Album: Humble Quest

Maren Morris revealed plans for her third studio album, ‘Humble Quest’, due out March 25th. Learn more about what to expect below.

Maren Morris’ new album, Humble Quest, is slated for release on March 25. The album features the previously released lead single, “Circles Around This Town”. The project serves as the follow-up to her 2019 album, GIRL, and includes 11 brand new songs.
Morris took to social media to share the news. Adding a letter to her fans within the announcement, Morris writes, “What do you write about when the show can’t go on?”. Turning her experience through the pandemic into music, Humble Quest was written throughout a series of major life changes for Morris including new motherhood, an upended career, the death of beloved friend and collaborator Michael Busbee and more, further compounded by lockdown.
Pre-Save for Humble Quest is available here. View the full tracklist below and check back here at Country Swag on March 25th for a full album review.
1. Circles Around This Town
2. The Furthest Thing
3. I Can’t Love You Anymore
4. Humble Quest
5. Background Music
6. Nervous
7. Tall Guys
8. Detour
9. Hummingbird
10. Good Friends
11. What Would This World Do
Maren Morris' new album, 'Humble Quest' due out March 25h

Maren Morris’ new album, ‘Humble Quest’ due out March 25h

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“Circles Around This Town” from Humble Quest is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Maren Morris Releases New Song “Circles Around This Town”

Maren Morris’ new song “Circles Around This Town” is out now, January 7th on all streaming platforms. Listen here and learn more about the new track below.

It’s been almost three years since Maren Morris released her phenomenal, award-winning sophomore record GIRL, and fans have been eagerly awaiting MM3. Since 2019, Morris has released a small handful of collaborations with Ryan Hurd, Joy Oladokun, and JP Saxe, but today’s release, “Circles Around This Town” is the official lead single off her new project.

Written with her singer-songwriter husband Ryan Hurd and the fantastic Julia Michaels, “Circles Around This Town” is an autobiographical jam about her journey as a Nashville songwriter. Usually, Morris doesn’t go into the specifics of her own experiences when writing – she uses metaphors to describe the story. In this song, however, she paints the picture with imagery so vividly personal to her it lets you get to know a new side of her.

“I swear I don’t know how I trusted // A Montero with the AC busted // A couple bad demos on a burned CD // Would take me all the way to Tennessee”, she opens the first verse with the beginning of her Nashville story. In the second verse, she subtly name-drops debut single “My Church”, and the entire song feels like a nod to her past, present, and her future.

This track was produced by GIRL powerhouse producer Greg Kurstin, and the drums and guitar lick are transportive. Additionally, the music video for “Circles Around This Town” is also out now, and the visuals completely elevate the song. She is seen in a small apartment on an old desktop computer and even drives literal circles around a parking lot.

“I drove circles around this town // Trying to write circles around this town // Trying to say something with meaning, something worth singing about”

It’s the perfect song to go driving to – Morris and Kurstin did an exceptional job matching the lyrics to the sonic components.

It’s unclear whether Morris meant for the song to match the hopefulness one tries to have when going into a new year, but the timing of its release is quite interesting. We just began a new year, and “Circles Around This Town” is all about finding meaning and being grateful for keeping an open mind. “Thank God I was an optimist”, she sings right before the first chorus – and no statement in the song rings more true than that. 2022 is already looking bright thanks to Morris.


Maren Morris’ new song “Circles Around This Town” is out now.

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“Circles Around This Town” is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris Hit #1 with “Chasing After You”

Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris’ beautiful, collaborative song “Chasing After You” hit the number one spot on the country music charts this week.

Today, we celebrate one of country music’s most iconic couples, Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris. Throughout the years, both Hurd and Morris have found their individual musical journeys and fan bases. Both have had success in their own right, but now the singer-songwriters get to celebrate together. Their first collaborate song, “Chasing After You” officially hit the number one spot at country radio.

The song marks the first chart-topper for Hurd as an artist and the fifth number one single for Morris. Written by Brinley Addington and Jerry Flowers, “Chasing After You” is a romantic song that perfectly suited Hurd and Morris’ stellar voices. It was just a matter of time before the song made its way up the charts.

“But I know, yeah I know it’s a matter of time // ‘Til you walk, ’til you walk back out of my life // Leave me standing here lonely, feeling like a fool, mm, mm // Every time, every time you say we’re done // You come back to the love you were running from // Don’t know why, don’t know why I let you, but I do // Guess I love chasing after you”

Congrats to the Hurd-Morris family and their teams on an incredible feat!

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“Chasing After You” is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Ryan Hurd: ‘Pelago’ – Album Review

Ryan Hurd’s long-awaited debut album, Pelago is out now, October 15th on all streaming platforms. Featuring eleven new songs, including “Chasing After You” with Maren Morris, check out our full review and listen to the brand new music below.

After making a name for himself as one of Nashville’s hottest songwriters, with #1 hits for Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Lady A and more, Ryan Hurd branched out as an artist of his own. And we’re oh-so-glad he did.

After a string of EPs and songwriting #1s, the rising superstar released his debut full-length album today (October 15) with Arista Nashville, Pelago. Inspired by growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan, the album was produced by Hurd’s childhood friend Aaron Eshuis, with assistance from Jesse Frasure and Teddy Reimer.

Having co-written ten of the album’s eleven tracks, Pelago truly continues Hurd’s introduction as both a brilliant songwriter and an incredibly talented artist. This is evidenced throughout the album, as he artfully weaves clever lyrics with catchy melodies that paint brilliant pictures, break your heart, or make you want to dance.

The album opens with the anthemic “Pass It On,” a bright and beachy invitation to listeners to share whatever it is that’s good in their life. It’s the kind of song that immediately turns a day around or a frown upside down, making it the perfect song to introduce the album. “What good is your dollar or your love or your bottle // If you keep it all to yourself // There’s enough to go around // So send it on down,” Hurd sings. “‘Cause you can’t take it with you when you’re gone // So pass it on, pass it on, pass it on.”

While it may seem out of place for a kid from Michigan to embrace the beachy musical tones that are often heard from the likes of Jake Owen or Kenny Chesney (name dropped on this album), those themes come just as natural to Hurd, and are absolutely authentic. Tracks like “Coast,” “June,  July, August,” and “Palm Trees in Ohio” continue that homage to the coastal life on the shores of Lake Michigan that filled Hurd’s childhood.

While the album is truly filled with standout tracks, one such highlight is “Palm Trees in Ohio.” The love song puts a unique spin on the idea of loving someone forever, putting Palm trees in Ohio up there with pigs flying and hell freezing. “‘Til there’s palm trees in Ohio // No traffic in LA // No snow in Colorado // No cold beer on a Saturday,” Hurd proclaims. “When the Great Lakes run out of water // When the sky stops turning blue // That’s when I // That’s when I // That’s when I’m gonna stop loving you.”

While Hurd shines on the tropical-tinted up-tempos, he’s just as convincing on the slower tracks, including the sultry duet “Chasing After You” with his wife, Maren Morris. “What Are You Drinking” and “The Knife or the Hatchet” are other album highlights. On the former, a moody piano ballad, Hurd wonders what an ex is drinking, curious if she’s celebrating with champagne or drowning her sorrows in a glass of something stronger. 

Likewise, “The Knife or the Hatchet” is a shining moment of the album, finding Hurd stuck in relationship limbo, unsure if his heart should stay or go. “Anything’s better than you and me living in the in-between,” He croons, his voice breaking with emotion. “So all I ask is// Twist the knife// Or bury the hatchet.”

Meanwhile, on “If I Had Two Hearts,” Hurd is admitting defeat and wondering how to move on after a relationship ends. The guy is broken and wishing for another heart to heal from its brokenness. “If I had two hearts // One wouldn’t be broken // If I had two hearts,” He admits.One would still be mine // On my sleeve out in the open // Knowing someday I’d be fine // But if I had one more to give you baby // I know what’s I’d do // Oh-oh-oh // Oh-oh-oh // I’d let you break that one too.”

For Ryan Hurd, each song on Pelago is a story in itself. “Writing’s my vocation, and I enjoy the people I work with,” says the singer-songwriter in a recent statement. “I’ve learned there are a lot of ways to do this. But then there’s the personal. As I move through life, every experience, every person, every story could be a song.”

While it would be easy for Ryan Hurd to make a living as a writer, evidenced by his ever-growing and impressive body of work, he’s even more magical as an artist. These songs and stories are uniquely his, making Pelago a personal and powerful debut album.

Pelago Track List:

  1. Pass It On
  2. Coast
  3. Chasing After You (with Maren Morris)
  4. June, July, August
  5. Palm Trees in Ohio
  6. If I Had Two Hearts
  7. Tab with My Name on It
  8. What Are You Drinking
  9. Hell Is an Island
  10. The Knife or the Hatchet
  11. I Never Said I’m Sorry

Our  Picks:

  1. Palm Trees in Ohio
  2. If I Had Two Hearts
  3. The Knife or the Hatchet

Ryan Hurd’s debut album ‘Pelago’ is officially out now. 

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Pelago is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Taylor Swift Drops Unreleased “You All Over Me” Ft. Maren Morris

Ahead of Taylor Swift’s new version of Fearless, due out April 9th, Swift is opening up the vault, sharing the previously unreleased track, “You All Over Me” featuring Maren Morris. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Starting out with an acoustic guitar and harmonica, “You All Over Me” takes us back to 2008 country Taylor. Written by Swift and Scooter Carusos, the track focuses on the struggles of moving on after a breakup. Maren Morris joins in on the first chorus and continues throughout the ballad. The two of them together are the perfect blend as they complement each other perfectly on the harmonies.

“I lived, and I learned // Had you, got burned // Held out, and held on // God knows, too long // And wasted time, lost tears // Swore that I’d get out of here // But no amount of freedom gets you clean // I’ve still got you all over me”

The singer-songwriter shared on social media how excited she is to share the songs from the vault with her fans, “One thing I’ve been loving about these From The Vault songs is that they’ve never been heard, so I can experiment, play, and even include some of my favorite artists. I’m really excited to have Maren Morris singing background vocals on this song!”

Taylor Swift's "You All Ove Me" featuring Maren Morris is available now, March 26th

Taylor Swift’s “You All Ove Me” featuring Maren Morris is available now, March 26th

After the acquisition of her masters by Scooter Braun, Swift announced in 2019 that she was planning to re-record her first six albums revealing earlier this year that Fearless would be up first. The album was first released in 2008 and earned the Pennsylvania native the honor of the most awarded album in country music history.

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) will feature five other songs from the vault and we can’t wait to hear them on April 9th. Be sure to check back here for the full album review.

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“You All Over Me” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Country Music Shines at 2021 GRAMMYs + Full List of Winners

The biggest stars in music gathered in Los Angeles last night for the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards. Hosted by Trevor Noah, the show had a much different look than previous years. Awards were given revealed outdoors, across the street from the Staples Center. Artists stayed socially-distant, sitting at tables with a maximum of two people and performances took place in a separate room nearby. Country music was well-represented at the award show with performances by Mickey Guyton, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris with John Mayer, and more.

The first award of the night went to Megan Thee Stallion for Best New Artist – a category that featured country newcomer, Ingrid Andress — and Miranda Lambert took home the second, for Best Country Album with Wildcard. Jay Joyce, the producer of the album, contributed to two other albums in this category as well; Ashley McBryde’s Never Will and Brandy Clark’s Your Life is a Record. This award was introduced by JT Gray, owner of the small music venue in Nashville, Station Inn, as The award show made efforts to highlight small music venues throughout the country. Station Inn is home to early acts like Vince Gill, Chris Stapleton, and Dierks Bentley, who used to perform there before they made it big. For Lambert, this was her third GRAMMY-win and second in this category — Platinum won Best Country Album in 2015.

“We’re such a family here in country music, so I feel like holding this right here is like holding it for all of us; especially us girls,” Lambert confessed.

The GRAMMYs paid tribute to musicians of all genres who lost their lives this past year. Lionel Richie sang “Lady” in honor of the late Kenny Rodgers, and Brandi Carlile performed John Prine’s beautiful ballad “I Remember Everything,” which won Best American Roots Performance and Best American Roots Song earlier in the show. Charlie Daniels, Joe Diffie, and Mac Davis were also acknowledged, among many others.

Women dominated the country nominations this year, and their efforts in the industry were recognized last night with three consecutive performances by GRAMMY-nominated artists Mickey Guyton, Miranda Lambert, and Maren Morris. Guyton performed her inspiring narrative, “Black Like Me;” Lambert sang her number-one hit, “Bluebird,” and, alongside John Mayer, Morris performed her romantic cross-genre smash, “The Bones.”

The rest of the country awards were announced prior to the show, including Best Country Duo/Group Performance, which was given to Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber for “10,000 Hours;” Best Country Song, which went to The Highwomen for inclusion record “Crowded Table;” and Best Country Solo Performance, which Vince Gill won for his song “When My Amy Prays.” Dolly Parton picked up a GRAMMY award in the Christian category; her duet with Zach Williams, “There was Jesus,” won Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song.

Check out the full list of winners from the special night below.

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Record of the Year
“Black Parade,” Beyoncé
“Colors,” Black Pumas
“Rockstar,” DaBaby Featuring Roddy Ricch
“Say So,” Doja Cat
“Everything I Wanted,” Billie Eilish — WINNER
“Don’t Start Now,”Dua Lipa
“Circles,” Post Malone
“Savage,” Megan Thee Stallion Featuring Beyoncé

Album of the Year
Chilombo, Jhené Aiko
Black Pumas (Deluxe Edition), Black Pumas
Everyday Life, Coldplay
Djesse Vol. 3, Jacob Collier
Women In Music Pt. III, Haim
Future Nostalgia, Dua Lipa
Hollywood’s Bleeding, Post Malone
Folklore, Taylor Swift — WINNER

Song of the Year
“Black Parade,” Denisia Andrews, Beyoncé, Stephen Bray, Shawn Carter, Brittany Coney, Derek James Dixie, Akil King, Kim “Kaydence” Krysiuk & Rickie “Caso” Tice, songwriters (Beyoncé)
“The Box,” Samuel Gloade & Rodrick Moore, songwriters (Roddy Ricch)
“Cardigan,” Aaron Dessner & Taylor Swift, songwriters (Taylor Swift)
“Circles,” Louis Bell, Adam Feeney, Kaan Gunesberk, Austin Post & Billy Walsh, songwriters (Post Malone)
“Don’t Start Now,” Caroline Ailin, Ian Kirkpatrick, Dua Lipa & Emily Warren, songwriters (Dua Lipa)
“Everything I Wanted,” Billie Eilish O’Connell & Finneas O’Connell, songwriters (Billie Eilish)
“I Can’t Breathe,” Dernst Emile II, H.E.R. & Tiara Thomas, songwriters (H.E.R.) — WINNER
“If The World Was Ending,” Julia Michaels & JP Saxe, songwriters (JP Saxe Featuring Julia Michaels)

Best New Artist
Ingrid Andress
Phoebe Bridgers
Noah Cyrus
D Smoke
Doja Cat
Megan Thee Stallion — WINNER

Best Pop Solo Performance
“Yummy,” Justin Bieber
“Say So,” Doja Cat
“Everything I Wanted,” Billie Eilish
“Don’t Start Now,” Dua Lipa
“Watermelon Sugar,” Harry Styles — WINNER
“Cardigan,” Taylor Swift

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
“Un Dia (One Day),” J Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny & Tainy
“Intentions,” Justin Bieber Featuring Quavo
“Dynamite,” BTS
“Rain On Me,” Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande — WINNER
“Exile,” Taylor Swift Featuring Bon Iver

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album
Blue Umbrella, (Burt Bacharach &) Daniel Tashian
True Love: A Celebration of Cole Porter, Harry Connick Jr.
American Standard, James Taylor — WINNER
Unfollow the Rules, Rufus Wainwright
Judy, Rene Zellweger

Best Pop Vocal Album
Changes, Justin Bieber
Chromatica, Lady Gaga
Future Nostalgia, Dua Lipa — WINNER
Fine Line, Harry Styles
Folklore, Taylor Swift

Best Dance Recording
“On My Mind,” Diplo & Sidepiece
“My High,” Disclosure Featuring Amine & Slowthai
“The Difference,” Flume Featuring Toro y Moi
“Both of Us,” Jayda G
“10%,” Kaytranada Featuring Kali Uchis — WINNER

Best Dance/Electronic Album
Kick I, Arca
Planet’s Mad, Baauer
Energy, Disclosure
Bubba, Kaytranada — WINNER
Good Faith, Madeon

Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
Axiom, Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah
Chronology of a Dream: Live at the Village Vanguard, Jon Batiste
Take the Stairs, Black Violin
Americana, Gregoire Maret, Romain Collin & Bill Frisell
Live at the Royal Albert Hall, Snarky Puppy — WINNER

Best Rock Performance
“Shameika,” Fiona Apple — WINNER
“Not,” Big Thief
“Kyoto,” Phoebe Bridgers
“The Steps,” Haim
“Stay High,” Brittany Howard
“Daylight,” Grace Potter

Best Metal Performance
“Bum-Rush,” Body Count — WINNER
“Underneath,” Code Orange
“The In-Between,” In This Moment
“Bloodmoney,” Poppy
“Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe) — Live,” Power Trip

Best Rock Song
“Kyoto,” Phoebe Bridgers, Morgan Nagler & Marshall Vore, songwriters (Phoebe Bridgers)
“Lost in Yesterday,” Kevin Parker, songwriter (Tame Impala)
“Not,” Adrianne Lenker, songwriter (Big Thief)
“Shameika,” Fiona Apple, songwriter (Fiona Apple)
“Stay High,” Brittany Howard, songwriter (Brittany Howard) — WINNER

Best Rock Album
A Hero’s Death, Fontaines D.C.
Kiwanuka, Michael Kiwanuka
Daylight, Grace Potter
Sound & Fury, Sturgill Simpson
The New Abnormal, The Strokes — WINNER

Best Alternative Music Album
Fetch the Bolt Cutters, Fiona Apple — WINNER
Hyperspace, Beck
Punisher, Phoebe Bridgers
Jaime, Brittany Howard
The Slow Rush, Tame Impala

Best R&B Performance
“Lightning & Thunder,” Jhene Aiko Featuring John Legend
“Black Parade,” Beyoncé — WINNER
“All I Need,” Jacob Collier Featuring Mahalia & Ty Dolla $ign
“Goat Head,” Brittany Howard
“See Me,” Emily King

Best Traditional R&B Performance
“Sit on Down,” The Baylor Project Featuring Jean Baylor & Marcus Baylor
“Wonder What She Thinks of Me,” Chloe X Halle
“Let Me Go,” Mykal Kilgore
“Anything For You,” Ledisi — WINNER
“Distance,” Yebba

Best R&B Song
“Better Than I Imagine,” Robert Glasper, Meshell Ndegeocello & Gabriella Wilson, songwriters (Robert Glasper Featuring H.E.R. & Meshell Ndegeocello) — WINNER
“Black Parade,” Denisia Andrews, Beyoncé, Stephen Bray, Shawn Carter, Brittany Coney, Derek James Dixie, Akil King, Kim “Kaydence” Krysiuk & Rickie “Caso” Tice, songwriters (Beyoncé)
“Collide,” Sam Barsh, Stacey Barthe, Sonyae Elise, Olu Fann, Akil King, Josh Lopez, Kaveh Rastegar & Benedetto Rotondi, songwriters (Tiana Major9 & EARTHGANG)
“Do It,” Chloe Bailey, Halle Bailey, Anton Kuhl, Victoria Monet, Scott Storche & Vincent Van Den Ende, songwriters (Chloe X Halle)
“Slow Down,” Nasri Atweh, Badriia Bourelly, Skip Marley, Ryan Williamson & Gabriella Wilson, songwriters (Skip Marley & H.E.R.)

Best Progressive R&B Album:
Chilombo, Jhené Aiko
Ungodly Hour, Chloe X Halle
Free Nationals, Free Nationals
F*** Yo Feelings, Robert Glasper
It Is What It Is, Thundercat — WINNER

Best R&B Album
Happy 2 Be Here, Ant Clemons
Take Time, Giveon
To Feel Love/d, Luke James
Bigger Love, John Legend — WINNER
All Rise, Gregory Porter

Best Rap Performance:
“Deep Reverence,” Big Sean Featuring Nipsey Hussle
“Bop,” DaBaby
“What’s Poppin,” Jack Harlow
“The Bigger Picture,” Lil Baby
“Savage,” Megan Thee Stallion Featuring Beyoncé — WINNER
“Dior,” Pop Smoke

Best Melodic Rap Performance
“Rockstar,” DaBaby Featuring Roddy Ricch
“Laugh Now, Cry Later,” Drake Featuring Lil Durk
“Lockdown,” Anderson .Paak — WINNER
“The Box,” Roddy Ricch
“Highest in the Room,” Travis Scott

Best Rap Song
“The Bigger Picture,” Dominique Jones, Noah Pettigrew & Rai’shaun Williams, songwriters (Lil Baby)
“The Box,” Samuel Gloade & Rodrick Moore, songwriters (Roddy Ricch)
“Laugh Now, Cry Later,” Durk Banks, Roget Chahayed, Aubrey Graham, Daveon Jackson, Ron LaTour & Ryan Martinez, songwriters (Drake Featuring Lil Durk)
“Rockstar,” Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, Ross Joseph Portaro IV & Rodrick Moore, songwriters (DaBaby Featuring Roddy Ricch)
“Savage,” Beyoncé, Shawn Carter, Brittany Hazzard, Derrick Milano, Terius Nash, Megan Pete, Bobby Session Jr., Jordan Kyle Lanier Thorpe & Anthony White, songwriters (Megan Thee Stallion Featuring Beyoncé) — WINNER

Best Rap Album
Black Habits, D Smoke
Alfredo, Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist
A Written Testimony, Jay Electronica
King’s Disease, Nas — WINNER
The Allegory, Royce Da 5’9″

Best Country Solo Performance
“Stick That in Your Country Song,” Eric Church
“Who You Thought I Was,” Brandy Clark
“When My Amy Prays,” Vince Gill — WINNER
“Black Like Me,” Mickey Guyton
“Bluebird,” Miranda Lambert

Best Country Duo/Group Performance
“All Night,” Brothers Osborne
“10,000 Hours,” Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber — WINNER
“Ocean,” Lady A
“Sugar Coat,” Little Big Town
“Some People Do,” Old Dominion

Best Country Song
“Bluebird,” Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby & Miranda Lambert, songwriters (Miranda Lambert)
“The Bones,” Maren Morris, Jimmy Robbins & Laura Veltz, songwriters (Maren Morris)
“Crowded Table,” Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby & Lori McKenna, songwriters (The Highwomen) — WINNER
“More Hearts Than Mine,” Ingrid Andress, Sam Ellis & Derrick Southerland, songwriters (Ingrid Andress)
“Some People Do,” Jesse Frasure, Shane McAnally, Matthew Ramsey & Thomas Rhett, songwriters (Old Dominion)

Best Country Album
Lady Like, Ingrid Andress
Your Life Is a Record, Brandy Clark
Wildcard, Miranda Lambert — WINNER
Nightfall, Little Big Town
Never Will, Ashley McBryde

Best New Age Album
Songs From the Bardo, Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal & Jesse Paris Smith
Periphery, Priya Darshini
Form/Less, Superposition
More Guitar Stories, Jim “Kimo” West — WINNER
Meditations, Cory Wong & Jon Batiste

Best Improvised Jazz Solo
“Guinevere,” Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah, soloist
“Pachamama,” Regina Carter, soloist
“Celia,” Gerald Clayton, soloist
“All Blues,” Chick Corea, soloist — WINNER
“Moe Honk,” Joshua Redman, soloist

Best Jazz Vocal Album:
Ona, Thana Alexa
Secrets Are The Best Stories, Kurt Elling Featuring Danilo Pérez — WINNER
Modern Ancestors, Carmen Lundy
Holy Room: Live at Alte Oper, Somi With Frankfurt Radio Big Band
What’s The Hurry, Kenny Washington

Best Jazz Instrumental Album
On the Tender Spot of Every Calloused Moment, Ambrose Akinmusire
Waiting Game, Terri Lyne Carrington and Social Science
Happening: Live at the Village Vanguard, Gerald Clayton
Trilogy 2, Chick Corea, Christian McBride & Brian Blade — WINNER
Roundagain, Redman Mehldau McBride Blade

Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album
Dialogues on Race, Gregg August
Monk’estra Plays John Beasley, John Beasley
The Intangible Between, Orrin Evans and the Captain Black Big Band
Songs You Like a Lot, John Hollenbeck with Theo Bleckmann, Kate McGarry, Gary Versace and the Frankfurt Radio Big Band
Data Lords, Maria Schneider Orchestra — WINNER

Best Latin Jazz Album
Tradiciones, Afro-Peruvian Jazz Orchestra
Four Questions, Arturo O’Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra — WINNER
City of Dreams, Chico Pinheiro
Viento y Tiempo — Live at Blue Note Tokyo, Gonzalo Rubalcaba & Aymee Nuviola
Trane’s Delight, Poncho Sanchez

Best Gospel Performance/Song
“Wonderful Is Your Name,” Melvin Crispell III
“Release (Live),” Ricky Dillard Featuring Tiff Joy; David Frazier, songwriter
“Come Together,” Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins Presents: The Good News; Lashawn Daniels, Rodney Jerkins, Lecrae Moore & Jazz Nixon, songwriters
“Won’t Let Go,” Travis Greene; Travis Greene, songwriter
“Movin’ On,” Jonathan McReynolds & Mali Music; Darryl L. Howell, Jonathan Caleb McReynolds, Kortney Jamaal Pollard & Terrell Demetrius Wilson, songwriters — WINNER

Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song
“The Blessing (Live),” Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes & Elevation Worship; Chris Brown, Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe Carnes & Steven Furtick, songwriters
“Sunday Morning,” Lecrae Featuring Kirk Franklin; Denisia Andrews, Jones Terrence Antonio, Saint Bodhi, Brittany Coney, Kirk Franklin, Lasanna Harris, Shama Joseph, Stuart Lowery, Lecrae Moore & Nathanael Saint-Fleur, songwriters
“Holy Water,” We The Kingdom; Andrew Bergthold, Ed Cash, Franni Cash, Martin Cash & Scott Cash, songwriters
“Famous For (I Believe),” Tauren Wells Featuring Jenn Johnson; Chuck Butler, Krissy Nordhoff, Jordan Sapp, Alexis Slifer & Tauren Wells, songwriters
“There Was Jesus,” Zach Williams & Dolly Parton; Case Beathard, Jonathan Smith & Zach Williams, songwriters — WINNER

Best Gospel Album
2econd Wind: Ready, Anthony Brown & group therAPy
My Tribute, Myron Butler
Choirmaster, Ricky Dillard
Gospel According to PJ, PJ Morton — WINNER
Kierra, Kierra Sheard

Best Contemporary Christian Music Album
Run to the Father, Cody Carnes
All of My Best Friends, Hillsong Young & Free
Holy Water, We the Kingdom
Citizen of Heaven, Tauren Wells
Jesus Is King, Kanye West — WINNER

Best Roots Gospel Album
Beautiful Day, Mark Bishop
20/20, The Crabb Family
What Christmas Really Means, The Erwins
Celebrating Fisk! (The 150th Anniversary Album), Fisk Jubilee Singers — WINNER
Something Beautiful, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Best Latin Pop or Urban Album
Por Primera Vez, Camilo
Mesa Para Dos, Kany García
Pausa, Ricky Martin
3:33,  Debi Nova

Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album
Aura, Bajofondo
Monstruo, Cami
Sobrevolando, Cultura Profetica
La Conquista Del Espacio, Fito Paez — WINNER
Miss Colombia, Lido Pimienta

Best Regional Mexican Music Album (Including Tejano)
Hecho En Mexico, Alejandro Fernadez
La Serenata, Lupita Infante
Un Canto Por Mexico, Vol. 1, Natalia Lafourcade — WINNER
Bailando Sones y Huapangos Con Mariachi Sol de Mexico de Jose Hernandez, Mariachi Sol de Mexico de Jose Hernandez
Ayayay!, Christian Nodal

Best Tropical Latin Album
Mi Tumbao, Jose Alberto “El Ruisenor”
Infinito, Edwin Bonilla
Sigo Cantando al Almor (Deluxe), Jorge celedon & Sergio Luis
40, Grupo Niche — WINNER
Memorias De Navidad, Victor Manuelle

Best American Roots Performance
“Colors,” Black Pumas
“Deep in Love,” Bonny Light Horseman
“Short and Sweet,” Brittany Howard
“I’ll Be Gone,” Norah Jones & Mavis Staples
“I Remember Everything,” John Prine — WINNER

Best American Roots Song
“Cabin,” Laura Rogers & Lydia Rogers, songwriters (The Secret Sisters)
“Ceiling to the Floor,” Sierra Hull & Kai Welch, songwriters (Sierra Hull)
“Hometown,” Sarah Jarosz, songwriter (Sarah Jarosz)
“I Remember Everything,” Pat McLaughlin & John Prine, songwriters (John Prine) — WINNER
“Man Without a Soul,” Tom Overby & Lucina Williams, songwriters (Lucinda Williams)

Best Americana Album
Old Flowers, Courtney Marie Andrews
Terms of Surrender, Hiss Golden Messenger
World on the Ground, Sarah Jarosz — WINNER
El Dorado, Marcus King
Good Souls Better Angels, Lucinda Williams

Best Bluegrass Album
Man on Fire, Danny Barnes
To Live in Two Worlds, Vol. 1, Thomm Jutz
North Carolina Songbook, Steep Canyon Rangers
Home, Billy Strings — WINNER
The John Hartford Fiddle Tune Project, Vol. 1, Various Artists

Best Traditional Blues Album
All My Dues Are Paid, Frank Bey
You Make Me Feel, Don Bryant
That’s What I Heard, Robert Cray Band
Cypress Grove, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes
Rawer Than Raw, Bobby Rush — WINNER

Best Contemporary Blues Album
Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?,  Fantastic Negrito — WINNER
Live At The Paramount, Ruthie Foster Big Band
The Juice, G. Love
Blackbirds, Bettye LaVette
Up And Rolling, North Mississippi Allstars

Best Folk Album
Bonny Light Horseman, Bonny Light Horseman
Thanks for the Dance, Leonard Cohen
Song for Our Daughter, Laura Marling
Saturn Return, The Secret Sisters
All the Good Times, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings — WINNER

Best Regional Roots Music Album
My Relatives ‘Nikso Kowaiks,’ Black Lodge Singers
Cameron Dupuy and the Cajun Troubadours, Cameron Dupuy and the Cajun Troubadours
Lovely Sunrise, Na Wai ‘Eha
Atmosphere, New Orleans Nightcrawlers — WINNER
A Tribute to Al Berard, Sweet Cecilia

Best Reggae Album
Upside Down 2020, Buju Banton
Higher Place, Skip Marley
It All Comes Back to Love, Maxi Priest
Got to Be Tough, Toots & the Maytals — WINNER
One World, The Wailers

Best Global Music Album
FU Chronicles, Antibalas
Twice as Tall, Burna Boy — WINNER
Agora, Bebel Gilberto
Love Letters, Anoushka Shankar
Amadjar, Tinariwen

Best Children’s Music Album
All the Ladies, Joanie Leeds — WINNER
Be a Pain: An Album for Young (and Old) Leaders, Alastair Moock and Friends
I’m an Optimist, Dog on Fleas
Songs for Singin’, The Okee Dokee Brothers
Wild Life, Justin Roberts

Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Storytelling)
Acid For The Children: A Memoir, Flea
Alex Trebek – The Answer Is…, Ken Jennings
Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth, Rachel Maddow — WINNER
Catch and Kill, Ronan Farrow
Charlotte’s Web (E.B. White), Meryl Streep (& Full Cast)

Best Comedy Album
Black Mitzvah, Tiffany Haddish — WINNER
I Love Everything, Patton Oswalt
The Pale Tourist, Jim Gaffigan
Paper Tiger, Bill Burr
23 Hours to Kill, Jerry Seinfeld

Best Musical Theater Album
Amelie, Original London Cast
American Utopia on Broadway, Original Cast
Jagged Little Pill, Original Cast — WINNER
Little Shop of Horrors, The New Off-Broadway Cast
The Prince of Egypt, Original Cast
Soft Power, Original Cast

Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Various Artists
Bill & Ted Face the Music, Various Artists
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Various Artists
Frozen 2, Various Artists
Jojo Rabbit, Various Artists — WINNER

Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media
Ad Adstra, Max Richter, composer
Becoming, Kamasi Washington, composer
Joker, Hildur Guðnadóttir, composer — WINNER
1917, Thomas Newman, composer
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, John Williams, composer

Best Song Written for Visual Media
“Beautiful Ghosts,” (From Cats), Andrew Lloyd Webber & Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift)
“Carried Me With You,” (From Onward), Brandi Carlile, Phil Hanseroth & Tim Hanseroth, songwriters (Brandi Carlile)
“Into the Unknown,” (From Frozen 2), Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez, songwriters (Idina Menzel & Aurora)
“No Time to Die,” (From No Time to Die), Billie Eilish O’Connell & Finneas Baird O’Connell, songwriters (Billie Eilish) — WINNER
“Stand Up,” (From Harriet), Joshuah Brian Campbell & Cynthia Erivo, songwriters (Cynthia Erivo)

Best Instrumental Composition
Baby Jack, Arturo O’Farrill, composer (Arturo O’Farrill & the Latin Jazz Orchestra)
Be Water II, Christian Sands, composer (Christian Sands)
Plumfield, Alexandre Desplat, composer (Alexandre Desplat)
Sputnik, Maria Schneider, composer (Maria Schneider) — WINNER
Strata, Remy Le Boeuf, composer (Remy Le Boeuf’s Assembly Of Shadows Featuring Anna Webber & Eric Miller)

Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Capella
Bathroom Dance, Hildur Guðnadóttir, arranger (Hildur Guðnadóttir)
Donna Lee, John Beasley, arranger (John Beasley) — WINNER
Honeymooners, Remy Le Boeuf, arranger (Remy Le Boeuf’s Assembly Of Shadows)
Lift Every Voice and Sing, Alvin Chea & Jarrett Johnson, arrangers (Jarrett Johnson Featuring Alvin Chea)
Uranus: The Magician, Jeremy Levy, arranger (Jeremy Levy Jazz Orchestra)

Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals
Asas Fechdas, John Beasley & Maria Mendes, arrangers (Maria Mendes Featuring John Beasley & Orkest Metropole)
Desert Song, Erin Bentlage, Sara Gazarek, Johnaye Kendrick & Amanda Taylor, arrangers (Säje)
From This Place, Alan Broadbent & Pat Metheny, arrangers (Pat Metheny Featuring Meshell Ndegeocello)
He Won’t Hold You, Jacob Collier, arranger (Jacob Collier Featuring Rapsody) — WINNER
Slow Burn, Talia Billig, Nic Hard & Becca Stevens, arrangers (Becca Stevens Featuring Jacob Collier, Mark Lettieri, Justin Stanton, Jordan Perlson, Nic Hard, Keita Ogawa, Marcelo Woloski & Nate Werth)

Best Recording Package
Everyday Life, Pilar Zeta, art director (Coldplay)
Funeral, Kyle Goen, art director (Lil Wayne)
Healer, Julian Gross & Hannah Hooper, art directors (Grouplove)
On Circles, Jordan Butcher, art director (Caspian)
Vols. 11 & 12, Doug Cunningham & Jason Noto, art directors (Desert Sessions) — WINNER

Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package
Flamin Pie (Collectors Edition), Linn Wie Andersen, Simon Earith, Paul McCartney & James Musgrave, art directors (Paul McCartney)
Giants Stadium 1987, 1989, 1991, Lisa Glines & Doran Tyson, art directors (Grateful Dead)
Mode, Jeff Schulz, art director (Depeche Mode)
Ode to Joy, Lawrence Azerrad & Jeff Tweedy, art directors (Wilco) — WINNER
The Story of Ghostly International, Michael Cina & Molly Smith, art directors (Various Artists)

Best Album Notes
At the Minstrel Show: Minstrel Routines From the Studio, 1894-1926, Tim Brooks, album notes writer (Various Artists)
The Bakersfield Sound: Country Music Capital of the West, 1940-1974, Scott B. Bomar, album notes writer (Various Artists)
Dead Man’s Pop, Bob Mehr, album notes writer (The Replacements) — WINNER
The Missing Link: How Gus Haenschen Got Us From Joplin to Jazz and Shaped the Music Business, Colin Hancock, album notes writer (Various Artists)
Out of a Clear Blue Sky, David Sager, album notes writer (Nat Brusiloff)

Best Historical Album
Celebrated, 1895-1896, Meagan Hennessey & Richard Martin, compilation producers; Richard Martin, mastering engineer (Unique Quartette)
Hittin’ the Ramp: The Early Years (1936 – 1943), Zev Feldman, Will Friedwald & George Klabin, compilation producers; Matthew Lutthans, mastering engineer (Nat King Cole)
It’s Such a Good Feeling: The Best of Mister Rogers, Lee Lodyga & Cheryl Pawelski, compilation producers; Michael Graves, mastering engineer (Mister Rogers) — WINNER
1999 Super Deluxe Edition, Michael Howe, compilation producer; Bernie Grundman, mastering engineer (Prince)
Souvenir, Carolyn Agger, compilation producer; Miles Showell, mastering engineer (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark)
Throw Down Your Heart: The Complete Africa Sessions, Béla Fleck, compilation producer; Richard Dodd, mastering engineer (Béla Fleck)

Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical
Black Hole Rainbow, Shawn Everett & Ivan Wayman, engineers; Bob Ludwig, mastering engineer (Devon Gilfillian)
Expectations, Gary Paczosa & Mike Robinson, engineers; Paul Blakemore, mastering engineer (Katie Pruitt)
Hyperspace, Drew Brown, Andrew Coleman, Shawn Everett, Serban Ghenea, David Greenbaum, Jaycen Joshua & Mike Larson, engineers; Randy Merrill, mastering engineer (Beck) — WINNER
Jaime, Shawn Everett, engineer; Shawn Everett, mastering engineer (Brittany Howard)
25 Trips, Shani Gandhi & Gary Paczosa, engineers; Adam Grover, mastering engineer (Sierra Hull)

Producer of the Year, Non-Classical
Jack Antonoff
Dan Auerbach
Dave Cobb
Flying Lotus
Andrew Watt — WINNER

Best Remixed Recording
“Do You Ever (Rac Mix),” Rac, remixer (Phil Good)
“Imaginary Friends (Morgan Page Remix),” Morgan Page, remixer (Deadmau5)
“Praying For You (Louie Vega Main Remix),” Louie Vega, remixer (Jasper Street Co.)
“Roses (Imanbek Remix),” Imanbek Zeikenov, remixer (SAINt JHN) — WINNER
“Young & Alive (Bazzi vs. Haywyre Remix),” Haywyre, remixer (Bazzi)

Best Engineered Album, Classical
Danielpour: The Passion of Yeshua, Bernd Gottinger, engineer (JoAnn Falletta, James K. Bass, Adam Luebke, UCLA Chamber Singers, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra & Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus)
Gerswhin: Porgy and Bess, David Frost & John Kerswell, engineers; Silas Brown, mastering engineer (David Robertson, Eric Owens, Angel Blue, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra & Chorus)
Hynes: Fields, Kyle Pyke, engineer; Jesse Lewis & Kyle Pyke, mastering engineers (Devonté Hynes & Third Coast Percussion)
Ives: Complete Symphonies, Alexander Lipay & Dmitriy Lipay, engineers; Alexander Lipay & Dmitriy Lipay, mastering engineers (Gustavo Dudamel & Los Angeles Philharmonic)
Shostakovich: Symphony No. 13, ‘Babi Yar,’ David Frost & Charlie Post, engineers; Silas Brown, mastering engineer (Riccardo Muti & Chicago Symphony Orchestra) — WINNER

Producer of the Year, Classical
Blanton Alspaugh
David Frost — WINNER
Jesse Lewis
Dmitriy Lipay
Elaine Martone

Best Orchestral Performance
Aspect of America – Pulitzer Edition, Carlos Kalmar, conductor (Oregon Symphony)
Concurrence, Daníel Bjarnason, conductor (Iceland Symphony Orchestra)
Copland: Symphony No. 3, Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor (San Francisco Symphony)
Ives: Complete Symphonies, Gustavo Dudamel, conductor (Los Angeles Philharmonic) — WINNER
Lutoslawski: Symphonies Nos. 2 & 3, Hannu Lintu, conductor (Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra)

Best Opera Recording
Dello Joio: The Trial at Rouen, Gil Rose, conductor; Heather Buck & Stephen Powell;Gil Rose, producer (Boston Modern Orchestra Project; Odyssey Opera Chorus)
Floyd, C.: Prince of Players, Wiliam Boggs, conductor; Keith Phares & Kate Royal; Blanton Asplaugh, producer (Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra; Florentine Opera Chorus)
Gershwin: Porgy and Bess, David Robertson, conductor; Angle Blue & Eric Owens; David Frost, producer (The Metropolitan Opera Orchestral The Metropolitan Opera Chorus) –WINNER
Handel: Agrippina, Maxim Emelyanychev, conductor; Joyce DiDonato; Daniel Zalay, producer (Il Pomo D’Oro)
Zemlinksy: Der Zwerg, Donald Runnicles, conductor; David Butt Philip & Elen Tsallagova; Peter Ghirardini & Erwin Sturzer, producers (Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin; Chorus of the Deutsche Oper Berlin)

Best Choral Performance
Carthage, Donald Nally, conductor (The Crossing)
Danielpour: The Passion of Yeshua, JoAnn Falletta, conductor; James K. Bass & Adam Luebke, chorus masters (James K. Bass, J’Nai Bridges, Timothy Fallon, Kenneth Overton, Hila Plitmann & Matthew Worth; Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra; Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus & UCLA Chamber Singers) — WINNER
Kastalsky: Requiem, Leonard Slatkin, conductor; Charles Bruffy, Steven Fox & Benedict Sheehan, chorus masters (Joseph Charles Beutel & Anna Dennis; Orchestra Of St. Luke’s; Cathedral Choral Society, The Clarion Choir, Kansas City Chorale & The Saint Tikhon Choir)
Moravec: Sanctuary Road, Kent Tritle, conductor (Joshua Blue, Raehann Bryce-Davis, Dashon Burton, Malcolm J. Merriweather & Laquita Mitchell; Oratorio Society Of New York Orchestra; Oratorio Society of New York Chorus)
Once Upon a Time, Matthew Guard, conductor (Sarah Walker; Skylark Vocal Ensemble)

Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance
“Contemporary Voices,” Pacifica Quartet — WINNER
“Healing Modes,” Brooklyn Rider
“Hearne, T.: Place,” Ted Hearne, Steven Bradshaw, Sophia Byrd, Josephine Lee, Isaiah Robinson, Sol Ruiz, Ayanna Woods & Place Orchestra
“Hynes: Fields,” Devonté Hynes & Third Coast Percussion
“The Schumann Quartets,” Dover Quartet

Best Classical Instrumental Solo
Adès; Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Kirill Gerstein; Thomas Adès, conductor (Boston Symphony Orchestra)
Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas, Igor Levit
Bohemian Tales, Augustin Hadelich; Jakub Hrůša, conductor (Charles Owen; Symphonieorchester Des Bayerischen Rundfunks)
Destination Rachmaninov – Arrival, Daniil Trifonov; Yannick Nézet-Séguin, conductor (The Philadelphia Orchestra)
Theofanidis: Concerto for Viola and Chamber Orchestra, Richard O’Neill; David Alan Miller, conductor (Albany Symphony) — WINNER

Best Classical Solo Vocal Album
American Composers at Play – William Bolcom, Ricky Ian Gordon, Lori Laitman, John Musto, Stephen Powell (Attacca Quartet, William Bolcom, Ricky Ian Gordon, Lori Laitman, John Musto, Charles Neidich & Jason Vieaux)
Clairières – Songs by Lili & Nadia Boulanger, Nicholas Phan; Myra Huang, accompanist
Farinelli, Cecilia Bartoli; Giovanni Antonini, conductor (Il Giardino Aromonico)
A Lad’s Love, Biran Giebler; Steven McGhee, accompanis (Katie Hyun, Michael Katz, Jessica Meyer, Reginald Mobley & Ben Russell)
Smyth: The Prison, Sarah Brailey & Dashon Burton; James Blachly, conductor (Experiential Chorus; Experiential Orchestra) — WINNER

Best Classical Compendium
Adès Conducts Adès, Mark Stone & Christianne Stotijn; Thomas Adès, conductor; Nick Squire, producer
Saariaho: Graal Théâtre; Circle Map; Neiges; Vers Toi Qui Es Si Loin, Clément Mao-Takacs, conductor; Hans Kipfer, producer
Serebrier: Symphonic Bach Variations; Laments and Hallelujahs; Flute Concerto, José Serebrier, conductor; Jens Braun, producer
Thomas, M.T.: From the Diary of Anne Frank & Meditations on Rilke, Isabel Leonard; Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor; Jack Vad, producer — WINNER
Woolf, L.P.: Fire and Flood, Matt Haimovitz; Julian Wachner, conductor; Blanton Alspaugh, producer

Best Contemporary Classical Composition
“Adès, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra,” Thomas Adès, composer (Kirill Gerstein, Thomas Sdes & Boston Symphony Orchestra)
“Danielpour: The Passion of Yeshua,” Richard Danielpour, composer (JoAnn Falletta, James K. Bass, Adam Luebke, UCLA Chamber Singers, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra & Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus)
“Floyd, C.: Prince of Players,” Carlisle Floyd, composer (William Boggs, Katie Royal, Keith Phares, Florentine Opera Chorus & Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra)
“Hearne, T.: Place,” Ted Hearne, composer (Ted Hearne, Steven Bradshaw, Sophia Byrd, Josephine Lee, Isaiah Robinson, Sol Ruiz, Ayanna Woods & Place Orchestra)
“Rouse: Symphony No. 5,” Christopher Rouse, composer (Giancarlo Guerrero & Nashville Symphony) — WINNER

Best Music Video
“Brown Skin Girl,” Beyoncé — WINNER
“Life Is Good,” Future Featuring Drake
“Lockdown,” Anderson .Paak
“Adore You,” Harry Styles,
“Goliath,” Woodkid

Best Music Film
Beastie Boys Story, Beastie Boys
Black Is King, Beyoncé
We Are Freestyle Love Supreme, Freestyle Love Supreme
Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice, Linda Ronstadt — WINNER
That Little Ol’ Band From Texas, ZZ Top