Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris Release Highly Anticipated, “Chasing After You”

For Ryan Hurd’s newest release “Chasing After You”, he is joined by his wife Maren Morris, marking the couple’s first-ever duet together, with fingers crossed that it is not the last.  The piece was written by Brinley Addington and Jerry Flowers, and is available everywhere today, February 12th. The two also teased a music video on their socials, which is set to release today, 2/12 at 12PM ET.

Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris are Nashville’s modern fairytale. From their ‘meet-cute’ as young songwriters to their musical successes both separately and together, to tying the knot and becoming new parents to a beautiful baby boy, their exciting love story continues to keep us on our toes, never failing to capture the attention of their fans. If you want a better idea of what exactly we’re talking about, might we suggest Morris’s music video for “The Bones” or Hurd’s music video for  “To A T” or “Diamonds or Twine”, a song Hurd wrote for Morris as a wedding gift, as the perfect visual aids. The two got married on March 24th, 2018, and two years later, just one day shy of their second wedding anniversary, they welcomed their son, Hayes Andrew to the world.

From songwriters to headliners, from friends to life partners, the two have literally been writing together since the day they met. They had been paired up in a writing session back in 2013, the very one where they wrote “Last Turn Home”… later picked up and recorded by Tim McGraw. Since then, they have written for each other and sang vocals on each other’s records on numerous occasions. Now, they have finally given fans what they have been begging for, and released their first duet together, “Chasing After You”, available today, February 12th. We hope this is the first of many collaborations from this couple seeing that no two voices have ever fit together more perfectly.

On the experience of finally being able to record a formal duet together, Hurd says, “Maren and I met writing songs and we’ve sung on each other’s records and written together, but this is the first time we’ve gotten to do an actual duet together. It feels like the timing is really perfect and it’s a full-circle moment to make music together in this way”.

With an already successful career as a songwriter under his belt, Hurd jump-started his career as a recording artist when he released his debut single “Love in a Bar”, the story of how he and Morris went from two friends who wrote songs together, to people very much in love. “Love in a Bar” was included on Hurd’s self-titled, four-track debut EP (2017). In July of 2019, Hurd released another four-track EP titled Panorama which included songs such as “Good as You Think I Am”, which he and Morris co-wrote together, and “I’ll be the Moon”, which Hurd co-wrote and Dierks Bently then recorded with Morris. That same year, Hurd released his hit single “To A T ”, which Morris sang vocals on, as well as “Her Name Was Summer”. “To A T” was included on his 5-track and second EP of 2019 Platonic, released in September of 2019. Most recently, in April of 2020, Hurd released his 7-track EP EOM, named after the title-track “Every Other Memory”, another song you can hear Morris harmonizing on. The EOM EP provided  Hurd with the opportunity to put his own style on songs he had co-written for other artists, including Morgan Wallen’s “Heartless”, Luke Bryan’s “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset”, Rascal Flatts’s “Payback”, and Lady A’s “What If I Never Get Over you”. Hurd also co-wrote hit songs “Lonely Tonight” (Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe) and “You Look Good” (Lady A).

As for Morris, she stayed quite busy throughout 2020. After becoming a mom in March, she released two new songs, “Just For Now” and “Takes Two”, in June, followed by “Better Than We Found It”, a pre-election song with a powerful message about our nation’s socio-political climate and our duty to leave this world better than we found it. Most recently, Morris released her current single with JP Saxe, a song written by two songwriters, for their fellow songwriting significant others called “Line By Line”. In 2019, Morris released her sophomore album, GIRL, and started the all-female group, The Highwomen, who released their self-titled debut album together. 

After successfully elevating their individual careers over the last few years, the couple finally merged their talent creating a highly anticipated collaboration that does not disappoint. Take a look below as we unpack the lyrics that compose “Chasing After You”.

Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris' new song “Chasing After You” is available everywhere now, February 12th

Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris’ new song “Chasing After You” is available everywhere now, February 12th

“Chasing After You” is a story about two people who continuously give in to temptation when it comes to each other. They revolve within the same cycle over and over, trying to break things off, but somehow always managing to make their way back to one another. Neither is strong enough to say no, even when they believe that’s what they want. Each time they forget where this road leads and they keep coming back, as the other one keeps welcoming them. 

You come over when your wine’s all gone / Always catch me when I’m not that strong / Then you wind up staying all night long / Ain’t nothin’ new / Then I wake up with you on my chest / You got a way of making me forget / Girl, with you the answers always yes / Every time you call

Here, they seem to reach a point where they’ve accepted just how unbreakable this cycle truly is. They’re always going to love chasing after one another.

But I know, yeah I know it’s a matter of time / Til you walk, til you walk back out of my life / Leave me standing here lonely feeling like a fool / Every time, every time you say we’re done / You come back to the love you were running from / Don’t know why, don’t know why I let you, but I do / Guess I love chasing after you

Before the pandemic hit, Hurd was headlining The Platonic Tour with Niko Moon which made a two-night run in early March in NYC. Although they didn’t know it at the time, this would end up being some of the final shows the pandemic would allow for the tour. As for Morris, she was set to play The RSVP Tour in 2020, however she has since had to cancel this entirely, patiently awaiting a time when she can safely take the stage once again.

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