Morgan Wade: ‘PSYCHOPATH’ Album Review

Morgan Wade’s brand new album, PSYCHOPATH is out now, August 25th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new music below.

Morgan Wade was one of country music’s top breakout stars in 2021 when she released her debut album, Reckless, with Thirty Tigers. The album proved to be successful, selling over 3,000 copies its first week. Its lead single, “Wilder Days” reached the top 30 on the Billboard Hot Country chart. Covering subjects of sobriety, mental health, and past relationships, the record was critically acclaimed for its raw and authentic story telling—Rolling Stone even named it the Best Country Album of the year. Psychopath follows suit. From top to bottom, these songs are unique and real, and while personal to the Virginia-native, it can relate to a variety of listeners on many different levels.

“When I started working on Psychopath I was nervous (still am) about following such a ‘critically-acclaimed’ album. But as I sit here and listen to this art that Sadler and I created (again), I am proud,” Wade humbly stated in a recent press release. “This record shows where I have been since Reckless, and where I’m at now.”

This album’s main themes are overcoming early hardship and experiencing true love. Wade released the title track in May—a mostly stripped-down love story about how two people can love each other through the good, bad, and wild times. The beachy sounding “Fall In Love With Me” was also previously released, and features the protagonist trying to woo her crush. The comical music video features Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kyle Richards. 

The project kicks off with the upbeat yet vulnerable “Domino.” The singer paints a vivid picture of her current well-being with the creative, yet grim line “My roses are dead, all my pills are blue. The house is a wreck; my head is, too.” However, she is grateful she has someone in her life she can lean on for support.

“80s Movie” and “Want” touch on desires of love. In the former, Wade refers to popular films of the decade including Grease, Dirty Dancing, and When Harry Met Sally. The music video has the singer sporting the vest Michael J. Fox’s character, Marty McFly made popular in Back To The Future. The latter is a slow, seductive piano-driven ballad where she doesn’t shy away from her strong feelings for this person.

“Phantom Feelings” and “Outrun Me” both feature popular songwriters—Julia Michaels, and Hillary Lindsey and Lori McKenna, respectively. While “Phantom Feelings” is a melancholy story of someone who can’t get over their latest love interest, “Outrun Me” is told from the perspective of someone who is okay with the breakup but knows the other will regret walking away.  

In “Losers Like Me” and “Meet Somebody” Wade channels her rock n’ roll influence. Backed by heavy electric guitar, the former sounds like it could be a Joan Jett cut. The protagonist expresses her frustration at not being able to find any good candidates to have a stable relationship with. In front a pounding bass, the singer in “Losers Like Me” described the big plans she had when she was 16. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out in her favor, and now the “losers” she passes in the street look just like her—alone.

“We said we wouldn’t get jobs and we’d burn our bras // We wouldn’t turn out nothing like our moms // I didn’t, but I wish I did”

Speaking of rockstars, tracks 5 and 6 share the name of rock legends. “Guns and Roses” is a dramatic ballad that touches on the unpredictability of relationships.” “Alanis” is an ode to the “Ironic” singer. She admires the passion and truth in her music and her ability to ignore what other people think of her. Wade admits it was her influence that helped her “be brave and keep the demons away.”

The album’s closer, “27 Club,” is by far the heaviest and most real. The singer speaks of her fragile mental health issues. The darkest line is in the third verse, “And some nights when I’m feeling suicidal, I could reach for the gun, I could reach for the bottle, but it’s great. At least now I’m getting paid.” Drugs, alcohol, or money can’t distract her from the dastardly voices in her head. Two verses later, she name-drops her hit “Wilder Days,” stating it’s the only reason why this “Beverly Hills hottie” is giving her the time of day. 

They say that your second album is the toughest to craft, especially when your first is such an overwhelming success. The second album is the true test of the artist’s ability and could potentially determine the direction of the artist’s career. Morgan Wade’s Psychopath did not disappoint, and we suspect this young talent to be a strong, female voice to be reckoned with in the industry for a long, long time.

“Regardless of what people say about Psychopath, I’m proud because I feel like it showcases where I am at this moment in time,” Wade confessed. “I have no choice but to be authentic. And I have to feel what I feel. And right now, I’m really feeling the music. I hope you can feel my authenticity and that you can get something out of this project.”


  1. Domino (Morgan Wade/Ashley Monroe/Sadler Vaden/Butch Walker)
  2. 80’s Movie (Morgan Wade/Sadler Vaden)
  3. Losers Look Like Me (Morgan Wade)
  4. Roman Candle (Morgan Wade)
  5. Guns and Roses (Morgan Wade/Natalie Hemby/Sadler Vaden)
  6. Alanis (Morgan Wade/Natalie Hemby/Sadler Vaden)
  7. Phantom Feelings (Morgan Wade/Julia Michaels/Ben Rice)
  8. Psychopath (Morgan Wade)
  9. Outrun Me (Morgan Wade/Hillary Lindsey/Lori McKenna/Liz Rose/Sadler Vaden)
  10. Want (Morgan Wade/Ashley Monroe/Angaleena Presley)
  11. Fall In Love With Me (Morgan Wade)
  12. Meet Somebody (Morgan Wade/Sadler Vaden)
  13. 27 Club (Morgan Wade)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. Losers Like Me
  2. Meet Somebody
  3. 27 Club
  4. Alanis

Morgan Wade shares brand new album, ‘PSYCHOPATH,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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PSYCHOPATH is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

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Morgan Wade’s Brand New Song “Run” Out Now

Morgan Wade’s brand new song “Run” is out now, January 5th on all streaming platforms. Learn more about the new track below.

After the success of her debut project Reckless, Morgan Wade is following up the record with more new music. The singer-songwriter proves her staying power one incredible song at at time. The songstress first teased her song “Run” last month, and now the track is officially out!

The stunning vocalist pours her heart out on the new song. Backed by a simplistic instrumental, Wade’s voice and lyrics are the true showstoppers. “Run” is pure poetry. The song depicts the good and bad in a relationship, sharing how the yearning is not always easy to stop.

Morgan Wade's new song "Run" is out now, January 5th, on all streaming platforms.

Morgan Wade’s new song “Run” is out now, January 5th, on all streaming platforms.

“Can we fly somewhere foreign // Get me high, mess me up until the morning // ‘Cause all I see in every street // Is where he made me numb // There’s gotta be somewhere // Somewhere we can run, we can run // So many places that I ain’t been // All I know is I was living my life for him // We could fly, we could leave this town // Bury these memories that been holding us down”

The country-rock song proves that it is impossible to box Wade’s talent in. “Run” is just another example of her one-of-a-kind flair. It hopefully means that album number two is coming sooner than we think!

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“Run” is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


BREAKING: Ashley McBryde Plots 2021-22 ‘This Town Talks’ Tour

Ashley McBryde has officially announced 2021-22 tour dates for ‘The This Town Talks’ Tour. Check out the full list of dates below.

Joining Ashley McBryde on tour will be Morgan Wade, Priscilla Block, and Ray Fulcher.

The show hits New York City on August 17th at Irving Plaza.

For all other tour dates, tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, 5/21 at 10AM ET at

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Check out the dates below for the full list of shows…

This Town Talks Tour
*Morgan Wade as support | ^Adam Hambrick as support | +Priscilla Block as support |
~Ray Fulcher as support | #Support to be announced

June 12, 2021              Dr. Pepper Park at the Bridges                       Roanoke, Va.*
July 16, 2021              Gold Nugget Grand Event Center                  Lake Charles, La.
July 17, 2021              Floore’s Country Store                                   Helotes, Texas#
July 18, 2021              Nutty Brown Café & Amphitheatre               Austin, Texas#
July 28, 2021              Bourbon Theatre                                             Lincoln, Neb.^
Aug. 5, 2021               Cain’s Ballroom                                             Tulsa, Okla.*
Aug. 6, 2021               Orpheum Theatre                                            Memphis, Tenn.*
Aug. 7, 2021               Robinson Performance Hall                           Little Rock, Ark.*
Aug. 17, 2021             Irving Plaza                                                     New York, N.Y.+
Aug. 19, 2021             Theatre of Living Arts                                    Philadelphia, Pa.+
Aug. 20, 2021             House of Blues                                               Boston, Mass.+
Aug. 21, 2021             The Fillmore Silver Spring                             Silver Spring, Md.+
Aug. 26, 2021             Ryman Auditorium                                         Nashville, Tenn.
Aug. 27, 2021             Ryman Auditorium                                         Nashville, Tenn.
Sept. 2, 2021               The Pageant                                                    St. Louis, Mo.+
Sept. 3, 2021               Bogart’s                                                          Cincinnati, Ohio+
Sept. 16, 2021             The Sylvee                                                      Madison, Wis.^
Sept. 22, 2021             The Wilma                                                      Missoula, Mont.~
Sept. 23, 2021             Martin Woldson Theatre at the Fox                Spokane, Wash.~
Sept. 25, 2021             Showbox                                                         Seattle, Wash.~
Sept. 26, 2021             Roseland Theater                                            Portland, Ore.~
Sept. 29, 2021             Ace of Spades                                                 Sacramento, Calif.~
Oct. 3, 2021                House of Blues                                               San Diego, Calif.+
Oct. 5, 2021                The Wiltern                                                     Los Angeles, Calif.+
Oct. 13, 2021              Ogden Theatre                                                Denver, Colo.~
Nov. 12, 2021             The Eastern                                                     Atlanta, Ga.+
Nov. 13, 2021             Tivoli Theatre                                                 Chattanooga, Tenn.+
Nov. 14, 2021             The Fillmore Charlotte                                   Charlotte, N.C.+
Dec. 8, 2021                Riviera Theater                                              Chicago, Ill.+
Dec. 11, 2021  `           Mississippi Moon Bar                                    Dubuque, Iowa+
Dec. 12, 2021              Egyptian Room at Old National Centre         Indianapolis, Ind.+
Jan. 6, 2022                 Brown Theatre                                                Louisville, Ky.+
Jan. 7, 2022                 Roxian Theatre                                               Pittsburgh, Pa.+
Jan. 8, 2022                 The National                                                   Richmond, Va.+
Jan. 13, 2022               20 Monroe Live                                              Grand Rapids, Mich.*
Jan. 14, 2022               The Fillmore                                                   Detroit, Mich.*
Jan. 15, 2022               Agora Theater                                                 Cleveland, Ohio#