Alana Springsteen: ‘History of Breaking Up (Part 1)’ – EP Review

Alana Springsteen’s new EP, History of Breaking Up (Part 1) is out now, September 17th on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the brand new music below.

We have been huge fans of up and coming artist, Alana Springsteen since we first featured her in our Spotlight Series. Her ability to craft a lyric paired with her beautiful voice keeps us in awe of her talent. Today, Springsteen released her brand new EP, History of Breaking Up (Part 1). Simply put: it’s everything we hoped it would be.

The new EP features seven perfectly crafted tracks, all co-written by the songstress. She even co-produced five of the seven songs. The poetic project uncovers the layers of emotions as one falls in love and experiences heartbreak. Although some may call love messy, Springsteen says, “isn’t it miraculous.” She later calls all her experiences “magic” in the co-title of the project.

The record kicks off with her previously released song “California.” The track is one of those songs that makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud. Between the effortless lyrics and the smooth quality of Springsteen’s voice, you truly feel at ease. Through the song, the singer expresses how it feels to have that spark with a person that sometimes blinds us from the truth that the relationship is not meant to be. It adds a double play element as a love letter to California, a place she has always felt called to.

“Maybe it’s us or maybe I’m just falling in love with California // I can’t decide if it’s in my mind // Or just the way the lights in Santa Monica // Shine on you maybe it’s just the view // Baby I’m confused, I can’t tell // maybe it’s us or maybe I’m just falling in love with California”

Similarly, Springsteen explores the theme of wanting something that’s not meant for you on her duet with Roman Alexander, “Trying Not To.” The song taps into those feelings of when you are trying to stay away from someone, but you just keep getting pulled in. That magnetism you feel is undeniable; despite, what your brain is telling you. “My heart has wanted one thing, but my brain has known better,” shared Springsteen about the song.

On “Girlfriend,” one of our favorite songs on the project, the singer-songwriter gets deeper and even more vulnerable. The heartbreaking, yet relatable ballad explores the idea that although you are with someone, you are not the one. It is full of self-doubt and insecurity, but it feels pure and honest – something country music is all about.

“Cause she’s still the one in your head // I’m just the girl in your bed // She’s got a hold of your heart // I’m just the one in your arms // When you’re with me, you ain’t with me // I feel her name on your lips when you kiss me, it kills me // You’re gonna end up with her in the end // Cause she’s your girl, I’m just your girlfriend”

Springsteen continues to showcase her undeniable vulnerability on the beautiful ballad “God Must Be Mad At Me.” The desperation and the anguish that the artist conveys in this beautiful song is unmatched by any new artist in country music right now. Springsteen finds a new way to convey how it feels to be in love with someone who does not love you back.

The singer continues to tackle that story on “Homesick.” The word usually describes a gut-wrenching feeling of missing a place, but Springsteen flips the term and uses it to describe the ‘home’ you find in a person. On the contrary, “I Blame You” is a more cheerful song that showcases how it feels to see places you love through the eyes of someone you love.

Springsteen ends the collection of songs on a lighthearted note. Having dug through the depths of heartbreak, “Zero Trucks” seems fitting to end the project with. It is clear that she really embodies the message that the song conveys. Sometimes, endings can feel freeing and right, it does not always have to be sad.

Overall, Springsteen outdoes herself on this EP. She perfectly crafted each song on the project. The singer is one to look out for, and we predict that her career is truly just getting started.

History of Breaking Up (Part 1) Tracklist

  1. California (Alana Springsteen, Jerry Flowers, Jared Ray Keim)
  2. Girlfriend (Alana Springsteen, Travis Wood, Pete Goode)
  3. Trying Not To ft. Roman Alexander (Alana Springsteen, Roman Alexander, Jerry Flowers, Jared Ray Keim)
  4. God Must Be Mat At Me (Alana Springsteen, John Byron, Lauren Larue)
  5. Homesick (Alana Springsteen, Andrew Deroberts, Ryan Beaver)
  6. I Blame You (Alana Springsteen, Tyler Filmore, John-Luke Carter, Will Weatherly)
  7. Zero Trucks (Alana Springsteen, Walker Hayes, Joe Clemmons)

Alana Springsteen’s brand new EP ‘History of Breaking Up (Part One)” is out now.

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