BRELAND Gets Personal in his Latest Release “Cross Country”

BRELAND’s new song “Cross Country” is available now, February 26th, everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the track.

BRELAND's new song "Cross Country" is available everywhere now, February 26th

BRELAND’s new song “Cross Country” is available everywhere now, February 26th

After finally finding a place for himself and his music in this business, BRELAND gets the chance to share the journey of how he got here in his newest single “Cross Country”. This release follows the success of his debut single “My Truck” as well as his seven-track self-titled EP which includes two versions of “My Truck”, the original and the Sam Hunt Remix, and “In The Woulds” featuring Chase Rice and Lauren Alaina.

BRELAND’s unique and cross-genre sound can be explained through his musical influences which include the Beatles, Rascal Flatts, Prince, and his number one influence, Stevie Wonder. BRELAND began his musical career as a songwriter for rappers like Elhae and YK Osiris. However, wanting to give his own music a chance, he released “My Truck” on social media to see if it could gain some attention. When it did, BRELAND self-released the song and it is now certified platinum. He went on to release a remix with Sam Hunt and in May 2020 he released his self-titled EP.

BRELAND’s EP gave fans an intro into his story right off the bat. From this collection of songs, you can gather a lot about his journey and about his love and appreciation for two genres which until recently, have scarcely been meshed. “Cross Country” beautifully captures the struggle of BRELAND’s story about never feeling as though he fit in where he was and always searching for his purpose. He has been chasing this dream of his for so long and trying to find a place in this world for his music. With such a love for two genres that only recently received acceptance and attention when combined, BRELAND struggled to find someone who would listen and help find a place in this world for his music.


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With nothing against the places he has been or the people he had there, BRELAND expresses that he has always felt like something was missing and that he didn’t belong. As he tells his story of never being heard or being able to catch his break, he continued to show confidence in a situation where it would have been difficult to stay optimistic. He knew he would find his place somewhere and knew he wasn’t going to give up because one day he would have what he had always dreamt of. While this may be an autobiographical song of BRELAND’s journey, it is certainly a message that is shared by so many.

“Cross Country” poses as motivation for anyone who may feel like they don’t belong or that they don’t fit in where they are. It encourages them to believe that their spot is out there and their time will come if they are willing to work to get there and never give up. 

“I tried to fit in, but didn’t, I’m different yeah I know / the houses I stayed in, were great but they never felt like home (no) / I’m going Cross Country / I won’t stop running til I find where I belong / I’m going Cross Country / know they might judge me, I ain’t gotta prove ‘em wrong / cause I know it’s okay, to be in my own lane / when I’m doing what they say can’t be done”

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“Cross Country” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.