Larry Fleet: ‘Stack of Records’ – Album Review

Following the success of “Where I Find God,” Larry Fleet is releasing his album, Stack of Records, featuring collaborations with Jon Pardi and Jamey Johnson. Check out our full review and listen to the brand new music below.

With a humble everyman attitude and an unmistakable country voice,  Larry Fleet is a walking contradiction. He’s far from a newcomer to the music industry, yet to many, he seems like an overnight sensation. He’s got a crystal clear country baritone, and yet most people would mistake him for a next door neighbor as opposed to a rising superstar. 

With his single “Where I Find God,” the buzz about Big Loud Records’ Larry Fleet began, and now with the release of his album, Stack of Records, it’s time for that buzz to grow even louder. Out today, September 24, the album features fourteen tracks co-written by Fleet and others including Eric Paslay, Brett James, Josh Thompson, Rhett Akins, and Jamey Johnson. 

Despite considering himself a songwriter first, Fleet told Country Swag that he never had any intention of writing every track on his album, but that it happened authentically. “There are so many good songwriters in Nashville, and my thing is that you don’t have to write every song, but it just worked out that way,” he says. “I’m trying to put out honest, simple songs that mean something and connects with people. The way it worked out, we cut all the ones I was a writer on because it fit me for who I am.”

In fact, Fleet says he never really wanted to be an artist, and considers himself a songwriter first, as it is his true passion.  “I always take a lot of pride in writing a good song,” He tells us, saying that the key elements of his songs are honesty and simplicity.

Honesty and simplicity are two themes that carry through Stack of Records, as Fleet explores themes that everyone can relate to, but manages to do so in an honest country fashion. Often described as “classic country for a modern fan,” that sums up Fleet as an artist and a songwriter, evidenced throughout this album.

Opening with the title track, Fleet gives listeners an autobiography of the music he listened to growing up that inspired him to initially pick up a guitar. Co-written with Ben Hayslip and Eric Paslay, the song tells of a literal stack of records in Fleet’s Tennessee home. Here, he sings of being “a little bit Bakersfield and Memphis // And a whole lotta Muscle Shoals.” He continues, “Take some country, soul, rock and roll // And mix ’em all together // Yeah I’m what you get // When you’re raised on a stack of records.”

Fleet’s famous friends can also be heard flexing their musical muscles throughout the LP, including Jon Pardi on “In Love With My Problems” and Jamey Johnson on “Highway Feet.” Of the former, Fleet tells Country Swag that his friendship with Pardi began on the road, and seemed almost clandestine. Once the country traditionalist heard Fleet’s take on the song, he loved it and laid down his vocals, the pair musing, “If I could fall in love with my problems // Maybe they’d leave me too.” 

Meanwhile, Fleet collaborated with Jamey Johnson over Zoom due to a bout of Covid. Johnson contributed the title “Highway Feet,” an ode to missing the touring life due to the restrictions of the pandemic. Fleet likens the twangy track to the Willie Nelson classic “On the Road Again,” and it’s truly a highlight of the LP. The song serves as a bonus track to the project, available only on physical album and album downloads.

Fleet’s dedication to appealing to the average man is abundantly clear throughout this album, evidenced in the lyrics of songs like “Lifetime Guarantee,” “Where I Find God,” and “Quittin’ Ain’t Working,” a clever take on an attempt to stop drinking. Meanwhile, “Never Wanna Meet Another Girl” and “Heart on My Sleeve” seem to be semi-autobiographical. Of the latter, he says, “I wrote this about my younger days, when I was just running wild, and how it’s led me to the point I’m now at in my life, where my marriage and family matters more than anything else.”

Another highlight of the album is the brutally honest “Hurt Feelings,” with Fleet musing that he “never felt a hurt that felt worse // Than her // Hurt feelings.”

On “Three Chords and a Lie,” Fleet puts a unique spin on the old adage that country music is three chords and the truth, hoping a lie someone told him about an ex is actually the truth. “If everyone knows the truth but me // I still wanna believe,” He sings. “That she’s just down in Mexico with a few of her girlfriends…Tonight I’m getting by // On three chords and a lie.”

In the end, Larry Fleet says that he hopes his unconventional road to success will inspire others who are struggling to break into the industry. In many ways, he owes his rising stardom to Jake Owen who befriended the singer back in 2017 before taking him on the road. Ultimately, this led to Fleet signing with Big Loud Records in 2019, and releasing his major label debut today.

He says, “After years of trying to do something in music, I was like ‘it’s just not working.’ I’m going to do something that is going to make me a living.” Yet, after leaving music for a more steady living in construction, fate and Owen stepped in. “Quitting my job and going out with Jake, and giving this thing a go, I think has inspired people, because ya gotta take chances. You gotta go for it, if you have something you want to say.”

On Larry Fleet’s album Stack of Records, he has a lot to say, and he says it oh-so-well. With his honest lyrics, staggering vocals, and country grit, he’s sure to be appearing in many people’s stacks of records (or Spotify playlists) for years to come.

Stack of Records Tracklist

  1. Stack of Records (Larry Fleet, Be Hayslip, Eric Paslay)
  2. Lifetime Guarantee (Larry Fleet, Chris Gelbuda, Brett James)
  3. Where I Find God (Larry Fleet, Connie Rae Harrington)
  4. Quittin’ Ain’t Workin’ (Larry Fleet, Rhett Akins, Will Bundy)
  5. Different Shade of Red (Larry Fleet, Lindsay Rimes, Michael Whitworth)
  6. A Life Worth Living (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brett James)
  7. Hurt Feelings (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
  8. Church Parking Lot (Larry Fleet, Lindsay Rimes, Michael Whitworth)
  9. In Love With My Problems ft. Jon Pardi (Larry Fleet, Jake Mitchell, Josh Thompson)
  10. Three Chords and a Lie (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brett Tyler)
  11. Never Wanna Meet Another Woman (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Lydia Vaughan)
  12. Heart On My Sleeve (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Jeff Hyde)
  13. One For The Road (Larry Fleet, Emily Fox Landis, Logan Wall)
  14. “Highway Feet (feat. Jamey Johnson & Bryan Sutton)” [Bonus] – (Larry Fleet, Jamey Johnson)**
    **Bonus track available on physical album and album download

Our Picks:

  1. “Stack of Records”
  2. “In Love With My Problems
  3. “Highway Feet”
  4. “Hurt Feelings”

Larry Fleet’s brand new record ‘Stack of Records’ is out now.

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