Ashley Cooke: Already Drank That Beer – Side A – EP Review

Ashley Cooke releases her debut EP titled Already Drank That Beer – Side A,  out today, August 27th on all streaming platforms.  Check out our full review and listen to the new music below.

Up and coming talent, Ashley Cooke has garnered millions of fans over the last year. Her heartfelt vulnerability has left a mark on country music lovers everywhere. Today, Cooke released her debut EP Already Drank That Beer – Side A, available on all streaming platforms.

With just eight songs, Cooke manages to showcase her personality, talent, and story all at once. The record kicks off with the song “Gettin’ Somewhere,” written by Hunter Phelps, Jameson Rodgers, and Alysa Vanderheym. The fun-loving opener sets the tone for the songstress’ talent.

“Feels like we’re kinda late to the party // ‘Cause now it’s just getting started tonight // We’ve been riding around this little town // With the window down all night long // We’ve been taking our time // Doin’ fifty-five in a sixty-five to the right songs”

Cooke slows it down for the next two songs on the project, “Under” and “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night.” Both songs were hits with fans on social media before their releases. The former, one of the best on the project, utilizes wordplay to convey heartbreak. While, “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night,” one of Cooke’s breakout hits, shares how it feels to be missing your ex.

On the title track, the singer-songwriter showcases her vocals and vulnerability yet again. The song expresses how easy it is to fall back in love with someone for just the night, even though it is not good for you. The relatability of this song is somber, yet so real.

“We could drink the night away, chasing that buzz // And talk about Bourbon Street and how hard it was // fall right back together like we don’t know better // Like we, we ain’t been here // It’s too bad, baby, we already drank that beer”

Cooke continues to grapple with that push-pull, break-up on “Opposite of Love.” One of the five tracks that the singer had a hand in writing, the song displays how it feels to still love someone, even though you’re trying not to. Cooke tackles a similar topic in her duet with Jimmie Allen, “Good Goodbye.”

Interestingly, Cooke revels in the moving on on “First Time, Last Night.” The song conveys how good it feels to finally be out at a familiar place and not drinking to forget, but just drinking to have fun. This song reminds us all that eventually, we do move on.

The final song on the new EP is an acoustic ballad titled “Never Til Now.” Cooke pours her heart out to her fans on this song. Co-written by the singer with Matt Roy, the track is arguably the most vulnerable on the project. She shares the joys of love and settling down, something she thought she would never do or find. The song is the perfect way to end the expressive and emotive record.

According to Cooke, “These songs are pages out of my journal put to music. They’re my stories over the last year or so, and they feel like an extension of me.” This is the perfect way to sum up the project. Cooke hits the nail on the head with this stellar debut!

Already Drank That Beer – Side A EP Tracklist:

  1. Gettin’ Somewhere
  2. Under
  3. Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night
  4. Already Drank That Beer
  5. Opposite of Love
  6. Good Goodbye (feat. Jimmie Allen)
  7. First Time, Last Night
  8. Never Til Now

Ashley Cooke’s new EP ‘Already Drank That Beer – Side A,’ is out now

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