Introducing New Songwriter/Artist Ingrid Andress

Ingrid Andress

Last night the NYCountry Swag team was invited out to an exclusive showcase with the newest member of the Warner Music Nashville family, Ingrid Andress. After a warm welcome from John Esposito, Chairman and CEO of Warner Music Nashville,  this sassy young woman captivated the audience of Mercury Lounge with her lyrical genius and her stunning voice.

She took time to candidly chat before each song, explaining the place where her heart lived when she was writing her music. She has been writing songs for a long time but finally felt that partnering with Warner was the right choice, a team who allowed her to create the music she wanted.  Her songs like “Bad Advice”, and “We’re Not Friends” highlight the current tumultuous situations that single people deal with in 2019.

Making it crystal clear that her five siblings and parents mean the world to her, she performed two songs about her family, “The Stranger” which tells the story about a real-life relationship, making it through difficult times and coming out the other side even stronger, and arguably the most poignant song of the night “More Hearts Than Mine”.

Ingrid Andress

“If I bring you home to mama, I guess I better warn ya, she falls in love a little faster than I do / and my Dad will check your tires, pour you whiskey over ice and take you fishing but pretend that he don’t like you /oh if we break up, I’ll be fine, but you’ll breaking more hearts than mine.” 

Sitting at the keyboard, you could hear a pin drop in a room full of people who work in the music industry as they hung on every single word coming out of the songstress’ mouth. She filled her 30-minute set with songs that she has written about her life, not afraid of going to a dark place and singing her feelings.

She closed the showcase with her debut single “Lady Like” which became available last night at midnight. The track which focuses on looking past gender stereotypes is an anthem for girls who don’t care about being refined and polished.

“Controversial, so outspoken, I’ve been told I’m not ladylike / but I’m a lady like woah / I could bring you to your knees / Get you kicked out the Garden of Eden / Untameable, unframeable Mona Lisa oh / Kiss you like a whiskey fire / Turn around leave your heart in a riot / Lipstick in a cigarette pack on the dash / I’m a lady like that.”

With a push from her major label and the new wave of female country artists emerging, it’ll be interesting to see how her career develops over the coming year. Keep up with Ingrid Andress by following her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

“Lady Like” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Check out the track and more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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