Maren Morris Releases New Song “Circles Around This Town”

Maren Morris’ new song “Circles Around This Town” is out now, January 7th on all streaming platforms. Listen here and learn more about the new track below.

It’s been almost three years since Maren Morris released her phenomenal, award-winning sophomore record GIRL, and fans have been eagerly awaiting MM3. Since 2019, Morris has released a small handful of collaborations with Ryan Hurd, Joy Oladokun, and JP Saxe, but today’s release, “Circles Around This Town” is the official lead single off her new project.

Written with her singer-songwriter husband Ryan Hurd and the fantastic Julia Michaels, “Circles Around This Town” is an autobiographical jam about her journey as a Nashville songwriter. Usually, Morris doesn’t go into the specifics of her own experiences when writing – she uses metaphors to describe the story. In this song, however, she paints the picture with imagery so vividly personal to her it lets you get to know a new side of her.

“I swear I don’t know how I trusted // A Montero with the AC busted // A couple bad demos on a burned CD // Would take me all the way to Tennessee”, she opens the first verse with the beginning of her Nashville story. In the second verse, she subtly name-drops debut single “My Church”, and the entire song feels like a nod to her past, present, and her future.

This track was produced by GIRL powerhouse producer Greg Kurstin, and the drums and guitar lick are transportive. Additionally, the music video for “Circles Around This Town” is also out now, and the visuals completely elevate the song. She is seen in a small apartment on an old desktop computer and even drives literal circles around a parking lot.

“I drove circles around this town // Trying to write circles around this town // Trying to say something with meaning, something worth singing about”

It’s the perfect song to go driving to – Morris and Kurstin did an exceptional job matching the lyrics to the sonic components.

It’s unclear whether Morris meant for the song to match the hopefulness one tries to have when going into a new year, but the timing of its release is quite interesting. We just began a new year, and “Circles Around This Town” is all about finding meaning and being grateful for keeping an open mind. “Thank God I was an optimist”, she sings right before the first chorus – and no statement in the song rings more true than that. 2022 is already looking bright thanks to Morris.


Maren Morris’ new song “Circles Around This Town” is out now.

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