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Ryan Hurd Platonic

Acclaimed Nashville songwriter, Ryan Hurd, settles into his own style on his new EP, Platonic. No stranger to the limelight, the country artist has written hit songs for everyone from Jake Owen and Dierks Bentley to Florida Georgia Line and Rascal Flatts. Yet, where he really shines is with his own brand of romantic storytelling immersed in hooky melodies.

In 2018, he released an emotional ode to his wife (country superstar Maren Morris) with the single, “Diamonds and Twine” to a smattering a success. The track positioned the artist as more than just a songwriter, but a musician in his own rite. On Platonic, he settles effortlessly into the sound that fans have come to expect, with a renewed focus on the power of storytelling.

If there’s one thing that the “To a T” songwriter does well, is bring a touch of summer sunshine to any track he writes. That’s never more apparent than on “Half Hoping.” Bursting with radiant energy, the regretful breakup song sizzles with the kind of melody you hope never ends — sort of like summer itself. “I’m wishing you would stay / wishing you’d come over /you’re the angel and the devil talking on my shoulder / wishing I’d forget you / but happy I remember / baby, wishing I could pick a side but I’m right in the center”

Title track, “Platonic,” is one of those slow burn romantic stories people write novels (and music) about. Hurd languishes in his usual style, where he paints such a clear picture with his lyrics you can almost see it playing out in front of you. A mid-tempo shuffle that begs for a couples dance, this is a song that’s bound to climb it’s way up the charts and into our hearts.

If ever there was a song that brought you back to your first love, it’s “Florida With A Girl.” The laid back ballad taps into the dizzying anticipation of falling in love for the first time. It captures the moment when you step boldly into adulthood and wrangle with feelings, unlike any you’ve ever felt. From the gentle lull of the melody to the hushed vocals, the songwriter transports us to that place in time. “It was warm cheap beer chasing first kiss fear when the sun goes down / it wasn’t just one week / wasn’t just some beach in a spring break town / it was Florida with a girl”

The final track will break your heart for all the right reasons. A dreamer’s oasis wrapped in a melody, it reflects on how more love in the world would do us all some good. Acoustic guitar mingles with Hurds honied vocals, building a warmth that infuses the meaning of the song into the arrangement itself. On the track, Hurd shares one final line that stands out as a motto we could all live our lives by: “If I could make a wish for the world there would be more music / whenever you got lonely you could always find a friend”

Check out our interview with siner-songwriter from earlier this summer when we caught up with him at Taste of Country Music Festival.


The Nashville rising star knows a thing or two about writing great songs, but with his newest EP, he taps into the format that serves him best. Positive vibes and feel good charisma pack the melody-fueled EP — making Platonic a must listen.To keep up with Ryan Hurd follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Platonic is now available everywhere you stream or buy music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist.





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