Ryan Hurd Releases “To A T” featuring Maren Morris

Ryan Hurd To A T

After listening ten times just like Ryan Hurd said to do in his most recent Instagram post, we can agree he has a smash new single on his hands. Though in reality, it doesn’t take more than listening to half of the song to be hooked. The melody of “TO A T” pulls you in immediately and without any second guessing you can tell it will be a fan favorite. The singer-songwriter has been teasing “TO A T” for the past week on social media, first appearing in a video of his coffee cup and later released as a small preview of what was to come. After waiting patiently for Hurd’s next song, it is finally available for download today.

Hurd hasn’t released a new song since March 2018 when he dropped his hit “Diamonds or Twine” as a wedding gift to his wife, Maren Morris. The two met because of music when they were both solely songwriters and now with a singing career of his own, he uses Morris as his muse. The sentiment behind “TO A T” is loving, showing how much he cares for her. As a songwriter, he masters the lyrics perfectly from start to finish telling a sexy love story. That’s not all the song has to offer, the rising country artist herself also takes part in Hurd’s new song. She can be heard harmonizing and providing backup vocals, their voices intertwining flawlessly.  Hurd has got it down “TO A T” with his new release, giving everyone a taste of what is coming next.


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