Who Is Megan Moroney? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

 Who is Megan Moroney? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Megan Moroney
Birthdate – 10/09/1997
Hometown – Douglasville, Georgia
Current City – Nashville, Tennesee
Musical Influences – Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift
Record Label – Sony Music Nashville/Columbia Records
Current Single – “Tennessee Orange” (As of article date – 5/1/23)

The Beginning:

Today’s spotlight shines on an artist to watch out for, Megan Moroney. While Moroney may still be a young artist, she truly has star power, and it is just a matter of time before she becomes a superstar in her own right. The songstress chatted with us all about her journey to country music and of course, her upcoming album, Lucky, out this Friday (5/5).

Moroney grew up in Douglasville, Georgia. “My dad and my brother both play guitar. I have a very musical family, so I was always around music, but I didn’t think I could do it for a career,” began the singer-songwriter. “Throughout high school I did talent shows, and I was in chorus. I enjoyed singing and I enjoyed music.”

Despite loving music from an early age and feeling inspired by strong female artists in the industry, Moroney never considered a career in music. “I think my personal influences, where I discovered their music and became obsessed were Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, and Taylor Swift. […] Those three are the ones I discovered myself and my parents didn’t force me to listen to those artists. I was enamored with them.”

Upon graduating from high school, Moroney headed to The University of Georgia to pursue a degree in accounting. “It literally wasn’t a thing that I ever thought I would be a singer professionally, because I didn’t think you could do that professionally where I’m from,” she shared.

“I wasn’t like a journalist as a kid. It didn’t occur to me that I could write songs. I wrote my first song when I was nineteen, and then I got my heart broken pretty bad when I was a junior in college, and that’s when I started writing for therapy, and the rest is history.”

While in college, Moroney continued to pursue her degree, while singing for fun. “I went to college and a I joined a sorority […] and at this point too, I was posting covers with my dad and my brother singing covers on Instagram. They were all country songs because that’s all I listened to, so people were aware that I liked music.”

The Turning Point:

Although she was not pursuing music professionally at this point, a series of events changed Moroney’s mind.

“In the spring of my freshman year, we had an event where we hired Jon Langston to come to play and we used all our budget on him, and they were like, why doesn’t Megan just open, because she sings country songs on her Instagram, so I got to open for Jon technically. It was three cover songs. I didn’t even write at that point,” she shared.

“Then Chase Rice was there and his show at the Georgia Theater wasn’t sold out yet, and I guess he saw how many girls I could get to come from my sorority to his show, and he said, why don’t you open for me at the Georgia Theater next month, but you have to write an original song. And I wrote my first song in order to play that gig and after I played that show, a month later, I fell in love with performing.”

Immediately upon getting the taste for performing on stage, Moroney knew she wanted to move to Nashville to pursue her dream. “After I played that show, I told my parents I wanted to drop out and they were like yeah that’s not happening.” Instead, she switched her major to digital marketing and music business, and learned everything she could about the music business before she moved to Nashville upon graduating from college.

Beginning June of 2020, Moroney spent every waking moment writing and trying to find her people in Music City. “I was an influencer on Instagram, but then I spent the first year just writing. I would write every single day with strangers, and people like Ben Williams,” she shared. Adding, “by December, I had met Ben and I started getting on a roll with writing. I would post some of these songs that I wrote on social media, and that’s how I started to grow a following.”

Then in 2022, Moroney finally found her team and released her incredible debut EP. I had recorded my EP, and people had already found out about “Hair Salon,” she began. “After “Wonder,” “Hair Salon” blew up on TikTok, so my EP came out, and then “Tennessee Orange” blew up. […] My social media following kept growing and people kept connecting with different songs.”


Flash forward to today, Moroney’s debut album, Lucky is about to be released. The thirteen song project is an incredible body of work that every country fan is going to fall in love with. The songstress put her heart and soul into the project, and it truly is one of the best of the year so far.

Moroney shared that really was meticulous in choosing songs for the project. “I just wrote for the last year in a half. When we picked these songs, I wanted my first full-length record to just represent me and everything I loved about country music, so there’s storytelling, there’s the heartbreak songs, but there’s also love songs. You just feel a lot when you listen to it,” she shared. Adding, “I could have added more for sure, but when we settled on these thirteen songs, there was none that I would be okay with taking off the album […] I just felt like these thirteen songs, there’s no skips when I listen to it, and none of them tell the same story or make you feel the same way. They feel very me, and I’m surprised I didn’t make it a self-titled album, but I was too excited about the idea of ‘Lucky.’”

While all the songs on the project like, “Tennessee Orange,” “I’m Not Pretty,” and “Girl In The Mirror,” have their own flavor, we personally love the unreleased song, “Georgia Girl.” “When we were writing “Georgia Girl,” we went into the room and we were talking about what was missing on the album, and I feel like I make being from Georgia my whole personality, and I was like “I don’t have a hometown song.” […] It’s a very confident song, so those are two things that I like to put in music, things about Georgia and confidence. And there’s a lot of ‘Gone With the Wind’ references in that one, and that is my mom’s favorite movie,” shared Moroney. The songstress also encourages fans to listen to her current favorite song on the project, “Why Johnny,” another stand out track on the upcoming album.

One thing is for sure, Moroney is definitely a star in the making. Catch her on tour through the winter, and definitely check back on Friday for our full review of Lucky!


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