Alana Springsteen: ‘Twenty Something: Getting It Right’ Album Review

Part 3 of Alana Springsteen’s debut album, Twenty Something: Getting It Right is out now, August 18th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new music below.

Alana Springsteen is an artist to look out for. For her debut album, Springsteen chose to split the record into three parts, giving specific groups of songs in each edition. Today, the final part of her debut record, Twenty Something is officially here. The third part is called “Twenty Something: Getting It Right” featuring six brand new songs.

While part one of the record, Messing It Up was heartbreaking, and part two, Figuring It Out was introspective, Getting It Right is inspiring and exciting. “I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for the release of Getting It Right. Not only because it marks all of my debut album TWENTY SOMETHING being out in the world, but also because I’m finally at a place where I can start talking about some of the really fulfilling moments I’ve experienced over the past year or so,” shared Springsteen in a new press release. “I’ve found my way out of a really dark season of heartbreak and self-discovery, and it’s been a real roller coaster of a ride. On the other side of all of that, I’ve found this really empowering, fulfilling, steady sense of self.”

The record kicks off with a beautiful song called “taylor did.” Springsteen shares how music is truly the backdrop to our lives. For her, Taylor Swift was a mainstay, helping her get through and understand many experiences in her life growing up.

The records continues with “different kinda country” and “cowboys and tequila.” Both songs showcase Springsteen’s undeniable talent. On “different kinda country,” the singer makes peace with the fact that her kind of country is beach-country. She sheds a light on that country music can sound and look different, but ultimately it is about the connection to home and music – something she does effortlessly. “different kinda country” is a true standout on the record.

On “cowboys and tequila,” Springsteen leans into her strong and sassy side. Cleary someone who knows what a broken heart feels like, the singer shares that both cowboys and tequila are “two things [she] doesn’t chase.” This song feels like the perfect addition to Springsteen’s live shows. On “thinkin’ straight,” Springsteen showcases her flirty side. Unapologetically herself, the rising artist brings a much needed fun-loving song to the project.

Similarly on “look i like,” the songstress leans into the vulnerability of falling for someone new. The song feels hopeful, which is a nice look on Springsteen. “I wrote ‘look i like’ with Shane McAnally and Pete Good,” shared this songstress in a recent press release. “I remember every second of that day because I had never written a song like this before. That session was the first time I remember feeling ready to explore the emotions that come with truly wanting someone again.”

On the last track of her debut project, “amen,” Springsteen bares her soul, setting the stage for her life, her music, and what’s to come. The confessional song is all about trusting yourself, knowing that things change, and that it’s okay to mess up sometimes. The addition of the voicemail from her mother embedded into the song adds to the theme of the track. “amen” is the perfect song to bookend the debut project.

Springsteen is the real deal! Twenty Something is an incredible debut by the rising star. Each of the three parts solidify her extraordinary talent and growing staying power. Getting It Right was the perfect note to end the impressive 18-song album with! Congrats to Springsteen for an incredible debut outing.

Twenty Something: Getting It Right Track List:

  1. taylor did (Alana Springsteen, Trannie Anderson, Dallas Wilson, Alysa Vanderheym)
  2. different kinda country (Alana Springsteen, Josh Dorr, Nick Bailey)
  3. cowboys and tequila (Alana Springsteen, Paul DiGiovanni, Parker Welling, Josh Dorr)
  4. thinkin’ straight (Alana Springsteen, Shay Mooney, Ryan “Rykeyz” Williamson, Geoff Warburton)
  5. look i like (Alana Springsteen, Shane McAnally, Pete Good)
  6. amen (Alana Springsteen, Delacey, Sarah Solovay, Ido Zmishlany)

Part 3 of Alana Springsteen’s album, ‘Twenty Something: Getting It Right’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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