Megan Moroney Debuts New Song “Man On The Moon”

Megan Moroney’s new song “28th of June,” is out now, March 22nd, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new track below.

Roaring in like a rocket headed straight into the stratosphere, Megan Moroney is back with her new song, “Man On The Moon.” The new track, out now, is a sneak peek into her sophomore album, Am I Okay?, out July 12.

Written by Moroney along with Ashley Gorley, Casey Smith, and David “Messy” Mescon, the pop-tinged country-rock twanger is a surefire hit. Moroney is fed up with a noncommittal dude, beginning with “Houston, he’s the problem…”

The kiss-off track is punctuated with a peppy, hand-clapping beat as she ejects an ex quite literally out of her atmosphere, luring him into space with the promise of “a bar up there” and “blondes for days.”

“Yeah but he’s the kind of man I’d like a hundred thousand miles from here // ‘Cause he wants me and he needs space // Someone take this cowboy away // Somewhere far, let him fly // Out of this world and off my mind // C’mon there’s gotta be a rocket somewhere taking off soon // I think it’s time we put another man on the moon”

“Man on the Moon” is just a glimpse of what’s to come from Moroney, whose new album is due out July 12. Check back here then for our full album review.


Megan Moroney shares new song, “Man On The Moon,” out now on all streaming platforms.

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