Morgan Wallen Unveils Unreleased Song “Thought You Should Know”

Morgan Wallen unveils unreleased song “Thought You Should Know” for fans on his social media. Listen to the brand new track below.

As he makes his way back into the limelight, Morgan Wallen continues to share unreleased songs with fans that showcase his growth. Over the weekend, the singer unveiled his latest number, “Thought You Should Know,” which he co-wrote with Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon. Although written previously, Wallen shared that he felt that this was the best time to preview the song with his fans.

Moreover, inspired by his relationship with his mother, the singer digs deep on this track. Wallen proves that he is aware of his falls. Wallen continues to pour his heart out on his songs. It is similar to the vulnerability in tracks like “Livin’ The Dream.” Wallen showcases the human side of fame on this song. Secondly, we predict that it will be a hit with fans as soon as it is released.

“What’s going on mama // Something just dawned on ya // I ain’t been home in some months // Been chasing some songs and women // Making some bad decisions // God knows I’m drinking too much // Yeah I know you’ve been worrying about me // You’ve been losing sleep since 93’ // I thought you should know that all those prayers you thought you wasted on me // Must of finally made their way on through”

Overall, with the success of Dangerous: The Double Album, it is hard to believe that Wallen will stay quiet for long. It is clear that fans are going to support him on his journey. The future is uncertain, but it seems Wallen is exerting his staying power, one lyric at a time.

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