Morgan Wallen Releases Three Brand New Songs Ahead of Double Album

Morgan Wallen surprised fans by announcing his 30-track forthcoming sophomore release, “Dangerous, the double album” moments after winning the 2020 CMA New Artist of the Year award. Today, as pre-sales kick-off, Wallen has released three brand new tracks “Somebody’s Problem”, “Livin’ The Dream”, and “Still Goin Down”. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Morgan Wallen Releases Three Brand New Songs Ahead of 'Dangerous, the double album'

Morgan Wallen Releases Three Brand New Songs Ahead of ‘Dangerous, the double album’

Morgan Wallen has been hinting at new music for what seems like the whole year, but recently we learned that the entertainer’s sophomore project is set to be released on January 8th, 2021. Not only will we get a new record in the new year, but it is a double feature, full of 30 brand new songs for fans to listen to. Today, three songs were released as instant gratification tracks off Dangerous, including Wallen’s demo, “Somebody’s Problem,” Still Goin’ Down,” and “Livin’ The Dream.”

Each of the three songs are full of that country-boy charm that we have grown to love from the singer. The first, “Somebody’s Problem” was teased via Instagram, as a demo, back in September. The song is a narrative that is all about a budding new relationship. In true Wallen fashion, the singer will be sure to make fans swoon with his relatable, catchy, and romantic lyrics.

“I think I’m liking where it’s going / I’d like to try me some of somebody’s problem / Somebody’s goodbye / Somebody’s last call number that they can’t find / Somebody’s best day, somebody’s worst night / Somebody’s reason for leaving on the porch light”

We get another taste of the upcoming project with “Still Goin’ Down.” Co-written by Wallen with HARDY and songwriter, Ryan Vojtesak, the track kicks off disc 2 of the double project. Another slower tempo jam, the singer taps into his “Chasin’ You” vibes with this one. Although the song is all about growing up in the country, it truly is a love song to the town that raised him. Like on Wallen’s unapologetic debut single, “The Way I Talk,” he showcases his roots, no matter what anyone thinks.

“I’d be damned if I sound like something I ain’t / Cause for some folks, the backroad gets old, but for me, it just can’t / Cause I’m from a small town, southern drawl crowd”

The third new song, “Livin’ The Dream” is also co-written by Wallen and HARDY, as well as, Ben Burgess and Jacob Durrett. Recently, the entertainer shared a clip of this song on TikTok, telling fans how personal the song is to him. “Never thought I’d release it, but here we are,” he added admitting to personal struggles that he’s been through, due to the fame. Vulnerably sharing struggles with alcohol and his priorities, “Livin’ The Dream” expresses the less glamorous side of success and fame. With this song, Wallen gives fans an honest account of his thoughts and feelings in what seems like a journal entry.

“I don’t ever get nowhere / Signed my life away to be the life of the party / Yeah to everybody else / I look like a rockstar / In and out of cop cars / Living out of a suitcase”

All three of the released songs are exactly what we have come to expect from Wallen. We appreciate his knack for songwriting and vulnerability. Regardless of what he is singing, the entertainer finds a way to connect with fans and makes you want to listen over and over again.

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