Morgan Wallen: ‘Dangerous’ The Double Album – Review

Morgan Wallen’s highly-anticipated record Dangerous: The Double Album is officially available now, January 8th on all streaming platforms. We spoke with the superstar about the process of writing the project, releasing it in 2021, and giving fans exactly what they want; a ton of new music. Check out the full virtual interview in the video below, then read further on and check out our full album review as we dig a little deeper into the music.

Morgan Wallen is an artist that is on the brink of superstardom with international recognition during his few years in the limelight. His debut record If I Know Me continues to garner him more and more fans and accolades, but his brand new sophomore album Dangerous is sure to secure his staying power. The double album is one of a kind, gritty, elevated, and creative, all qualities that Wallen clearly possesses in his own right.

With thirty songs in total, plus two bonus songs exclusively for Target buyers, the singer-songwriter shatters any expectations that fans or industry executives might have had for his sophomore project. Each of the songs convey a different side of Wallen’s personality, but they all bare a part of his soul and heart. He sings and writes about universal truths in love and heartbreak, but also expresses his undeniable gratitude for his country roots and values.

Disc one opens up with “Sand In My Boots,” a track that combines all the elements. Wallen recounts falling in love with a girl, who he thought accepted his upbringing and hometown. It turns out that was not the case, but still, the singer finds a way to convey some hope in the expressive song. Lyrics like “I said girl you never seen stars like the ones back home / And she said maybe I should see them for myself” make you envision a love affair like this one.

Previously released songs and fan-favorites “More Than My Hometown” and “7 Summers” both have a similar feel to the opening track. All create imagery like no other, and it’s clear that Wallen knows a thing or two about heartbreak. On the contrary, brand new song, “Silverado For Sale” creates imagery in a different way. The artist tells the story of falling in love and needing to sell his truck to have the life he wants with his soulmate. Simple, yet beautiful, the more you listen to the love song, the more you will recognize how certain gestures can touch your heart.

Wallen also included his rendition of “Heartless” and of course, “This Bar” on the record. The latter is reflective and personal. The singer shares personal accounts of his 21st birthday, a break-up, and other experiences that have helped him grow into the person he is today. His willingness to share and be honest with his fans through his music is one of the many reasons we have fallen in love with his artistry.

“Making mistakes and making new friends / I was growing up and nothing made sense / Learning how to live with a broken heart / I found myself in this bar”

That reflective nature is also evident in songs like “Whiskey’d My Way” and “Livin’ The Dream,” which both happen to be two of our favorites off the record. On the former, Wallen considers all the options that he could have used to get over his ex, admitting that whiskey was what worked. Singing that he should be in the “moving on hall of fame” and later declaring “Tequila made me crazy / Cold Beer wouldn’t do / So I whiskey’d my way over you” just further shows Wallen’s ingenuity with lyrics.

“Livin’ The Dream” which was pre-released with songs “Somebody’s Problem” and “Still Goin’ Down” reflects on a little bit more than a break-up. One of Wallen’s most honest and raw songs to date, “Livin’ The Dream” co-written by Wallen and HARDY, as well as, Ben Burgess and Jacob Durrett, expresses the less glamourous side of success and fame. With this song, Wallen gives fans a vulnerable account of his thoughts and feelings in what seems like a journal entry, including both his struggles with alcohol and his priorities.

Continuing to lean into the vulnerability, Wallen included a song with “Little Rain” vibes on the record. “Me on Whiskey” is flirty and sensual in all the best ways. “Outlaw” a collaboration with Ben Burgess also conveys a similar, yet hopeful message on finding and holding on to love. Wallen also collaborates with superstar, Chris Stapleton. Their song “Only Thing That’s Got” is a brooding, break-up song with killer guitar riffs and even better vocals.

Of course, it would not be a Wallen record if the singer didn’t include songs that were primed for concert season and live performances, as well as, express his immense pride for East Tennessee Roots. “Somethin’ Country,” “Beer Don’t,” “Still Goin’ Down,” “Country A$$ Shit,” and “Whatcha Think Of Country Now” all remind the listeners that Wallen is a good ole boy and proud of it. Out of the group of songs all primed for the stage, “Whatcha Think Of Country Now” is a standout.

“Half way down your first country mile / You called your mama said it’s gunna be a while / didn’t think way out was your style / but now you know what it’s about / whatcha think of country now”

Wallen also explored sonically with the title-track “Dangerous,” 865,” and “Warning.” All super catchy, both “Dangerous” and “Warning” explore a more hip-hop edge, while “865,” arguably a top pick off the record focuses on unique and exciting phrasing. Vocally, “865” challenges Wallen in the best way, but sonically, the song soars with a killer instrumental and phrasing that we just cannot get enough of.

The hitmaker said it best in a recent press release, sharing, “I know 32 songs sounds like a lot to digest, but I truly did my best to make sure there’s not a song that I would press ‘next’ on. I also wanted the songs to speak to multiple phases of life and have multiple different sounds based on my influences and based on what I enjoy.” Both sonically and lyrically, Wallen nailed it with this incredible project that is sure going to take him to next level!

Morgan Wallen Dangerous

Morgan Wallen ‘Dangerous The Double Album’

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NYCS Picks:

  1. “865”
  2. “Sand In My Boots”
  3. “Whatcha Think Of Country Now”
  4. “Whiskey’d My Way”
  5. “Livin’ The Dream”


Dangerous: The Double Album Tracklist:

Disc 1-

  1. Sand In My Boots
  2. Wasted On You
  3. Somebody’s Problem
  4. More Surprised Than Me
  5. 865
  6. Warning
  7. Neon Eyes
  8. Outlaw feat. Ben Burgess
  9. Whiskey’d My Way
  10. Wonderin’ Bout The Wind
  11. Your Bartender
  12. Only Thing That’s Gone feat. Chris Stapleton
  13. Cover Me Up
  14. 7 Summers
  15. More Than My Hometown

Disc 2-

  1. Still Goin Down
  2. Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt
  3. Dangerous
  4. Beer Don’t
  5. Blame It On Me
  6. Somethin’ Country
  7. This Bar
  8. Country A$$ Shit
  9. Whatcha Think Of Country Now
  10. Me On Whiskey
  11. Need A Boat
  12. Silverado For Sale
  13. Heartless
  14. Livin’ The Dream
  15. Quittin’ Time

Target Exclusive Bonus Tracks*

  1. The Side Of A Dust Cloud
  2. Bandaid On A Bullet Hole

Dangerous: The Double Album is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.






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