Who Is Spencer Crandall? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Spencer Crandall? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Spencer Crandall

The Beginning:

Throughout our interview with singer-songwriter, Spencer Crandall, we got a chance to learn all about his path to music. Growing up in Denver, Colorado,  Crandall identified more as a music fan than a musician himself. “I loved music growing up. I grew up in a huge music family, where my parents were fanatical country music fans,” he shared with us. As a child, he remembers being a sports kid and a class clown. However, the singer always loved and appreciated a wide variety of music.

“To and from every camping trip, sports practice, vacation, it was music all the time,” he begins. Later, adding, “We talked about music all the time.” Crandall credits his parents for his love of country music, specifically 90s country, but it was his brother who introduced him to EDM artists and rappers like Eminem. “I was getting all these kind of mixed messages [about music]. So I ‘Frakensteined’ them together to have this sense of what I thought was cool.” The artist also shared loving pop-punk bands, old-school Taylor Swift, and John Mayer growing up.

Crandall has kept that eclectic taste in music, even until now. “I’m more inspired by people making music than others.” The singer named incredible artists like JP Saxe, Sam Hunt, The Band Camino, Keith Urban, and Drake, as some of his current favorites. 

“I really love great songwriting. For me, it’s always been about the song. So, you can find an amazing song in any genre, because it’s whoever is being authentic and who is ever really telling their truth that’s what I’ve always been really inspired by.”

The Turning Point:

Still, despite loving a wide variety of music, Crandall had yet to shed his identity as a football player. He graduated high school with a football scholarship but ended up sidelined with multiple shoulder injuries. “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know who I am,” he remembered feeling. That is when the singer picked up the guitar he had learned how to play a year earlier,

“I never would have thought that this would turn into what I do for a living and what I love doing,” the singer shared while reminiscing about this shift in his life.

The moment he picked the guitar back up and started singing again, it was clear that he had a talent. Slowly, but surely the singer started putting clips up on YouTube and developing an organic fan base. Finally, in 2016, Crandall made the move to Nashville. He has been working as an independent singer-songwriter ever since.


Now, Crandall is fully engulfed in the country music industry. Last year, he released his record Wilderness, which was the culmination of four creative projects. The record featured a song called “My Person” that has quickly become one of the most romantic and real songs of our generation.

“My Person has always been the song that people gravitate towards. It is something I don’t think really has been said, and people love to say it to other people that they love,” shares Crandall. Fans have loved the song, so much that they inspired Crandall to release a wedding version of the song, which was recently released.

The new rendition of “My Person” will appear as one of the few other re-imagined songs on Crandall’s upcoming EP, Lost In the Wild, due out this Friday, May 28th. The record also includes two brand new songs. “So there was a couple of songs that didn’t quite fit the formula [of the last album] that I really loved,” shared the singer. “When we started to talk about the next project, I was like what if what is lost in the wild was these songs.” An obvious spark of genius, Crandall included both a break-up song, “Apartments in LA” and a love song, “Nothing To Do With You” on the upcoming EP.

Besides the EP, Crandall has so many new projects coming down the pipeline. A YouTube series about the singer’s life called ‘Road to the Stadium’ just launched. The singer also promises that he will be back out on the road playing shows as soon as possible, and we are sure that even more Spencer Crandall music will be coming sooner rather than later!



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