Morgan Wallen Drops Two Brand New Songs

As fans are still digesting all 30 songs from Morgan Wallen’s, Dangerous: The Double Album, the country superstar added to the total, releasing two brand new songs – “This Side of a Dust Cloud” and “Bandaid on a Bullet Hole” — and a live performance recording of “Sand in My Boots’, available on all streaming platforms. Keep reading below as we dig deeper into the new tracks.

Apparently, the multi-platinum artist wasn’t satisfied with only having ten songs on the all-genre charts. “This Side of a Dust Cloud” and “Bandaid on a Bullet Hole” were exclusive songs on the Target CD and vinyl editions, however, due to a manufacturing error, the bonus tracks were not included in the original CD production. Now, regardless of how you listen, these tracks are available everywhere and continue promoting the album’s theme of heartbreak and vulnerability.

“This Side of a Dust Cloud”’s message is very similar to Jon Pardi’s “Ain’t Always the Cowboy,” as Wallen sings how it’s usually him “doing the leaving” and being the heartbreaker, but this time he’s on the other side of the breakup. Although the story sounds depressing, the tempo of the song would suggest otherwise. The songwriters Matt Dragstrem, Chase McGill, Josh Thompson, and Wallen, elected to use a more upbeat production in this track.

“Guess she beat me at my own game / Thing about a two lane / Guess it’s gotta work both ways / What goes around comes around came around and here I am now / On this side of a dust cloud”

“Bandaid On A Bullet Hole” is much darker; a piano is the only instrument that backs Wallen’s somber voice. Written by Wallen with Ashley Gorley and Jacob Durrett, the man in the story tries everything from whiskey, old country songs, and other women to get over this particular girl, but nothing seems to be working.

Wallen sings “If I was heartbroke and lonely, I’d head on back down to the bar. Find me a companion, but you left a canyon, can’t nobody fill this heart.” ‘Bandaid on a bullet hole’ is a comical phrase, yet extremely profound as it captures the severity of this singer’s feelings.

On top of having ten songs charting on the Billboard Hot 100, Dangerous: The Double Album has topped the album charts for the past two weeks. These new tracks will certainly help Wallen stay at that spot for next week. As the album was released, we caught up with Wallen to talk about the songwriting process, releasing it in 2021, and giving fans exactly what they want: a ton of new music. Watch the virtual interview below.

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“This Side of a Dust Cloud,” “Bandaid on a Bullet Hole” and “Sand in My Boots (Dangerous Sessions)” are now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.