Morgan Wallen Lyrics To Use As Instagram Captions

Morgan Wallen has released some of the biggest country songs of the past couple of years and has soundtracked all of our summer nights. Here are some of our favorite lyrics that would make perfect captions for your Instagram feed.

Morgan Wallen Lyrics for Instagram Captions


  1. “See the world through whiskey glasses…” – Whiskey Glasses

  2. “Can turn this parking lot into a party” – Up Down

  3. “Couple of kids in a Chevrolet” – Chasin’ You

  4. “Chasin’ that freedom, chasin’ that feeling” – Chasin’ You

  5. “I just live the way I talk” – The Way I Talk

  6. “There I go letting my South side show” – Talkin’ Tennessee

  7. “We still said forever, and that was seven summers ago” – 7 Summers

  8. “We can’t stop this real-world from spinnin’ us” – More Than My Hometown

  9. “I love you more than a California sunset” – More Than My Hometown

  10. “I found myself in this bar” – This Bar


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